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Chapter 77: Professional Qualities of a Tower Climber

“Who are you looking for” Cheng Qiaoyi asked the moment they met.

Yu Zhi, who was outside the door, said carefully, “Do you know where Wang Wen is”

Cheng Qiaoyi asked, instead of answering, “How did you find this place”

Yu Zhi had a favor to ask, so she could only answer honestly, “I have someone who knows a lot of people.

He helped me to inquire about it.

He said that he got the information from a female classmate who wore glasses.”

“Glasses” Cheng Qiaoyi thought about it and did not dwell on that question anymore.

Instead, she asked, “If you want to find Wang Wen, you can just call him.

Why are you here”


Yu Zhis eyes dimmed.

“I dont have his number.”

‘Oh, so you dont have his phone number! ”

Cheng Qiaoyi was secretly pleased.

However, she said calmly, “Hes been very busy recently, and Im not sure about his exact whereabouts.

As you know, many people want to find trouble with him now, but you can tell me if theres anything you need from him.

If theres a chance to see him, I can help you pass on the message.”

Yu Zhi became increasingly disappointed as she listened.

Finally, she nodded and said, “Thank you.

I just wanted to let him know that the academy has arranged for me to transfer to another school.

I might not run into him again.

I hope he takes care of himself.”

After saying that, Yu Zhi bowed her head to express her gratitude, then turned around and left.

The other partys desolate tone slightly moved Cheng Qiaoyi.

She could not help but ask, “Do you like him”

Yu Zhi did not turn around as she was leaving.

She simply came to a halt.

There was a long silence.

She looked up at the sky outside the training ground and used the simplest words to express her most complicated feelings.

“I dont know.”

The World Towers 20th floor.

Wang Wen, whose mind was a little confused by Mi Lailais actions, took a long time to react.

The gangsters had all been killed.

Why did the entrance to the next floor not open

Did they kill the wrong target

The three others came closer from the side.

The first man said to Wang Wen, with a solemn expression, “The situation seems to be a little strange.”

The first man also said, “All the supermarket employees in the checkout stand are dead, and all the gangsters are dead.

Other than that, we did not find any customers.”

The first woman said, “In other words, there are only four of us alive in the entire supermarket.”

The first man said, “If the police come at this time, we probably wont be able to explain it clearly.

If we cant explain it clearly, we might very well be arrested.”

“No matter what, lets leave this place.” Wang Wen interrupted them and quickly rummaged through the supermarket.

He first got a clean set of clothes to change into, then he took a backpack of a suitable size and loaded all the guns and ammunition into it.

He filled the bag with water and food, then tossed it onto his back.

Wang Wen looked like an ordinary student on an outing.

He did not look like a ruthless person who had just killed nearly thirty men.

The only drawback was that his face was too pale and weak.

That was the consequence of the speed mechanism.

Wang Wen could not do anything about it in a short time.

He could only rely on time to slowly recover.

The other three followed suit and found clothes to change into.

The woman even found a short skirt, stockings, and long boots.

Wang Wen, who was checking the surveillance footage at the cash register, frowned and said, “Try to wear something comfortable and subtle.”

The woman deliberately turned around and asked, “Does this count as attracting attention”

The second man laughed and said, “You look good in a dress.”

The first man did not let down his guard.

He said, “Its better to listen to him.

Its better to change into something you can move easily.”

“Boring.” The woman pouted and walked to the sportswear area.

The second man looked around and sneakily followed her.

The first man walked to the cashiers desk with a solemn expression.

He noticed Wang Wen wearing gloves and attempting to retrieve the surveillance video storage media.

He silently praised his foresight.

He took a bag from the counter and opened it casually.

He lit one with a lighter and inhaled deeply.

“If I remember correctly, Mr.

A, we should have met last week, right” he said as he exhaled a long string of smoke.

Wang Wen looked at him and said, “Yes.

Remember to take the cigarette butt with you.”

In a daze, the man looked at the cigarette between his fingers.

He realized he had just applauded the other partys foresight.

Finally, the other party became more cautious than he was.

He did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Isnt that a little exaggerated What can a cigarette butt do”

Wang Wen did not say anything more and focused on his work.

He thought helplessly,Is that how a 100th-floor expert thinks

‘No wonder hes only on the 100the floor despite his age…

He silently followed the transmission line and stuffed his backpack with all the storage media he could find.

Then he dashed to the supermarkets entrance.

He carefully examined his surroundings to ensure that there were no unusual circumstances.

As he ran out of the supermarket, he tightened the strap of his backpack and lowered his head.

When the three people in the supermarket noticed that, they quickly packed their belongings and followed him.

It was late afternoon, so there were few pedestrians on the not-so-hot street.

Occasionally, a few people passed by.

There was also a group of lazy tattooed men.

They were carrying wine bottles and swaying in the middle of the day.

When they saw the four people, the leader, a big-bellied man, winked at his companions and smiled.

He stood in front of them and said, “Wow…”

Wang Wen remained silent.

He lowered his head, bent his waist, and took a few side steps to avoid the people in his path.

He then continued walking forward.

The fat man, who Wang Wan quickly passed by, was taken aback.

The mocking laughter of his companions jolted him awake.

It also awoke the fierce tiger within him.

He abruptly turned around and tossed the wine bottle in his hand behind Wang Wens head.

Wang Wen tilted his head to avoid the wine bottle.

However, the wine thrown out of the bottle spilled onto half of his body.

He slowly turned around, touching his wet hair and collar.

Fat Man laughed disdainfully while rubbing his belly.

He and about five or six friends were also laughing and blocking the other three tower climbers, proudly displaying their tattoos and muscles.

Wang Wen looked at the cameras on the street before removing his backpack from his back.

He pulled out a shotgun in front of them and loaded it with a click.

Fat Man and his companions expressions changed.

They waved their hands and gasped.

The three climbers went around the stiff tattooed man and gathered around Wang Wen.

The woman cleverly helped Wang Wen carry the backpack on the ground.

Wang Wen raised his gun and pointed it in the opposite direction.

He took small steps backward.

The tattooed men did not dare to move.

Just like that, they walked to the corner of the street.

Wang Wens tense body relaxed as they approached the wall.

He accepted the backpack from the woman, thanked her, and continued walking forward.

The first man asked him in confusion, “Where are we going”

Wang Wen summoned the drone.

“Tell him where we are going.”

The drones mechanical sound rang in their ears.

“All tower climbers are allowed to move as they please.

The progress of the checkpoint will be updated.”

The first man still did not understand.

“I know that.

He did not tell us where we were going either.

Wang Wen said, “Since the progress will be updated automatically, we need to find a favorable terrain as soon as possible to deal with the upcoming battle.

Even if we couldnt find it, we must use this relatively quiet period to familiarize ourselves with the surrounding environment.

The three people were stunned when they heard that.

The man said solemnly, “Mr.

A, its only the 20th floor.” Arent you being a little too cautious ”

Wang Wen thought for a moment, looked at the three people, and asked, “Did I meet all of you last week”

The three people nodded in unison.

Wang Wen also nodded.

He said, “Last week, I was in a hurry, so I had to rush through the levels.

Thats not the right way to do it, and it isnt worth mentioning.

This week, Im climbing the tower the usual way, utilizing the professional qualities of a tower climber.”


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