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Chapter 81: Good And Fast

Why did people believe that a poison master in the Survival in the Wild level was like a vacation for them

That was supported by facts.

For example, at the time, Wang Wen could refresh all kinds of backup material, take a proper break, wash up, and eat at the checkpoint with snakes, insects, rats, ants, poison, and monsters.

After finishing his meal, he washed in a clean stream and put a particular scent on his body.

No mosquitoes or insects dared to approach him.

He changed into dry clothes and went to a flat place under the large tree, where he sprinkled a circle of unknown powder on the ground.

As centipedes, reptiles, and other little creatures spilled out of various cracks and fled away from the powder.

He then draped the ground with a thick blanket of dry, soft leaves.

He felt as if he had returned to a warm bed while lying on it.

The powder had a two-hour effect.

He could seize the opportunity to sleep.

At that moment, Zhu Xingguo and the other two were dumbfounded.

They dared not sleep so carelessly during the survival level.

They had yet to discover the entrance, and they did not want to be bitten by the insects.

They did not want to commit suicide by resting.

As a result, they sat on a clean rock.

They whispered while taking in their surroundings.

They were occasionally envious of the poison master, who was blissfully resting in the haystack.

They were well aware that they had not asked Wang Wen to assist them in constructing such a comfy nest.

Wang Wen also had not taken the initiative to assist them in creating such a comfortable nest.

It might appear to be a minor issue, but it was the consequence of innumerable experiences and lessons.

It might even be experiences built from blood.

Very few innocent youngsters among the tower climbers did not attack gangsters when they saw them.

They would not survive for long if they did not do that.

The World Tower was a site where grudges were openly held.

They had just recently joined Wang Wens team and had not yet made much of an impact.

It was already a gesture of compassion that the man was willing to take the lead.

If they continue to make arbitrary requests, they might be booted off the team.

The most prevalent technique to deal with that situation in the World Tower was to send them to their deaths as cannon fodder unknowingly.

People always said that the most valuable treasure for a tower climber was their experience.

Inexperienced juniors could be killed in a variety of ways by experienced seniors.

No one would see through that.

Zhu Xingguo and the other two were not inexperienced newcomers.

They had been climbers for many years, and many newcomers had tried to gain favor with them as they had reached the 100th floor.

Who would want inexperienced climbers with them as they climbed up the tower

They comprehended the leaders mindset and recognized what they should and should not do as followers.

Their sole wish, with Wang Wens strength, was to not get booted off the team.

They would get more benefits the higher floors they went.

They had never considered the rare objects on the 100th floor because they were all Wang Wens, but they could get those common items, right

They would never consider the supreme treasure on the 200th floor, but even a common item would be excellent!

They could sell each one for thousands of points.

What if the captain did not like a particular item

Anything the captain neglected to take was considered a treasure for the other three members.

As a result, they did not even consider asking Wang Wen to assist them.

They paid little attention to antiques, traps, or powder that appeared to be quite useful.

They would not take anything that Wang Wen might want.

Their sole purpose was to follow the captain up to the 100th floor rather than being booted off the team.

Wang Wen was definitely pleased with their comprehension.

Everyone was aware of each others objectives.

It was a fruitful collaboration.

Minute by minute, time passed.

Zhu Xingguo and the other two performed an excellent job of keeping an eye on things.

They chased away some tiny monsters and were on the lookout for more deadly beasts.

They also took turns in resting.

No one wanted to wake Wang Wen.

They could not wait for Wang Wen to recover and start the climb again.

Nobody was concerned about finding the way to the next floor.

Being a follower had its own set of difficulties, but there was one advantage—everything within the cleared area had nothing to do with them.

Wang Wen would naturally be the one looking for the entrance to the next level.

As anticipated, Wang Wen awoke on time, before the temperature reached its limit.

He straightened his back.

He was half awake and partly sleeping during the first half of his sleep, watching the three of them move.

His sleep quality improved significantly in the second half.

The evidence also demonstrated that none of them betrayed his trust.

Otherwise, they would have set off the deadly traps he had prepared.

Just as the three thought their captain was about to show off his skills, they saw him slowly walk to the stream and wash his face.

Then he calmly pulled a little plant near a spring and grabbed a lengthy sleeping snake.

They could tell from the vivid patterns on the snakes body that it was poisonous.

Wang Wen clutched the snakes head and summoned his teammates lurking in the distance.

They walked forward and got a closer look.

Was the snakes nest right at the entrance to the next level

The captains calmness was due to the fact that he had already discovered the entrance to the next level!

He had even simply dispatched the gatekeeper!

He was like a god!

Wang Wen gazed at Zhu Xingguo, Yao Shi, and Ren Ruoruo.

They looked at him with yearning in their eyes!

Zhu Xingguo wished that he could elevate his skills in the tower.

Yao Shi wanted to discover more incredible items that he could sell for more points.

Ren Ruoruo wished for powerful and charming men, especially those who were young and attractive.

She wanted to have sex with them!

Everyone was aroused by their own desire.

They followed Wang Wens directions and entered the next levels entrance.

Light and shadow appeared as everyone entered the door.

They were already on the 22nd story when they stepped back onto the ground.

When Wang Wen observed the spectacle in front of him, his face turned pale.

It was the same speed mechanism!

He seemed a little agitated.

What happened

Did he come across some special rule

A high likelihood of speed mechanisms for the rest of the levels

He had never heard of such a thing, not even in his previous life.

The captains expression went unnoticed by Zhu Xingguo and the other two.

When they noticed the speed mechanism, they cheered and celebrated.

After all, it was generally recognized as the most secure portion of the tower.

They did not have to worry about other threats within a kilometer as long as they had the physical power to outrun the lethal mechanism.

They did not need to employ any additional methods.

All traps, poisons, fighting kills, scientific decryption, and spiritual force had been rendered ineffective.

That level was simply nirvana for mortals!

Yao Shi thought joyously in his heart,This is finally my chance to show off.

I am not exceptionally gifted, but I can run 100 meters in 11.3 seconds!

When the mechanism was activated, everyone bolted like arrows.

Ren Ruoruo, the woman, was no exception.

Anyway, it was only one kilometer, so finishing and resting early was preferable.

However, it seemed like only Wang Wen, their captain, did not showcase his skills or strength.

He ran forward in accordance with the speed of the mechanism, neither too quickly nor too slowly.

He was way behind.

He reminded them of an old turtle.

Yao Shi, who was rushing in front, looked like he was about to fly.

He even took the time to look at everyone else.

He was so pleased when he realized the captain was like an old turtle at the back.

He excitedly exclaimed as he sprinted with long strides, “Come on, Captain! Stay strong! Only 500 meters! Wow, only 400 meters now!

Wang Wen changed his breathing rhythm steadily.

He moved forward like a strict machine, using the least amount of energy possible.

He heard Yao Shi yell.

He could not help but sigh inwardly.

So young, so talented.

So quick to die.


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