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Chapter 52: Ordinary People Cant Provoke

“Wang Wen is out of the tower!” Luo Shans phone call went to Tong Xiaolei, who reported to Gu Jianbing.

Tong Xiaolei set her phone down and looked to the old man for instructions.

“What is the matter with the second batch of people who rushed to the 600th floor” The elderly gentleman tapped on the file.

“They think theyre strong enough to ignore the original plan”

Tong Xiaolei clasped the tablet in her hands and said, somewhat helplessly, “Chief, are you really not going to care about Wang Wen anymore”

“Hmm” The old man was puzzled and asked, “Did he ask for our help”

“The teachers and students in the academy are almost all dead,” Tong Xiaolei said.

“When he comes out of the tower and gets the news, he might very well go and fight the Tiansheng Group to his death.”

“Thats his business.” The old man pointed at the cell phone on the table.

“He has my number.

If he needs our help, he will call me.

If he did not call, he was confident he could handle it on his own.

Since thats the case, why do we have to be nosy”

Tong Xiaolei was silent for a long time.

She said, “Chief, I feel the two of you have very similar temperaments.

Both of you were so stubborn.

The old man laughed when he heard that.

He put down the pen and paper in his hand, picked up the teacup, and blew on it.

However, his tone suddenly turned cold.

“Well, I wouldnt have gone to the Tiansheng Group.

He isnt the dean.

What does the life and death of the academy have to do with him”

“But hes still a member of the academy.” Tong Xiaolei couldnt bear it.

“And the matter started because of him.”

“No.” The old man shook his head.

“He did not force the academy to go to the Tiansheng Group to seek an explanation.

Furthermore, in terms of the reason, the First Consortium was also involved.

If it werent for the fact that we made a deal with Wang Wen, the Tiansheng Group wouldnt have targeted the academy.

Dont tell me that we have an obligation to step forward and resolve those matters In the end, it was the academys people who made the choice.

They are adults, so they cant blame others.”

Tong Xiaolei looked at the old man and wanted to say something, but she stopped herself.

In the end, it turned into a silent sigh.

He was right.

However, the statement was too heartless.

The majority of people in that world were extremely cold.

How could he expect warmth if he continued to suppress his own emotions

Her thoughts were eventually stored at the bottom of her heart, and she could not express them.

Perhaps the world had no hero.

Who would not want to meet one

Wang Wen was welcomed warmly at Cheng Qiaoyis home.

The girl was very sentimental, and she clung to Wang Wen from beginning to end, refusing to leave.

Aside from using the restroom, she sat next to him at the dinner table.

It was as if she would never see him again.

Director Cheng was helpless when he saw her like that.

He sighed.

However, Wang Wen did not have any thoughts even though he smiled at the appropriate times, spoke when he should, and never lost his manners.

All his actions were like a robot.

He just did what he had to do numbly.

Numbly drank the tasteless white porridge and commented that it was very delicious.


Cheng realized that he was trying to numb his grief to behave normally.

So she always included an extra piece of meat when she gave him more rice.

Thus, she also smoothly received a sincere thank you.


Cheng watched him numbly stuff the meat into his mouth and chew it, saying that it was delicious.

Her heart ached so much that she wanted to cry.

Silly child, the bones of the ribs had to be spat out!

The meal ended in a strange atmosphere.

Cheng Qiaoyi and her family knew why Wang Wen was there.

Director Cheng could not help but advise him, seeing how distracted he was.

“I hope you understand, Wang Wen, that there are many things in that world that ordinary people cant interfere with.

We are saddened and sympathetic toward the academy, but there is nothing we can do.”


Cheng said, “Yes.

You have to be more open-minded.”

Wang Wen nodded silently.

Cheng Qiaoyi looked at his gloomy eyes and pouted unhappily, “Dad, Mom, dont say that! I believe he will definitely have a way to save the people from the academy!”

Director Cheng smiled bitterly, “Save them The Tiansheng Group is trying to find him! We are just a small group; we couldnt protect him for long.”

As he said that, he turned to look at the stunned Wang Wen.

