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Chapter 62: Special Hobbies

A few days ago, he beat up a local tyrant and earned a huge sum of money from the Tiansheng Group.

He made the reward three times, which was three million.

After splitting half of it with Wang Wen, he still had 1.5 million left.

The last time he cooperated with Mo Ran, he thought that Mo Ran would want nothing to do with him, so he took the initiative to withdraw to avoid the Tiansheng Groups suspicion.

He did not expect the Tiansheng Group to give him another one million points.

That one million did not need to go to Wang Wen.

After all, it was an unexpected income.

Nonetheless, Luo Shan transferred half of it to the account designated by Wang Wen.

Despite that, he still had two million points on hand.

As the First Consortiums intelligence team leader, his basic salary was 10,000 points per month.

He would need to save it for ten years to save two million points.

He would have to do it without paying for food, drinks, or any other expenses.

Fortunately, Gu Jianbing was unconcerned about his men working part-time to supplement their income.

Otherwise, Luo Shans account balance would never reach seven figures in his lifetime.

Furthermore, after receiving the promised reward from the Tiansheng Group, Mo Ran transferred four million to Wang Wens designated account following the agreed ratio.

He insisted on sending Luo Shan 500,000 points for a variety of expenses after learning the mans account number.

As a result, Luo Shans account number eventually reached 2.5 million points.

It was reported that the Tiansheng Group experienced a sudden change.

It was like a caterpillar being stabbed in its soft and tender belly.

Its external limbs were retracted, and it curled into a ball.

The bounty on the man in green was also removed.

The biggest entertainment project had vanished without the Tiansheng Groups bounty.

Luo Shan had no choice but to resume his regular life.

At that moment, he watched a live stream of a man named Weak Kidney Brother, who was in from the slum.

That person had darker skin and less white hair.

Even though he could not afford to eat, he drank as if his life depended on it.

He was hungry and full, and his daily schedule was erratic.

Furthermore, he drank too much cheap liquor, turning his lips green and making him appear to be dying.

His live broadcast had some interesting content.

He used to walk around the slums like a ghost.

Occasionally, a viewer would tip him some points, and he would immediately go out and buy alcohol to drink.

If he had extra money, he would go to the slums residential area and spend three points to rent a room for one day.

The so-called room was a small space with only one bed.

The cheapest rent was three points per day.

There were also more expensive options.

Those rooms with 20 or 30 points per day were comparable to standard residential buildings outside of the slums.

However, how could Weak Kidney Brother afford such an expensive bedroom

He would be reluctant.

Would it not be nice to buy a few bottles of wine with that money

As a result, the majority of his live broadcast content included renting a room and eating a good meal if a viewer gave him points.

It was a real-time interaction.

He was a man who was familiar with how a live broadcast worked.

That day…

It was the afternoon again.

Weak Kidney Brother was wandering in the slums.

He had not received many tips since morning.

If he received one point for the live broadcast, he might not even have enough for a bottle of water, let alone for food.

He would have to miss breakfast and lunch.

He did not know if he could have any dinner.

Fortunately, he was optimistic.

He held the broadcasting equipment, allowing the audience to enjoy the slums scenery.

He made his way to a gray sewage pond.

Looking at the slum women washing their clothes in the pond, he said to the camera cheerfully, “Tired of walking I am taking a break in the park.”

That sentence exploded in the audiences comments section.

One by one, members of the audience commented.

[What on earth was that park]

[Be the good guy!]

[The little green corner in our companys toilet is probably better than the air there.]

[Weak Kidney Brother has lost his senses after not eating for a day.]

When he saw the messages in the comments section, Weak Kidney Brother smiled and said, “It is okay.

Rent a nice house if you have the money.

What else can you do if you lack funds I can sleep here tonight.

Young people can do this if they dont have any money!”

At that point, a bold and highlighted line for wealth appeared in the comments section.

That font was a special text effect only available on the live broadcast platform.

Each one cost 0.1 point, which meant that one point could be used ten times for that type of special effect.

It was not expensive, but it was not cheap either.

Even if they did not spend money to purchase it, as long as the account level reached a certain level, a certain amount of free ones would be given away automatically every day.

It was quite fair.

However, those at a higher level would get it, regardless of whether they paid for it or got it for free.

To the streamer or the general public, the appearance of that type of text effect meant that a tycoon had joined the live stream!

The general public would have something to watch, while streamers would have something to cling to.

Everyone could not help but be ecstatic.

For example, that was the case for Weak Kidney Brother.

His eyes widened as he read the word⁠—wealth.

“This boss said he would give me 20 points and let me look around in a high-class room.”

After reading it, he was slightly stunned.

With an anxious expression, he said, “Boss, why do you need 20 points to get a room I can get a 3-point room and buy wine and food to eat and drink.

Wouldnt that be nice”

The word⁠—wealth⁠—floated out again.

[Lets see if you can get a high-class room.

Ill pay you extra for the wine later.]

As soon as that was said, Weak Kidney Brother and the comment section were shocked.

One commented.

[This boss was stupid.

Its a waste to give Weak Kidney Brother a high-class room! Hes a man who has slept with a cockroach!]

When he saw the comments in the comments section, Weak Kidney Brother felt compelled to defend himself.

“I did not sleep with a cockroach.

There were cockroaches where I slept.

Please, theres a difference, okay”

The comment section erupted in laughter.

The wealthy spectator commented a single word.


Then, a line of rewards appeared in the live broadcast chat room.

[Sick Indifference rewards Weak Kidney Brother with a gold and silver basin, worth 20 points.]

Weak Kidney Brother exclaimed.

Before he could use the points the viewers had given him, he had to transfer them to his account first.

That would subtract 40 percent to pay for the platforms service fee.

He would only have 12 points left after getting 20 points.

He showed his account to the camera and said helplessly, “Boss Leng, the platform deducted some fees.

“I cant do anything about it.

There are still 12 points left.

Can I go and get a room with 10 points”

[Sick Indifference rewards Weak Kidney Brother with a gold and silver basin, worth 20 points.]

Another line of tips was displayed.

The comments section blew up again.

Weak Kidney Brother did not want to be careless.

He cashed in his points and ran to the slum residential area.

After talking to the landlord, he rented a high-class room for 20 points per day.

After paying the money, the landlord treated him very well.

He offered to help Weak Kidney Brother with his luggage.

However, Weak Kidney Brother did not have any luggage.


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