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Chapter 58: Bad Sh*t, Easy Money

[Your account has received 500,000 points.

Your current balance was 741,092 points.]

The skinny boy felt dizzy as he stared at the amount in his personal account.

He turned around and looked at Wang Wen, who was busy writing something.

As if he was looking at a monster, he sighed and said, “Those people made so many trips and gave so many fake and true intelligence reports.

In the end, they only received 100,000n points.

We get 500,000 points in one go.

Its an infuriating comparison!”

“The main thing was that they put in a lot of effort in their performances, so I gave them an extra 20% for their efforts.” Wang Wen bit the pen and thought for a moment before continuing to write erratically.

The skinny boy did not care how much others got.

He happily returned to his account before suddenly asking, “By the way, is it okay for us to trap them like that It is, after all, the Tiansheng Group Group!”

“What can you do if they are offering a bounty on their own” Wang Wen frowned as he examined his writing.

He appeared distressed.

“I still feel that I am not smart enough.

I cant think of a better way to earn more.

I rarely have such good resources on hand.

It would be a waste not to use them.

The skinny boy was a little speechless when he heard that.

Looking at the remaining 700,000 , he wondered if that was not enough.

Was it not sufficient to purchase two or three apartments

[Your account has received 30,000 points.

Your current balance was 30,777 points.]

Chen Tiantian almost passed out when he saw the 30,000 points he had finally received.

Only the gods knew how high he could eventually go, a tower climber who had not even reached the 100th floor, when he saw such a large sum of money.

Typically, a month of hard work would only yield around 1,000 points.

Those 30,000 points were nearly equal to his savings from climbing the tower without eating or drinking for two to three years!

It was not as dangerous as climbing the tower.

It was just a simple errand!

He earned 30,000 points in less than a half-day.

He looked at his account again, and his eyes suddenly reddened.

The sound of the door opening signaled the return of his roommate.

He was taking off his shoes.

He muttered to Chen Tiantian, who was sitting nearby, “The landlord is pleading with me once more.

Can you find a job All you know is climbing the tower.

Your income is extremely volatile.

Its like Im the only one paying the rent.”

The roommate entered, poured some water, sat on the stool, and panted.

He took a sip and noticed Chen Tiantian was still dazed.

“Dont tell me you dont even want to climb the tower anymore,” he said, frowning.

“I do not have enough money to pay your rent this month! If something happens at home and I need to transfer 2,000 points for my family, I wont have enough to eat.

You need to pay your rent!”

Chen Tiantian snapped back to his senses.

He saw his roommate with a worried expression.

He asked apologetically, “How much rent do I owe”

His roommate raised his hand and gestured angrily, “Six months, a total of 3,000 points.

Thats more than my monthly salary!”

Chen Tiantian nodded and picked up his phone.

His roommate received a notification from his account.

[Your account has received 4,000 points.

Your current balance is 4,777 points.]

He was stunned.

He looked at Chen Tian blankly and asked, “You transferred it”

Chen Tiantian smiled.

“The extra 1,000 points is for the interest.

Thank you for helping me cover the rent for so long.”

“Theres no need for interest or anything like that—” His roommate had suddenly received a huge sum of money.

He was at a loss, and his tone became much gentler.

“Of course!” Chen Tiantian stood up and patted his roommates shoulder.

“Lets go.

Ill treat you to a meal.

You can eat whatever you want! Ill pay for this months meals!”

]Your account has received 30,000 points, and your current balance is 36,199 points.]

Du Qiangqiang was a little disoriented.

He had never imagined that making money could be so easy.

“That was too much,” his girlfriend muttered beside him.

“Before we took her car, we agreed to split the gas costs, but after only a few months, she began complaining about car maintenance and manual labor.

She claimed to have lost a lot of money and asked me to cover the cost of the gas by myself.

What kind of loss I was just hitching a ride on the way here, and she suggested that I pay half the gas bill! Its like a fight with her! If I want to pay for all the gas, I might as well take the bus! Anyway, Im waiting for her every day; the bus is more punctual than her!”

Du Qiangqiang could not help but laugh out loud as he listened.

His girlfriend raised her eyebrows, grabbed his arm, and clenched her teeth.

“Du Qiangqiang! I will not sleep with you tonight if you cant explain why you are laughing!”

Du Qiangqiang took a deep breath, grabbed his girlfriends hand, and walked out of the door.

“What are you doing Where are you going” His girlfriend was shocked.

“Im going to buy a car!” Du Qiangqiang sounded heroic.

“You can just drive this car next time!”

[Your account has received 30,000 points, and your current balance is 2,222 points.]

Ye Zhuangzhuang almost burst into tears when his account turned positive for the first time.

He had been deeply in debt for many years.

There were numerous types of loans.

He had been trying to pay them off.

He tried his best to climb the tower, but he was still unable to pay off his debts.

He could not sleep or eat because the debt snowball was getting bigger and bigger.

Every time he heard his cell phone ring, his entire body would tremble.

At the end of every month, he would be unable to sleep, and he would worry.

He could not borrow from his friends as they would always run away from him.

Occasionally, he would climb the tower to earn money, which would be used to pay for his debts.

After working hard for a year, the money left over after covering basic expenses like food and lodging was insufficient to cover the interest.

He had applied for a large loan from the Tiansheng Group or the First Consortium numerous times.

He wanted to borrow tens of thousands of points at a time to pay off all his debts, and then he could peacefully work for the two consortiums for the rest of his life.


They did not want him.

The positions in the two major consortiums were limited, and there were far too many applicants.

They despised that little shrimp who could not even pay his bills.

Ye Zhuangzhuang was desperate and in pain.

He wanted to die in the World Tower to end it all.

He eventually met a little boy who was even braver than him while climbing the tower.

He still had a conscience, and he sacrificed himself at a critical moment to save the little boy.

It was an unintentional act at first.

After some time had passed, the little boy took the initiative to contact him.

Money began to fall from the sky after that.

He only needed to run errands and speak some lines to earn 30,000 points in a single trip!

He could pay off his major debts in one go.

The remaining scattered debts were all the different types of debt that he took the initiative to pay off so that he could gradually pay them off.



Ye Zhuangzhuang picked up his phone.

Since there was a chance to go ashore, he had to seize it!

He had to pay off all of his debts at once!

He wanted to hold his head high and stand tall as someone who dared to look at his account balance!

“Hello Oh, yes, yes, yes, its me, Ye Zhuangzhuang! Ive received the points.

Yes, yes, I want to ask, is there still such a job Really Is the price the same Dont worry.

Ill do my job well! Its 30,000 points per trip! I can run until the end of time! ”

At First Consortiums intelligence department.

After Luo Shan transferred 500,000 points to the designated account, he smiled and said, “So, are you coming Its easy to earn money! Furthermore, its the Tiansheng Groups money.

Just take it!”

Mo Ran looked disdainful as he snorted lightly.

“A gentleman loves money, so its wise to take it.

Cheating is immoral!”

Luo Shan raised his eyebrows and said regretfully, “What a pity.

So much money wasted.

I cant get them all by myself.”

Mo Ran picked up a cup of water and drank it.

He snorted disdainfully, “How much money can there be”

“Its one million points now.” Luo Shan waved and said regretfully, “I still have to share it with Wang Wen.

I dont know how long the Tiansheng Group will remain stupid, and I dont know how many more times we can deceive them.”

Mo Ran wiped the water from his nostrils and snorted disdainfully, “Its immoral to work with that kind of guy!”

Then, he paused and said, “I want 60 percent!”


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