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Chapter 48: Proof Of All Evil.

The bugs had grown to enormous proportions.

Each one was half a mans height.

The back armor was extremely hard, and one hit rendered ones palm numb.

The speed was also increasing, and the insects almost reached Wang Wen several times.

He knew that it was time to stop.

He retreated to a safe distance to ensure that the bugs did not climb to his side for a while, and he requested that the aircraft check the points.

After that round, the three-digit balance he had after purchasing the mobile phone and translator had returned to a five-digit balance.

A total of over 30,000 points shook Wang Wen to the point of being distracted.

It was only a single checkpoint, but he had earned 30,000 points simply by killing the enemy and collecting the World Tower reward points.

That was almost unimaginable on the level that was below the 100th floor.

The average income from entering the tower should be around 30,000 to 50,000 points from climbing to the 200th floor in a week.

That included the profits from killing enemies and items.

He easily earned 30,000 by fighting bugs on a single level!

Wang Wen could not tell if he was unlucky or lucky.

He only knew that with such a beautiful tower, the more, the merrier!

Not far away…

Even the worlds number one bug slayer did not dare to stop after 20 years, but that big-headed youth was still fearlessly smashing his blunt weapon.

Needless to say, the outcome was disastrous.

The faster bugs soon bit his head.

The bugs body exploded, leaving only a section of the mouth hanging on the young mans head.

His head and face were once again doused in strange liquid.

His bald head was dripping with blood as he struggled to remove the insects mouth.

The big-headed young man eventually came to a halt and retreated to the center of the hall.

He stared at the bugs around him, terrified, and forgot to wipe the stinky liquid off his face.

Wang Wen picked up the young mans sleeve and handed it to him.

“I saved you a second time.

Wipe yourself clean and get out of the tower.

You cant fight anymore.”

The big-headed young man took his sleeve and wiped his face.

He sighed and said, “So youre a good person”

“Hey, hey.” Wang Wen was unhappy when he heard that.

“I saved you out of kindness, so dont scold me.”

The young man shook his head and looked at Wang Wen with a complicated expression.

“To be honest, I feel guilty.

I misunderstood you.

I thought maybe you saw me as someone easy to bully, and so you deliberately stole my bugs.”

“Its over now.” Wang Wen looked at the bullets left in his pocket.

He took two bullets and put them into his gun.

He aimed at the bug closest to him.

His body did not allow him to practice shooting for a long time.

It was rare to see such a good target on the ground.

In his previous life, he was not a good marksman.

It was good to have a chance to practice now.

The big-headed young man watched him practice his marksmanship from the side and insisted hesitantly.

“I might be able to let it go if you didnt save me for the second time.

I feel like I should repay you somehow.

Otherwise, my conscience will not be at ease.”

Wang Wen lowered the muzzle of his gun and looked at him strangely.

“What do you want to do I dont have a problem with this.

The young man was taken aback.

He appeared to have quickly grasped something, and his face flushed red.

He said, “Neither do I! Is there anything I can do to repay you What about food, water, and medicine, for example I do not have a gun, let alone ammunition.”

“No need, you can go.” Wang Wen shrugged and continued to practice his gun.

He saw that the young man was a little disappointed.

A very similar conversation suddenly flashed through his mind.

He said, “Well, I do need something.

Do you have any relics that can take pictures The kind that can be brought in and out of the tower freely.

Wang Wen was just asking casually.

He wanted to make the other partys disappointment into a perfect taboo.

In the end, the other party thought about it, and his eyes lit up.

“I do! I forgot that I still have that thing!”

The big-headed young man took a pendant from his neck and handed it to Wang Wen.

With a face full of joy, he said, “Here! This is a rare item from the 110th floor, the Certificate of Evil.

I think it can meet your needs!”

Wang Wen took the pendant, and the scanning light of the aircraft fell.

He also heard the introduction of a mechanical voice in his ears.

“Certificate of Evil.

Pressing the red button will record the scene at 360 degrees.

Pressing the green button will release the scene at any time, allowing people to immerse themselves in it and watch all the details.”

“Alright, Ive repaid my debt.

Im in a much better mood!” The big-headed youth said goodbye to Wang Wen happily.

He found the aircraft and announced that he was leaving the tower.

Five seconds later, he turned into a white light and disappeared.

He seemed to be used to being alone and did not even exchange his contact information.

Since the other party did not mention it, Wang Wen naturally would not take the initiative to speak either.

He lowered his head to examine the prop in his hand after watching the young man leave.

He suddenly had the idea of taking it for himself.

Was it not a waste to trade such a useful item for a master key

That thing was almost sold for an astronomical price in his previous life by some people with ulterior motives.

He did not know why they collected so much.

Did they want to solve a case

He did not understand.

He smiled and said to the aircraft, “Return to the 10th floor.”

[Go back to the previous tower].

[You will stop at the target floor and cannot continue climbing until the weekend when the tower is refreshed and reset.


A, do you confirm]


A stream of light flashed past.

Wang Wen stood on the road of the tenth floor once more, fighting the bikers.

He could still use the bodies that had been piled up before because they had not rotted.

However, he did not want to climb anymore.

He stood outside the fence and yelled into the villa, “I brought you what you requested.

Come on out and take it!”

The gunman from before carefully walked to the window of the villa and looked around.

He was very excited when he saw Wang Wen.

He jumped out of the window.

He was stunned when he walked toward the guardrail, then he ran back to the window and jumped back into the house.

After a while, the guardrail slowly separated on both sides as if a switch had been flipped.

The gunman did not want to climb either.

However, he had lived in the villa for a long time and was very familiar with all kinds of structures.

It was apparent that the villa had a switch that could control the guardrail.

Wang Wen generously gave the Certificate of Evil to the gunman who rushed out of the villa.

He took it and summoned the aircraft to scan it.

A look of surprise appeared on his face.

“Its a rare item from the 110th floor! Its much better than what I imagined!”

The gunman held Wang Wens hand excitedly and shook it.

“Youre a good person!”

“Okay, okay.” Wang Wen replied perfunctorily.

“A good person; Im a good person.

Everyone in my family is nice.”

“After so long, I thought there was no hope!” The gunman took a yellow key from his pocket and placed it in Wang Wens palm.

“I did not expect you to come back! Im touched and shocked!”

Wang Wen raised his left eyebrow, unable to understand why he was so excited.

The gunman took a deep breath.

After calming down, he explained to Wang Wen, “Im sorry, you might find it hard to understand how happy I am about people and things that keep their promises.

That had to do with the living environment I grew up in.

There were too many schemes.”

He extended his hand toward Wang Wen and smiled.

“Lets get to know each other again.

Im the Tiansheng Groups eldest son, Qin Wuzheng.

Wang Wenpings heart skipped a beat.

However, he did not show anything strange on the surface.

He quietly shook hands with the other party.

He listened to the other party tell him that he was tired of competing for the position with his younger brother, so he hid there.

He had stayed there for more than half a year.

During the quiet days, he thought through many things.

He was prepared to go out.

He wanted to keep that memory as a souvenir.

He could not bear to leave the tower without suitable relics.

He had previously obtained Wang Wens relics.

Qin Wuzheng said that he could leave now.

“Whats your name, and where do you live” Qin Wu Zheng asked Wang Wen.

“After you leave the tower, Ill give you a fortune.”

Wang Wen smiled and raised the master key in his hand.

“Theres no need.

This transaction is enough.

Tiansheng Groups grandchild

Wealth, for example, was not an easy thing to articulate.


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