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Chapter 86: Obedience

Perhaps the universe was afraid that Wang Wens spiritual power would increase too quickly and surpass its previous peak.

Therefore, the following three floors in the World Tower did not feature any random time-limited secret room level.

Wang Wen dismantled an average mechanism level, and he even replenished himself with many trap components.

Wang Wen broke an average illusion level with his spiritual power while cleaning the blood from his nose.

There was no trace of chaos left.

Wang Wen and Zhu Xingguo pushed through an average water-cube level while holding their breath.

They got their first World Tower item since the inception of the team.

The 29th floor, an ordinary item—the Body Health Water.

When Wang Wen saw that item, his eyes lit up.

He was well aware of how valuable that thing was.

It was not only a safe and thirst-quenching drinking water, but it could also boost ones immunity to a certain level over time.

It had the potential to alleviate minor ailments and pain while also promoting overall wellness.

When traveling, it was a must-have item for hunting and scaling towers.

In his prior existence, he was even aware that that item was utilized in conjunction with another item known as the No Fat Capsule.

An obese person would benefit more from it.

He would take a No Fat Capsule with the Body Health Water before each meal.

He would be full and would not gain weight no matter how much food he ate or how many calories he ingested.

It was as if all of the fat, energy, and sugar had vanished.

It was entirely metaphysical!

As a result, the market was always in demand for Body Health Water.

Many individuals purchased it as a high-priced luxury drinking water.

It cost 2,000 points for one bottle!

It was sufficient to purchase a better phone.

Wang Wens mood improved when he saw the enormous box of Body Health Water that the other two were carrying.

The price of Body Health Water was still secondary to him, who had killed cockroaches for 20 million points.

The main reason was that the function was too practical, as it was appropriate for both men and women, young and old.

They entered the 30th floor and waited for more team members to be assigned to their group.

They each took a bottle of Body Health Water and drank it.

Wang Wen began to propose his item dispersal principles formally.

It was quite straightforward.

The bulk would go to whoever recovered the items, with the remaining team members receiving 10 percent each.

In his heart, Zhu Xingguo had never considered separating any relics.

Zhu Xingguo had never thought of splitting any items in his heart.

Seeing that Wang Wen was serious, he quickly said he did not need any of the items found.

He stated his position.

Ren Ruoruo, who was secretly pleased, felt helpless.

She awkwardly expressed that she did not need that too.

“That settles it! Its better to let you know now.

If you find any items in the future, you will need to give me 10 percent.” Wang Wen meticulously counted the bottles in the box, except the ones that the three of them had just consumed.

That box contained a total of 100 bottles of Body Health Water.

He separated them into two groups of ten bottles and pushed them toward his team members.

He smiled and said, “This is my treat right now.

Keep these ten bottles.”

Ren Ruoruo hastily grabbed the bottles and cheerfully checked them in with the drone, fearful that something awful might happen again.

Zhu Xingguos eyes shifted, but he remained silent.

He gently stowed the ten bottles of water.

The drone would check out any items in the World Tower.

It would use an algorithm to calculate the storage cost, similar to the couriers.

One kilogram or one cubic meter would cost one point based on weight or volume.

The only difference was that the drone could store the items indefinitely.

As long as the items were not retrieved, there would be no extra charge.

In comparison to most fees throughout the world, the drone storage service might be dubbed the industrys conscience.

After the three of them had finished storing the water…

Suddenly, two figures appeared at the door.

“Hello.” Wang Wen and the other two were met by one of them, a happy small man.

Its just the two of us! Everyone, what is your highest floor”

Zhu Xingguo whispered muffledly, “I got to the 100the floor.”

Ren Ruoruo drank the water, and her mental state improved significantly.

She grinned and said, “Me too.”

Wang Wen paused for a minute before saying, “I am also on the 100th floor.”

After hearing it, the short man was delighted.

“That is very high,” he remarked, giving a proud thumbs up to the person beside him.

“Brother Shus record is the highest—the 198th floor! Listen to our arrangements if you wish to go to that level.”

Zhu Xingguos face was somber.

He leaned forward, ready to say something, but Wang Wen stopped him.

“Sure, Brother Shu,” Wang Wen said, smiling.

The tall guy known as Brother Shu appeared to be accustomed to being surrounded by fans.

He closed his eyes slightly as he heard the voice.

He kept his cool without saying anything.

The shorter man was considerably more animated.

He grinned and said, “Just be obedient.

You lack the qualities to want Brother Shu to look after you.”

