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Chapter 79: Ruthlessness

The World Towers 400th floor.

A middle-aged bald man in a heavy protective suit stepped back from the operating table in a unique room that looked like a biochemical maniacs laboratory.

He put on a mask and said, “All right, get up and see if you can adapt to your new body.”

An exquisite womans body sat up slowly on the operating table and then fell to the ground.

When her feet touched the ground, they melted a large hole in the floor.

The erosion did not stop until she sank 1.5 centimeters into the ground and stepped on some special glass.

“I forgot to make you a pair of isolation boots,” the middle-aged bald man grumbled as he patted his brow.

“Wait a second.”

He turned his body to the side and fiddled with the tools as he spoke, “The lethality of the derivatives in that metal is too great.

Even a human body will not be able to fuse normally.

Not only will you be unable to leave liquid nitrogen for your entire life, but you will also have to endure the pain of strong corrosion all the time.”

After a few fiddlings on the machine, a pair of crystal-clear high heels were quickly removed from the mold and moved to the womans feet by the mechanical hand.

When he saw her lift her smooth white sole and gently slide it into the high heels, the middle-aged bald man sighed and asked, “Why are you doing that”

The woman gradually put on a special transparent close-fitting isolation suit, followed by a normal coat.

Her movements were light and slow as if she was in a lot of pain.

Her expression, on the other hand, was calm and indifferent.

There was nothing out of the ordinary.

She opened her mouth slightly and exhaled a mouthful of white gas after putting on all her clothes.

“Thank you,” she said to the middle-aged bald man next to her.

“It feels great.”

The middle-aged bald man shook his head, turned around, and cleaned up all the strewn-about tools.

“You are welcome,” he said with a sigh.

“It is so difficult for you to remember to come to see me.

It must have taken a lot of effort for you to locate the World Towers checkpoint.”

“It is not too much effort,” the woman said softly after taking a few steps.

“After all, some things never change no matter how many times you reset them.”

With a puzzled smile, the middle-aged bald man asked, hearing the sound of high heels landing on the floor, “It is fine if you reject those mechanical bodies, but why do you want a womans body”

The sound of high heels hitting the floor came to a halt.

The gentle voice sounded like birds chirping in the forest.

“Why On the one hand, I have lost most of my body and thought I might as well try to live as a woman.”

“And on the other hand” The middle-aged bald man spoke casually while placing a set of tools in the box and closing it.

“On the other hand” The woman appeared beside his ear at some point, and her breath turned into white mist when it came into contact with the air.

A sly grin hung from the corner of her mouth for the first time.

“Perhaps it is because women find it easier to make people lower their guard.”

The middle-aged bald man turned his head with difficulty.

His face was filled with confusion and disbelief.

He wanted to raise his hand to retaliate, but he spat out a large mouthful of blood.

In the blink of an eye, he had lost his life.

The woman withdrew her arm from his body.

The other partys blood could not hang on to his fair and smooth skin.

Drop by drop, it fell to the ground and became nutrients for the microorganisms.

She nodded in satisfaction as she looked at the bald man, who was becoming stiff.

She slowly unrolled and straightened the sleeves she had specially rolled up.

They were custom-made and could not be dirty.

She would not have had any clothes to wear otherwise.

She exited the laboratory slowly, wearing her high heels.

She pressed a button in her hand when she was far enough away.


The laboratory behind her and the body of the Bald Man erupted in a sea of purple and white flames.

Her figure grew longer and longer in the light of the flames, eventually disappearing at the end of the pitch-black corridor.

The World Towers 20th floor.

Wang Wen did not meet any of his team members expectations.

In other words, it was not a poison, a battle, or a mechanism.

He just walked forward.

He closed and reopened his eyes.

Everyone in the vicinity of the pot-bellied man took to the air.

Most of them slid down a faraway wall, spitting blood as they did so.

Only Fat Man, who had been very arrogant in the beginning, was left kneeling on the ground and peeing.

He kept pleading for forgiveness.

“I do not want to kill you.” Wang Wen comforted him.

He turned around and asked the drone in the sky if that person was part of the progress.

The mechanical voice was muffled.


Almost all shotgun bullets found their way into the Fat Mans stomach.

The first thing to come out of the Fat Mans stomach was not blood.

Wang Wen shook his head in disgust before shooting him in the head again and turning around to leave.

He was not lying.

He did not want to kill anyone.

Unfortunately, the other partys bad luck was actually progress.

Then it had nothing to do with whether he wanted to or not.

It was an unavoidable necessity.

After all, it was only the 20th floor, and Wang Wen still had a long way to go.

The three members watching from a safe distance had not closed their mouths since the black suits took flight.

When they saw Wang Wen return with guns in his hands, they were shocked.

The three panicked and did not know what posture to use to worship the man.

Nodding seemed overly casual.

Kneeling on the ground was too taxing.

After some deliberation, the three lay on the ground, palms together above their heads.

Wang Wen could not decide whether to laugh or cry as he asked, “What are you doing”

“We are worshiping the gods,” the second man replied, raising his dusty face.


A, you have to be the true god from the 500th floor! It was fate that brought us together.

Thank you for permitting me to be here.

I hope we will have the opportunity to witness your heroism again!”

The woman bowed her head.

Her face was drenched in sweat.

She did not care about her makeup; all she cared about was her excitement.

“Do you need anything Anything A personal waiter to serve you tea, carry your bag, massage your body, drive your car, warm your bed I will even pay you.

Maybe you can contact me and protect me in the World Tower in future climbs.”

The first man had made a decision.

He said solemnly, “You guys can continue.

I will leave the tower now and wait outside.


A, please contact me if you need anything.

No need to rush and no need to worry about me.

I will wait outside the tower, and I will die waiting.”

Those words were too specific.

It was fate that brought them together.

It was all down to chance.

They were all independent climbers.

They would go their separate ways after that level.

Nobody knew when or if they would ever meet again.

The only hope for a more reliable outcome was to obtain their contact information or make friends with the man outside the tower.

Whatever their identities were, as long as they could meet each other, they could try to make an appointment to form a regular team before entering the tower in the future, and their levels would rise quickly!

They knew their capabilities well.

They were well aware that the opposing party was unconcerned about their strength.

They did notice that they did not have a single opportunity to move during the entire checkpoint.

The other party had taken his time clearing the level.

As a result, they simply abandoned any strategies or methods in favor of hoping for a glimmer of hope.

The second man could not help but give himself a hard slap, so hard that his lips cracked, remembering how they thought the man was a rookie who had overestimated himself.

The two people beside him were taken aback, wondering what his move meant.

However, after the second man slapped himself, he grabbed Wang Wens pants and burst into tears.

His tears and snot continued to flow as he exclaimed, “Mr.

A, I was wrong! I was oblivious to the fact that I was looking down on others! I have been blind! My ignorance had blinded me.

Please do not take offense if I offended you along the way.

I am just a piece of sh*t! Please allow me to climb with you.

Theres no need to get your hands dirty!”

His two other team members were completely taken aback.

They thought they were relentless, but that guy was even more so!

He was even more ruthless!


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