With an apologetic look, he said, “I hope you can understand.

If the Tiansheng Group comes to ask for you, I cant stop them.

But if you want to run, I can help you buy time and arrange transportation.”

“Senior!” Cheng Qiaoyi wanted to say that a hero would never run away, but she also knew how terrifying the Tiansheng Group was.

So far, the best option was to run away.

She looked forward to seeing her senior destroy evil like a hero, but she did not want Wang Wen to take the risk.

Her heart felt very complicated.

Unexpectedly, just as she was feeling extremely conflicted, Wang Wen turned his head and asked, “What did you say just now The academy students captured Did the Tiansheng Group capture them”

Cheng Qiaoyi was slightly stunned, then she nodded and said, “I thought you already knew A few days after you entered the tower, they went to the Tiansheng Group to ask for an explanation.

In the end, they were imprisoned by the Tiansheng Group, and they havent been released yet.”

Director Cheng was about to open his mouth to persuade him again.

However, he saw Wang Wen nodding indifferently after hearing the news.

He said, “Got it.” Then he lowered his head and continued to eat with an expressionless face.

It was as if that was just an insignificant piece of news.

Cheng Qiaoyi was slightly disappointed, but she also breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that scene.

She turned around and began to eat again.

Director Cheng and his wife exchanged glances.

It was better than nothing to bring him comfort.

“Its great that you can think things through.

The Tiansheng Group is a massive organization that ordinary people like us cant provoke.

It is more appropriate for us to mind our own businesses.

You do not need to be concerned.

We have already contacted the academy in another region.

If you are interested, we can make arrangements for you and Xiao Yi to attend that academy and continue your studies.”

Wang Wen was stunned again, and then he seemed to understand something.

He smiled and said, “If ordinary people cant provoke them, then let extraordinary people do it.

I dont need to transfer schools because I believe the good people in the academy will be blessed by the heavens and soon be released.”

Director Cheng and his family looked at each other in confusion.

And not long ago.

The Tiansheng Group Group building

At the door, a man in green with a smiley-face mask appeared.

He strolled to the reception desk in the first-floor hall and asked, “Excuse me, where is Shen Rushuang I want to see him.”

“Do you have an appointment” the beautiful lady at the reception desk asked, a little fearfully.

“Please tell me your name and I will help you check.”

The man in green said in a muffled voice, “I dont have an appointment.

But tell Shen Rushuang that the people from the academy have come, and he will know.”

The academy!

The young woman at the reception desks eyes widened slightly and then shrank quickly.

She had seen too much of the academy recently.

What she had seen and heard had influenced her.

She knew nothing good would happen if the people from the academy appeared in the Tiansheng Group.

As a result, she retreated decisively while picking up her communication device and calling out, “There are people from the academy in the hall on the first floor.

Please come and deal with them quickly.”

The man in green adjusted his smiley-face mask and straightened his body to look at the crowd that had instantly swarmed out in less than half a minute.

All their eyes were filled with cold murderous intent.

One of them asked, “What do you want”

The man in green looked around but did not see Shen Rushuang.

He replied indifferently, “Im here to seek revenge on Shen Rushuang.

Of course, the Mirrors can participate if you want.

The crowd immediately attacked.

The floor of the hall shook violently.

The receptionist, who was hiding in the distance, was stunned.

She stared at the group of powerhouses in the reception direction and felt her bladder contract violently.

The urge to pee rushed through her.

She had never seen such a twisted scene, which was tragic but seemed understated.

Even if the groups elite team had made the first move.

Those defeated academy tower climbers could at least keep their lives, no matter how weak they were.

But in front of her

What was that situation

More than 20 of the groups world-famous Mirror members had died in the blink of an eye.

Was that a scary story

The man in green adjusted his smiley-face mask slightly, turned around, and walked toward the young lady.

He asked in a muffled voice, “Excuse me, where is Shen Rushuang I want to see him.”

Without waiting for the other party to speak, he suddenly paused.

It was as if he had sensed something.

Then he said, “Oh, right, release all the people from the academy.”


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