Ren Ruoruo, who was standing next to Zhu Xingguo, was taken aback by the arrogance of the opposing party.

She took a step back and spoke quietly, “That person is strange.

It is unusual to come across someone so desperate that they do not have a brain.

Isnt he extremely fortunate to have survived until now”

“I reckon that tall guy was very powerful,” Zhu Xingguo said quietly.

He might be able to save him from death.

Ren Ruoruo was rendered speechless.

“Okay, so today has been an eye-opening experience.

There are strange things everywhere.”

“Hey, what are you talking about over there We are now a team,” the short man exclaimed.

“The captain is holding a large meeting here while you are holding a small meeting there, right You dont want to finish the level”

Ren Ruoruo shook her head and laughed angrily as if she could not afford to offend them.

“Prepare to enter the level” Wang Wen said, narrowing his eyes and looking at the two of them.

“You dont have to say anything.” The short man cast a glance at Wang Wen before turning to face the tall man.

“Brother Shu”

When he saw him nod his head, the short man shouted to the drone, “Change the distribution mode to kill distribution mode! No one objects, right”

The drone confirmed the round, and everyone agreed.

“Distribution mode has been confirmed.”

The short man was delighted and announced the beginning of the level.

“The 30th floor, begins.”

The surroundings quickly became clear, like a grassland.

There was a lion-like monster in the lush grass in front of them.

It seemed to have noticed them and was slowly approaching them.

“The three of you should make way.

Well take care of the points for those small monsters,” the short guy said to Wang Wen and the other two.

He turned around and immediately rushed forward.

Wang Wens ears twitched unexpectedly.

His gaze swept across the weeds around him, slowly leading the other two back.

The lion monster in front of him did not want to be outdone.

With a roar, it pounced on the short man.

The tip of its claws flashed with a substance-like sharpness.

The short man nimbly dodged the lion monsters pounce.

The gloves on his hands glowed faintly.

With one punch, he knocked the lion monster to the ground.

It twitched a few times before it died.

After counting the points, the little guy turned around and happily exclaimed to the tall guy, “500 points!”

Just as the tall guy was about to nod, a few lion monsters of similar size dashed out from the weed-covered corner.

Those monsters were brilliant strategists!

He did not have time to think things through.

A pistol appeared out of nowhere in his hand when the lion monsters claws were about to land on the little guys head before he could react.

A few shots hit all of the lions.

The high power of the bullets stopped, and the force of the pounce was slightly reduced.

Fortunately, the lions fatal point was still on their heads.

Those few shots shattered their heads, and they lost consciousness and only hit the short guys body with inertia.

They rolled far away.

The impact knocked the short guy out of breath.

He foamed at the mouth and rolled his eyes.

The tall man approached him and lifted him.

He had not examined his injuries.

Out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly realized that the two seemed to be surrounded by swaying weeds.

Between the swaying gaps, he could vaguely see that there seemed to be countless lion monsters of different sizes surrounding the two of them.

They crawled closer, waiting for a lightning strike.

A drop of sweat appeared on the tall mans forehead.

The short man, who had finally regained consciousness, was even more scared out of his wits.

He cried out, “There are so many monsters at the beginning of the game.

What kind of difficulty is this”

Before he could finish his sentence…

Hundreds of lion monsters, large and small, darted out of the weeds and charged at them.

The gunshots in the tall guys hands did not stop, and the little guys fists danced seamlessly.

Unfortunately, there were too many lion monsters.

After more than ten of them died, the gun ran out of bullets, and the short guy was immediately scratched in the shoulder by a lion monster that had broken through the defense circle.

A large piece of bloody flesh was torn off.

The short guy cried out in pain.

Through the encirclement, he saw that the other three were standing there obediently.

They were quite far away from them.

He shouted anxiously, “Hurry up and help!”

Wang Wen heard voices.

Wang Wen turned around, curious, and asked Ren Ruoruo, “He said he wanted us to be obedient.

Just now, he asked us to make way.

Then, who is he calling over now”

Ren Ruoruo shook her head.

“I am not sure.”

Wang Wen was even more perplexed.

“Then, should we move aside or go over” he asked, turning to face Zhu Xingguo.

“He did not mention us by name,” Zhu Xingguo said after a brief pause.

“I believe it is best to be cautious and wait for more specific instructions.

Otherwise, he will claim that we made our own decision.”

Wang Wen agreed with a nod.

“That makes complete sense!”

They quickly stepped aside and broke free from the lion monsters encirclement.


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