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Chapter 51: Get Wang Wen Out Of The Tower

“A new week had begun, but he still hadnt left the tower.”

The bespectacled girl said, somewhat helplessly, “Dont wait anymore.

He might have already died in the tower.”

Cheng Qiaoyi shook her head and continued to stare straight at the World Tower.

She clenched her hands tightly in her heart and prayed, “Senior, you have to work hard.

The academy is about to collapse.”

It was just as she said.

All the teachers and students who had gone to the Tiansheng Group to demand an explanation were locked up!

The students the academy had gathered were from all over the eastern and western regions.

Disregarding those who were not strong enough and not allowed to participate in the dangers, the remaining ones were at least top experts who had reached the 300th floor!

Even three world-class big shots who had reached the 400th floor were there!

Logically speaking, with that level of strength, one would be able to get a satisfactory explanation.

Unfortunately, they did not expect that to happen.

They had not expected the Tiansheng Group to refuse to negotiate with them.

Furthermore, they had no qualms about making a big deal out of it.

They had confronted the Tiansheng Group directly and openly mobilized the groups elite team.

The group had easily defeated many of the academys experts with just a casual conversation.

When the three 400th-floor big shots saw that situation, they did not even dare to use the World Tower prop to flee.

After the battle, dozens of the defeated academys teachers and students were imprisoned by the Tiansheng Group.

With such a commotion, the regional ruler was unable to sit still and wait for the Tiansheng Group to be a peacemaker.

Who knew the person in charge of the Tiansheng Group said it was just a business dispute

The ruler was puzzled.

Why was the academy involved in a business dispute

According to the person in charge of the Tiansheng Group, many 200-story tower climbers mysteriously appeared in the First Consortium, which significantly impacted their competition.

According to the investigation, it was a critical piece of information provided by an academy student named Wang Wen.

The Tiansheng Group made numerous attempts to contact Wang Wen for a face-to-face meeting but were denied by the academy.

That alone raised the possibility that the academy was involved.

If they wanted to settle that business dispute, the information or Wang Wen should be handed over to the group.

It was pointless to say anything else.

The ruler went to the prison to advise the academys teachers and students to take a step back and either hand over the intelligence or the person to avoid escalation.

Everyone in the academy wanted to cry but had no tears.

They were the victims, but they were being blamed.

The heavens did not even help them.

Furthermore, Wang Wen was in the World Tower, and the academy was unaware of the information.

They could not provide either of those options.

The Tiansheng Group laughed at the academys claim that Wang Wens transactions with the First Consortium were entirely personal and had nothing to do with the academy.

If he did not have the backing of the academy, how could he decide to side with the First Consortium on his own

He was probably scared to death!

The regional ruler was helpless and could only seek assistance from the First Consortium.

The person in charge of the First Consortium made no secret that it was Wang Wens transaction information.

However, he could not comment on the specific content of the information and how they obtained it.

That was because it was a business secret.


The two major consortiums in the world had used business as a reason.

Even the regional ruler was helpless and could only leave dejectedly.

At that point, the academy suffered a great defeat.

The survivors were all imprisoned.

The Tiansheng Group was not so kind as to care about their lives and deaths entirely.

They did not care about anything besides taking a water bottle and throwing it into the prison cell.

Someone would occasionally go there and ask a few questions about the information and Wang Wen.

They would not go if they could not obtain any useful information.

Every day, dozens of people relied on a small amount of water to survive.

The steel plates around them were all deformed, but they could not find any openings.

Even the sewers were no bigger than a fist.

Gradually, the injured bled out.

The broken bones festered.

Without food, the experts quickly lost their strength.

A few people had already curled up in a corner and had not moved for a week.

All prisoners relatives gathered at the Tiansheng Group to advocate for their release.

And then they all died!

The Tiansheng Groups Mirror acted similarly, arresting all troublemakers and transporting them to the high platform arena.

They carried out the ancient beheading punishment in front of all onlookers.

The young master of the Tiansheng Group presided over the beheading assembly.

He was said to have proposed at the assembly the following sentence—anyone who disturbed the security of the Tiansheng Group would be killed without mercy.

The magnitude of that incident was terrifying.

Hundreds of thousands of people had died, causing unrest throughout the eastern region.

Many people who knew the victims were mourning and protesting the Tiansheng Groups brutality, bloodlust, and disregard for human life.

The Tiansheng Group laughed.

They accepted everything.

It was obvious that they were unafraid of the world.

Then, seizing the opportunity, they announced the latest news.

All Tiansheng Groups products were discounted over the next two weeks.

Simultaneously, the bottom-level tower climbers well-being would be significantly improved, ensuring that the income of all tower climbers below the first 300 floors would at least double!

As soon as the news was released, the curses softened.

Many people discovered that their income had increased and their spending had decreased by several percent, but their standard of living had not changed.

Some people who had not paid attention to the decapitation meeting or had forgotten about it began flattering the Tiansheng Group.

They said the Tiansheng Group Group was an ethical company.

The Tiansheng Groups young master was truly a great and good person, an outstanding young entrepreneur.

A few days went by.

The dean of the academy shouted hoarsely at the only vent facing the outside, smashing his hands into pieces.

He eventually collapsed as he leaned against the steel wall.

He looked around the room at the people who were sprawled all over the place.

Nobody knew whether they were dead or alive.

He opened his eyes and stopped breathing.

Qin Wuzheng, who had started his own business, had returned from abroad.

He was on his way back to the Tiansheng Group building.

He went straight to the CEOs office on the penultimate floor.

When he pushed open the door, he saw Zheng Xiaodong sitting alone on a chair and drinking tea.

“Wheres Dad” Qin Wuzheng asked.

Zheng Xiaodong answered cheerfully, “He went fishing with my mom.

He probably wont be back for half a year.

Whats wrong, Brother Did you run out of money”

Qin Wuzheng walked to his desk and placed his hands on the table.

He stared straight into his eyes and said, “Youve killed so many people.

Arent you going a little overboard ”

Zheng Xiaodong stared at Qin Wuzheng.

“I called you brother because I respect the fact that we shared the same blood from our father.

“If youre here for money, tell me how much, and Ill get the finance department to prepare that for you.

However, if you are here to lecture me—”

He pointed in the direction of the door.

“Im in charge of the Tiansheng Group now.”

Qin Wuzhengs eyes widened.

He stood up, nodded, and sighed.

“Youre crazy!”

Zheng Xiaodong smiled, picked up the communicator on the table, and shook it.

“Do you need me to call the Mirror to send you off”

Qin Wuzheng retreated to the side of the door, pointed at Zheng Xiaodong from afar, and said, “If the heavens want people to die, they must first go crazy.

If you die because of that one day in the future, I wont care about you.”

The new week finally ended with all kinds of exclamations.

The groups of people stationed outside the World Tower identified each person who exited the building.

They did not see their target.

They felt either complicated, calm, disappointed, empty, unexpected, or expected.

Some of the people left with their respective tasks and returned to report to their masters.

Some of the people stayed behind, but most of them had nothing to do and were absent-minded.

It was strange that the witch did not see him.

Cheng Qiaoyi felt very sad that she did not see him.

Team leader Luo Shan felt very sorry that he did not see him.


The skinny boy in the hospital had fully recovered and was discharged.


Everyone had given up hope on Wang Wen until he walked out of the World Towers entrance.


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