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Chapter 45: Fortune from Above

It was understandable that girls were afraid of insects.

There were so many ugly, fierce, dirty, and smelly insects that even men would feel disgusted, let alone girls.


A witch

Wang Wen was puzzled when he saw her pitiful appearance.

Would a Spiritual Master be afraid of insects

It would certainly make people laugh.

Most of the time, they would need to temper their spiritual power cruelly.

Even if she were afraid of bugs, she would probably eat them until she became numb to master that fear.

Otherwise, she would not be able to reach the peak of her spiritual power and obtain the title of master.

The witchs spiritual power was extraordinary—Wang Wen would not be wrong after so many years of experience.

The only answer was that she was acting again.

The corners of Wang Wens eyes twitched, and he felt a chill in his arms.

His feet involuntarily moved slightly away from the witch.

Fortunately, he did not have time to think too much.

One of the three men, a tall man, moved quickly.

As soon as he saw the wall turn into a bug, he immediately pulled out a large kitchen knife and slashed it.

The knife was sharp, and the first worm was instantly cut in half.

The tall man skillfully called the aircraft to check the points, and his face showed an incredible surprise.

Then he started to attack the worm crazily.

His action aroused the curiosity of the others.

The man with gold-rimmed glasses took out a small hairdryer-style mechanism from his body and tried to aim at a worm before he pressed a switch.

The bug that was targeted by the hairdryer gradually stopped moving, turned yellow, and dried up.

After confirming that the bug was dead, the man with the gold-rimmed glasses put the hairdryer away and called the aircraft to check his points.

He was also surprised.

The performance of those two people made Wang Wen, who was originally only interested in winning but had no interest in fighting, curious.

At that moment, a bold insect spread its wings and flew toward him.

Wang Wen hit it and crushed the insect.

He summoned the aircraft to check his points.

Wang Wens mouth was wide open when he saw that his account had 100 points.

What kind of joke was that

That was only the 20th floor!

How could there be such a high reward

It was only a few slow insects that did not pose any threat, but they could get 100 points for killing one

He only managed to get a few dozen points for killing a biker on the tenth floor.

The mechanical bull that Wang Wen accidentally destroyed on the first floor had looked like a boss-level monster guarding a pass, and he only received 100 points from that.

Whether it was the bikers or the mechanical bull, it looked like the points awarded corresponded to the individuals strength.

Then what was happening with those bugs in front of him

An easy kill seemed to be worth 100 points.

Wang Wens worldview was a little shaken.

He had climbed to the 20th-floor thousands of times in his previous life.

That was the first time he had encountered such a strange phenomenon.

The World Towers myriad transformations were indeed worthy of its reputation.

He looked around and saw palm-sized bugs constantly falling from the walls.

They were densely packed and were everywhere!

If he were to get rid of all those bugs, he would not be able to stop until he had 100,000 points.

In fact, the others could not stop themselves either.

When they realized that the bugs that could be easily killed were worth 100 points, even the witch could not pretend to be afraid.

She used a pair of hedgerow shears half the height of a person to attack the bugs.

The shears caused bug juices to splash everywhere!

Wang instinctively felt something was wrong, but he could not pinpoint it.

He could only continue to attack those insects.

At the same time, he kept his eyes and ears open, trying his best to observe every detail in the hall.

He did not find anything wrong.

The bugs continued to fall and die.

Each of them attacked at full force.

The bugs continued to die; it seemed like their deaths could not keep up with the attackers.

In the blink of an eye, the ground was filled with white sticky insect corpses.

Three men and one woman had a clear division of labor.

Each of them had a wall in each of the four directions.

They tacitly excluded Wang Wen from that.

Wang Wen did not fight with them.

If that trip were the World Towers mercy, he would accept it even if it was just a round of free points.

He never relied on luck to earn money.

He was more at peace with the gains he earned through hard work.

Then he would give those windfalls to someone else.

Wang Wen stood in the center of the hall, quietly watching the four busy people.

His gaze stopped momentarily when it swept past the witchs buttocks in front of him.

When he came to his senses, he was so scared that he hurriedly closed his eyes, afraid that the other partys spiritual power would take advantage of him.

Suddenly, he heard a scream from the left.

He opened his eyes and saw the tall man attacking the insects.

The kitchen knife in his hand did not seem suitable to cut the worm.

The worm was about the size of a shoe.

How big was the kitchen knife

The mans palm was very close to the worm when he tried to cut it.

The worm happened to have a strong desire to survive.

It had been cut in half, and yet it turned around to bite the tall mans finger.

No one had expected the lethality of that one little bite.

It had bitten more than half of that mans thumb.

Amidst the bloody mess, one could vaguely see the terrifying bone jutting out.

Fingers were connected to the heart.

It was as if the tall man had suffered a severe injury; he screamed.

The others were so frightened that they immediately stopped what they were doing and retreated to a safe distance.

They turned to look at the man.

They understood what had happened.

The man with the gold-rimmed glasses sneered and said, “What is this You scared me.

Its only half a finger, but you made such a fuss.

Which tower climber hasnt suffered such a serious injury before”

After that, he ignored the tall man and returned to his wall to continue getting his windfall.

The tall man awkwardly explained to the others that he only screamed because he was unprepared for the incident.

Wang Wen shrugged and continued to observe the hall.

The woman nodded and urged the tall man to be careful.

She even took some medicine and gauze to bandage the wound.

The tall man was so moved that he almost offered himself to her.

He promised that he would treat the woman to a big meal to show his gratitude after he left the tower.

The woman smiled to show that it was no trouble at all.

Then she ran back to her wall and continued getting her paycheck.

Besides the gold-rimmed glasses and the tall man, the third man was a big-headed young man with a bald forehead.

He did not speak much, unlike the other two men.

His presence was low, and he did not communicate much with others.

When the tall man was injured, he did not even take a look.

After knowing there was no danger, he buried his head in killing the insects, looking like an otherworldly expert far from the mortal world.

He should be the least powerful among the men in the group.

After smashing another bug with a blunt weapon, he discovered that the bug was not dead.

So he smashed it again.


The bug finally exploded.

He tilted his head.

He felt a little strange, but he did not think too much about it.

The temptation of a hundred points meant less thoughts in his actions.

He quickly shifted his target to the next insect.

When he raised his blunt weapon and aimed, the basketball-sized bug suddenly flew up and deftly dodged his attack.

His strength was low, and that had happened a few times before.

Furthermore, he knew the insect could fly, so he took it as if he had missed it.

He calmly raised his blunt weapon and aimed again.

When he looked up, he realized that the insect had already flown in front of his face.

It was less than a fists distance from the tip of his nose.

The insects mouth was wide open.

It looked like it was enough to cover the mans big head.


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