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Chapter 59: Looks Like Talent

Everyone became very quiet about the bounty on the man in green in the days that followed.

Some people would only sell intelligence.

They were not at all greedy.

Some people specialized in making big moves, and when they made a move, there was no holding back.

Since the Tiansheng Group discovered that the man in green had lost his smiley-face mask, they realized that his mysterious strength had nothing to do with the mask.

They quickly removed the bounty for the mask.

After all, no ones money came from the wind.

They had spent a large sum of money, which made the wealthy Tiansheng Group members feel a little pinch.

Even more painful was that the Tiansheng Group had always wanted to know what the man in greens weakness was from Luo Shan, but Luo Shan refused to reveal even the smallest detail.

That made them feel anxious and powerless.

The Tiansheng Groups elite team and the three top experts had repeatedly missed their target.

Finally, a small team leader from the intelligence department had successfully completed his first operation with the team.

On what basis

The people from the First Consortium were so awesome, and the Tiansheng Group was all trash.

Qin Dongbei was furious.

However, he never showed it.

He invited Luo Shan to the office for tea.

His top-grade tea, which was worth over 10,000 points and could not be bought by ordinary people even if they wanted to, was buried in the dust following the collapse of the main building.

He could only drink some of the low-quality goods that could be purchased for 1800 points.

He poured tea for Luo Shan.

Seemingly curious, he asked, “Is the First Consortium treating you so badly that the management has to work part-time”

Luo Shan sighed.

He said modestly, “Im not part of the management team.

Im just an odd laborer.

Besides, what if Im management I cant resist the temptation of a million points from you, Director Qin!”

Qin Dongbei looked at him with a half-smile.

“Can I use that to poach you from the First Consortium”

Luo Shan laughed.

“Director Qin, you must be joking!”

Qin Dongbei laughed along for a while.

Then, he said thoughtfully, “Im not joking.”


Luo Shan was stunned.

He asked, “Director Qin, are you serious”

“Of course!” Qin Dongbeis hands did not stop moving.

He poured more tea for Luo Shan and said sincerely, “As long as you are willing, the Tiansheng Groups door will remain open to you.”

Then, Luo Shans tone also became solemn.

“Director Qin, how can I ask for such a favor Well, if you are willing to spend a million points to get some talented people, may I bring Mo Ran as well”

Qin Dongbeis actions paused when he heard that.

He put down the teapot.

His expression gradually became solemn as he asked, “Youre speaking of the upper teams leader, Mo Ran, who has reached more than 400 floors”

Luo Shan nodded.

“Of course.

Is there another Mo Ran”

Qin Dongbei frowned with a look of extreme disbelief.

“Team Leader Luo, dont make fun of me.

That Mo Ran is the heart and soul of your intelligence department.

Why would he join the Tiansheng Group”

If what he said before was just a formality, Qin Dongbei was really tempted then!

The Mirror team had been destroyed, so they severely lacked manpower.

If he could get the leader of the First Consortiums intelligence department, his new intelligence department would be even more powerful than the previous one, which had been under Shen Rushuangs command.

It would weaken his opponent and strengthen him.

The idea of killing two birds with one stone was like a gift from heaven!

He was a little dazed as he asked, “Are you sure”

“How would we know if we didnt try” Luo Shan looked indifferent.

“Were old friends!”

“Try” Qin Dongbei looked happy.

“Yes! Ill take this opportunity to try! “Luo Shan straightened his body and pointed at the table with his index finger.

“Ill talk to Mo Ran when I return and see if he intends to cooperate with the Tiansheng Group.

If he does, we can come and catch the man in green together! You can also observe his performance and see if hes worth recruiting!”

Qin Dongbei could no longer hold back his laughter.

He stood up and shook hands with Luo Shanzhuang.

“Team Leader Luo, if you can do that, I will remember your contribution.

At that point, we can even talk about a 10-million-points reward, let alone a mere million.”

Half a day later.

In the same office.

Qin Dongbei greeted Luo Shan and the icy-faced Mo Ran with open arms.

“I am surprised that Team Leader Mo will be eager to join the Tiansheng Group! This is the best fortune in my entire life.”

Mo Ran interrupted him with an expressionless face, “Dont misunderstand; Im here to earn money.”

“Earn— Qin Dongbei looked at Luo Shan in confusion.

Luo Shan smiled and said, “Its about the bounty for the man in green.”

Qin Dongbei suddenly realized that and said, “Of course, of course! How can Team Leader Mo be compared to an ordinary person For you, we will double the amount of the bounty.”


Ran shook his head coldly and refused.

“Theres no need to double it.

Just fulfill the contract normally.”

Qin Dongbei immediately complimented him.

“How noble of you!”

“When do we set off” Mo Rans expression seemed to ask both of them at the same time.

Luo Shan looked at Qin Dongbei.

“Director Qin, have there been any recent sightings of the man in green”

Qin Dongbeis expression became a little awkward.

He rubbed his nose and said with a bitter smile, “The other party was becoming increasingly astute.

The action team found the target a few times, but he vanished before my men arrived.

It has been a little difficult to catch up to him”

Mo Ran immediately said, “Dont waste time.

Ill run with the action team.

Once we find the target, well intercept him.

You guys can send people to support us.”

Qin Dongbei was surprised, happy, and worried.

“Team Leader Mo, you are swift and decisive, indeed.

But we have many action teams.

Thats just laborious physical tasks.

I dont think we should trouble you with that”

“I work.

I dont care about how physical it is,” Mo Ran said as he walked out of the door.

His response was so icy that it would bring chills down ones spine.

Luo Shan scratched his head in embarrassment and said, “Please forgive him, Director Qin.

Hes like that.

He doesnt care much about the ways of the world and only knows how to bury his head and work.”

Qin Dongbei let out a long sigh.

“Its rare to see someone like him!”

He raised his head and looked solemnly at Luo Shan.

“People like you, Luo Shan, and Mo Ran, are rare talents, but you work for the First Consortium!”

Qin Dongbeis tone was filled with jealousy.

“Its a loss for us.”

“The First Consortium doesnt care about talents, but the Tiansheng Group is desperate for talented men and would like to have all the heroes in the world in our arms!” He raised his head and sighed.

“If we have more talented people, wed be the top group in the world.”

Qin Dongbei lowered his head and held Luo Shans hands tightly.

“Team Leader Luo, dont worry about it! As long as you and Team Leader Mo complete the mission, the reward will be yours!”

Luo Shans eyes lit up.

He patted his chest and promised, “Boss Qin, wait for our good news!”

The First Consortiums two team leaders left the Tiansheng Group.

Not long after that, the staff reported that they confirmed the report and located the target.

One action team stood by, but another nearby action team rushed to the targets location and asked for instructions on how to deal with him.

Qin Dongbei ordered, “All action teams, cooperate with Mo Ran and Luo Shan.

Do not interfere.”

At the same time, the Tiansheng Groups elite team set off.

They received a message about halfway there.

“Mo Ran and Luo Shans action team is fighting the man in green!”

“The man in green has been subdued!”

“He cant escape! Theyve caught him!”

Qin Dongbei was clutching his heart in the Tiansheng Groups office.

His face was like a mantis in the spring, and his neck was bright red with excitement!


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