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Chapter 55: Demigods Are Also Gods

There was no shortage of people who enjoyed the show.

In less than 20 minutes, the news of the Tiansheng Groups total collapse had spread all over the world.

Everyone had witnessed the collapse of the main building, the extermination of two elite teams, and the imprisonment of the Tiansheng Group Young Master.

Even if they tried, their emergency public relations team could not hide it.

It was once-in-a-lifetime news that sat on a rocket as soon as it left the house.

Nobody could stop the enthusiastic onlookers spontaneous communication.

After that, the identity of the man in green became another unsolved mystery.

Everyone wondered if a true god had appeared and single-handedly defeated the arrogant Tiansheng Group!

The most popular guess was that the First Consortium did it.

Everyone wondered if the Tiansheng Group had been too arrogant in the past, causing the First Consortium to send out their top climbers.

The amazing thing was that the First Consortium had no explanation for that.

They did not say anything, even if the cloud of doubt was fermenting.

At Cheng Qiaoyis house.

Director Cheng was stunned when he received the news and looked at the long-range photo sent by his subordinate.

He vaguely recalled what Wang Wen had said earlier at the dinner table.

“If ordinary people can not provoke them, let extraordinary people do it.” His gaze was drawn to the young man eating oranges with his daughter.

He looked as if he had seen a ghost.

“The Tiansheng Group Group has been defeated.

A man in green broke into the main building alone, destroyed the elite team, and rescued the academy people from the prison!” Director Cheng told his family.

“Wow!” Cheng Qiaoyi looked at Wang Wen and asked, “Senior, how did you do it”

Wang Wen asked her curiously, “What are you talking about”

“This!” Cheng Qiaoyi held an orange and gestured with her hands.

“Wiping out the evil Tiansheng Group Group and saving the academy from suffering! How did you do it ”

Even though Cheng Qiaoyis question was a little incoherent, it was basically what Director Cheng wanted to ask.

Wang Wen shrugged as he faced the Cheng familys gaze, unsure whether to laugh or cry.

“What do you mean by how I do it”

“Havent I been eating here all this time ”

Cheng Qiaoyi curiously leaned closer to him.

“Didnt you send that man in green”

Wang Wen looked at the girl who was getting closer to him and said expressionlessly, “Were with your parents; please restrain yourself.”

Cheng Qiaoyi said with admiration in her eyes, “Senior, you are amazing! Indeed, nothing can stop you!”

Director Cheng realized that his daughter could not get any information.

He asked, “Wang Wen, you said that theres no need to transfer school.

You said that the academy would be fine.

Did you already know that someone would go to save the academy Is that green-clothed man someone you know”

Wang Wen turned to look at Director Cheng and smiled mysteriously.

“I believe that good deeds will be rewarded.

God will punish those who do evil.”

The sky was already dark when Qin Dongbei rushed to the prison cell with a large group of people.

For nearly ten hours, Zheng Xiaodong had not eaten a single grain.

Qin Dongbei was distressed when he saw his precious son was so hungry that he was weak and could not even shout.

“What are you all doing” he admonished the crowd gathered outside the door, “Hurry up and open the door!”

The people around them hesitated.

The people Qin Dongbei brought were eager to open the door themselves.

A hesitant guard stammered, “That man in green said that whoever opens the door will be locked in as well.”

Even though they had already waited several hours, that useless group was still terrified.

Qin Dongbeis blood pressure skyrocketed as a result of his rage.

He cursed, pointing to the sky.

“If he dares to come, I will make him suffer a fate worse than death!”

In the end, the prison cell door was opened.

A few people came to Zheng Xiaodongs aid.

Everyone got down on the ground and climbed into the car, driving back to the Qin familys natural lake manor.

Qin Wuzheng, who had been away for a long time and had started his own business outside, had also returned.

Qin Dongbei summoned the entire family to the first-floor living room.

He directed the servants to look after the young master while he ate.

After he recovered a little, he asked, “Did you find out that persons identity”

No one answered.

Zheng Fuhong cried and hugged her son.

Meanwhile, Zheng Xiaodong had been locked up in a stinky prison cell for ten hours.

He had almost lost his life, so there was no time to investigate.

The Tiansheng Groups Mirror members were killed or injured at the time.

Even their leader, Shen Rushuang, had disappeared.

A dark cloud hung over the house.

Qin Dongbei impatiently slammed the table to shut everyone up.

He turned to his loyal follower and said, “Find that person.

Break his limbs and bring him to me.

The person next to him confidently nodded and walked out the door.

After the person left, Qin Wuzheng tried to say, “The world is saying that the First Consortium was the one who did it.

Was it Wang Wen

Qin Dongbei shook his head.

“Ive checked.

We know where he was at the time.

He was at a classmates home after he left the tower.

He hasnt had any contact with anyone related to the First Consortium.”

“Classmate” Zheng Xiaodong, who had been busy eating, stopped and turned to ask his father.

“Which classmate”

Qin Dongbei flipped through his phone and answered casually, “The Cheng family.

They own a small, unrated company.

They seem to have the intention of protecting Wang Wen.

They even prepared a few escape vehicles.

“Cheng…” Zheng Xiaodongs face was gloomy.

He continued to bury his food.

Since the dust had settled, Qin Wuzheng bade farewell to Qin Dongbei and prepared to leave the manor.

Qin Dongbei asked him about his recent situation casually.

When he found out that he was starting a business, he did not say anything more.

The following day, the Tiansheng Group made an emergency response.

Within a day, the entire groups external expansion had been gathered.

Countless funds and resources were pouring into the headquarters from all directions.

It appeared as if a major war could erupt at any moment.

All the competitors were shocked.

After such a heavy blow, the Tiansheng Group not only did not go into hiding but they took a stance of retaliation and revenge.

Were they mad

Did they want to lose and die

The many consortiums initially laughed as they watched the show.

However, they did not want to get involved.

If they got into trouble, even if they win in the end, they would suffer a significant loss.

It was not worth it.

The air outside was thick with smoke.

Wang Wen was unconcerned.

He looked at the teachers who had escaped life-threatening danger in the hospital where the academys survivors were lying.

He was silently thinking.

Others did not know.

He was the man in green.

When he was on the 100th floor in the World Tower, he had found a rare treasure—the True Clone.

The only treasure available on the 100th floor was a True Clone.

Cheng Qiaoyi and her family could never guess correctly no matter how hard they tried because the green-robed man was neither sent by Wang Wen nor his friend.

It was him.

The only difference was that the true clones effect was only half as strong as the users peak strength.

Many people thought that particular type of treasure was unworthy of its name in his previous life.

However, Wang Wen was well aware of the terrifying effects of that treasure.

The so-called peak was the users peak strength!

Wang Wen chose the true clone not only because it had a lower level and was easier to obtain but also because he wanted to test some ideas.

Wang Wen knew he had guessed correctly when the true clone transformed into the green-clothed man.

His peak was not his recently acquired top level.

It was the invincible 900th-floor strength in his previous life!

What was half of 900

It was not 450.

It could be 899 or even 900.

Half of a god did not mean a mortal.

Half of a god meant a demigod.

The demigods were also gods.


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