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Chapter 76: This Accidental Meeting Is Not Worth It

Wang Wen, who had eaten his fill, went all out with the help of Mi Lailais expertise.

That was a strange sensation.

In his previous life, there were also spiritual masters in the team, and the First Consortium usually assigned them.

However, that one was more of an illusionary type.

That was because they specialized in researching and cracking illusions.

It would be best if they could find out in advance and remove any potential safety hazards for the team members.

It was similar to mechanism skills, treating illusions as various mechanisms.

Wang Wen was also a spiritual master, but he preferred to fight.

As a result, he rarely had the opportunity to work with a spiritual master who was more control-oriented.

That was one of the rare occasions.

He realized he had the assistance of a control-oriented spiritual master.

That was awesome!

He killed all the way to the doors corner.

He slaughtered over 20 criminals who appeared in his field of vision.

He escaped unscathed.

Mi Lailai would immediately cast out any character who was even remotely threatening.

Even if only for a split second, Wang Wen would be able to raise his gun and kill the other party.

The twos collaboration created a sense of unspoken understanding.

Wang Wens hair stood on end at the thought.

His heart was pounding, and he was constantly on guard in case he became the unintentional target of the spell.

Fortunately, Mi Lailai was very professional.

She did not mess around during the battle.

She was diligent and conscientious.

She was focused on dealing with the enemy, and she did not even glance at Wang Wen.

Furthermore, even after releasing his spiritual power so many times, she did not have a nosebleed like Wang Wen.

She fully displayed a solid and deep foundation of a spiritual power master who had been rigorously trained.

The three climbers following behind were taken aback by their strength.

They kept checking in with each other.

“Didnt that lovely lady say she was only on the 100th floor It doesnt look like it.”

“Lets not care about her for now.

Dont you think the guy with the gun looks familiar”

“Yes! I think so too! ”

“You two cant be serious, right Ive been thinking about it for a long time!

“What do you think”

“I think what you think!”

There was a straight corridor after the corner that led to the main door.

There were several gangsters near the cash register near the front door.

There were about seven or eight of them, and they were all armed with guns of varying lengths.

The bullet curtain struck Wang Wen as soon as he raised his head.

Hearing the gangsters outside cursing and sweeping the bullets as they approached, it was clear that they were going to crush them with pure fire.

Wang Wen felt helpless and looked around for other opportunities.

It was unfortunate that that small supermarkets fire control work was so poor.

They could not even find a safe passage.

The only ventilation hole was not only high up but judging from the size, it was very small.

Wang Wen would not be able to fit into it.

At that moment, Mi Lailai, who was hanging onto Wang Wens arm, seemed to have noticed Wang Wens dilemma.

She raised her head and asked him, “Do you want me to use my ultimate move”

Wang Wen did not react for a moment and looked at her in confusion.

Mi Lailai emerged from the cover.

The continuous gunshots outside came to a halt.

Wang Wen dashed outside to raise his gun, ready to attack.

He discovered that the gangsters in front of him had been stunned on the spot.

He turned his head to look at Mi Lailai.

The woman closed her eyes and clasped her hands together.

When she reopened them, an almost tangible spiritual power with an indescribable feeling brushed past Wang Wen, engulfing all the gangsters in front of her.

The next second, gunshots rang out again.

At that time, the gangsters aimed their guns at their own people.

After a period of chaos, the entrance to the supermarket was utterly silent.

Wang Wen frowned and asked Mi Lailai, “With such a strong spiritual power, are you a Broken Might master”

Mi Lailai did not answer.

Her body leaned to the side before she fell weakly to the ground.

Wang Wen reacted quickly and took a step forward to support her.

Mi Lailai lay in Wang Wens arms.

“You dont hate me anymore” she asked, her face pale.

Wang Wen said, with a complicated expression, “We just met by chance.

Whats the point”

“Im just joking.” Mi Lailai smiled and moved her hand away from her abdomen, revealing a pool of dazzling bright red.

“I was unlucky and got shot.”

Wang Wens expression changed drastically.

He reached out to press on the bleeding wound, but the woman held his hand.

She said casually, “Little Brother, I cant accompany you any longer.

I have to leave the tower to get treatment, or Ill lose my life.”

Wang Wen furrowed his brows and pursed his lips into a line.

It was exactly as he had said.

The two of them had only met by chance.

Did she have to go to such an extent

A spiritual power master, most likely at Broken Might level, risking her life to fight for a stranger like him when they had only met by chance

Even a movie would not do that!

Wang Wen remained in a half-crouching position, puzzled.

Outside the World Tower.

A figure dashed out of the entrance.

The personnel in charge of receiving her immediately stepped forward to support her.

He was scared out of his wits when he saw the bleeding wound on her abdomen.

“Whats the situation You couldnt have climbed too high in such a short amount of time.

Which floor did you get your injury from”

“I met him.” Mi Lailai smiled indifferently.

“No, what about the preparations you made” Didnt you say that you would use fake blood” The man looked at the realistic wound.

“Were you even putting on a fake show”

Mi Lailai shook her head.

“Hes very vigilant.

I dont think Ill succeed if I fake it.”

The man sighed helplessly.

“I think youre possessed! You looked like you were planning to fight to the death for him.”

“Of course!” Mi Lailai raised her.

“No one has ever been able to reject me, especially men!”

Without waiting for the man to say anything, she cried out in pain, “Stop nagging and send me back to the group.

If you dont treat me soon, Im going to die!”

“It doesnt look that bad.

It didnt hit any artery.

You should be healed by now, anyway.”

“It hurts!”

In Cheng Qiaoyis neighborhood.

Skinny Boy and his mother had bought a house here for three million yuan.

The academy was in ruins.

Many students had left.

He only recognized Yu Zhi and Cheng Qiaoyi among those who did not leave.

Yu Zhis whereabouts were unknown.

He could not find her, nor did he want to find her.

However, Cheng Qiaoyi saw that he and Wang Wen had a good relationship, so she took the initiative to invite him as a guest.

The boy assessed the surrounding environment and determined that it was satisfactory, so he proceeded to move there.

It was also beneficial for him to continue with his regular training.

After all, the two of them were given the Extreme Training Schedule by Wang Wen.

The schedules were set according to the limits of their bodies, so there was a high possibility of an accident occurring during the training process.

They collaborated to rent a small training facility nearby.

The costs were divided equally.

It was not that they could not afford to rent 10,000 points per week.

It was just that neither of them wanted to exploit the other.

They were Wang Wens closest friends, and neither wanted to be looked down upon by the other.

On that day, The two of them were working hard to meet Wang Wens entry criteria.

The training grounds security guard abruptly reported that there was a visitor.

It was a young woman who claimed to be a fellow academy student.

Her name was Yu Zhi.

When Cheng Qiaoyi heard that name, she immediately thought of the woman who had been competing with her that day.

Her heart was alarmed.

Skinny Boy asked, “Yu Zhi How did she find her way here”

Cheng Qiaoyi wanted to inquire about the other partys background, so she asked, “Do you know her Is she a friend of Wang Wens”

Skinny Boy shook his head and said, “I know her, but she might not know me.

Shes from the same department as me.

She had also written him a love letter, but he rejected it.

Then, she continued to pester him, and he could not get her to leave him alone.”

When Cheng Qiaoyi heard love letter, her ears perked up.

When she heard the word refuse, she heaved a sigh of relief and felt indignant at the same time.

When she learned that the other girl would not leave Wang Wen alone, she rolled her sleeves and said, “If he cant get her to leave, Ill do it for him.”


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