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Chapter 36: Omnipotent Tower King

There was a significant difference between the pinnacle 300th floor and the perpetual 300th floor.


Gu, the lead guard, and his four teammates were clearly much stronger than the regular guards.

Even the Mirror team members who pounced on them from all sides could only last a few moves before their chests and abdomens were broken, and they collapsed to the ground, vomiting blood.

After two rounds, Mr.

Gu had enough energy to assist the other teams in saving the comrades struggling to hold on despite not having enough strength to reach the 300th floor.

The Mirror team, on the other hand, had many members.

There were more than 100 people killed in addition to the 20 killed by Wang Wens final move.

In comparison, the number of guards, who numbered more than 40, appeared to be relatively small.

Furthermore, most of them lacked the strength to compete with the Mirror team.

When Mr.

Gu looked back, more people on his side had fallen in the same amount of time he could take down four or five Mirror members in a minute.

Some on the opposing side even carelessly used the World Towers tool, crushing their enemies into minced meat.

In just a few dozen seconds, the number of guards shrank dramatically.

Ordinary teachers had already been yanked from the protective ring and had their throats slashed.

They convulsed weakly.

Students in the cafeteria were all taken aback.

They had never imagined that one day they would be so close to death.

Some of the female students in the crowd sobbed and requested assistance from the Regional Security Department.

When the Regional Security Department learned that it was the Tiansheng Groups Mirror team, they paused and stated that they would need to report it to their superiors before making any decision.

The students hung up the phone and requested assistance from their families.

They finally received help.

The parents rushed over when their children were in danger.

Unfortunately, they could not make it in time.

Another part of the guards protective circle was breached in that short time.

The Mirror members were excited and vicious, expressionless as they charged into the crowd to kill.


Gu rushed over and broke their necks, throwing them out of the circle.

Wang Wens brow was drenched in sweat after witnessing that scene.

At the time, his body was under a lot of stress.

His brain was already exhausted after using his spiritual power continuously for the entire day.

He was not a World Tower champion who once ruled the world.

In fact, he had had a very high starting point in his previous life.

After graduating from the academy, he joined the First Consortium.

He could develop his skills in peace, free of external disturbances, under the wing of the First Consortium.


He had witnessed firsthand how vulnerable the lives of the poor were without the First Consortiums protection.

Many large groups did not view the academy favorably.

How could they kill them so senselessly

Wang Wens fingers trembled, and he frowned as he asked, “Are you not concerned about the consequences of your ruthlessness”

Shen Rushuang remained silent.

He was only interested in the first few Mirror members.

His tone was filled with emotion.

“Are you a Spiritual Master I still cant believe it.

I cant believe how much everyone underestimated you, Wang Wen.

You have taken me by surprise.”

Wang Wen was panting.

He felt a little better after that, so he told him, “Tell your people to stop.

Whatever you want, I will agree to it.”

“Its too late.”

Shen Rushuang pulled a Mirror member who had been hit in the head but survived.

“At most, you can only kill a climber who has only reached the 200th floor.

You will not die from your injuries once you reach the 300th floor.

Fortunately, I didnt give you the opportunity.

Otherwise, dealing with you would be extremely difficult.”


Wang Wens conversation was purely to accumulate energy.

If his body were slightly better, he would act right away.

Shen Rushuangs body was hit by a horizontal shockwave visible to the naked eye.

Shen Rushuang summoned the last Mirror member still alive to form a barrier in front of him.

The shockwave pushed his entire body away from the corridor and landed heavily in the field.

Shen Rushuang stood up in ragged clothes after the shockwave passed.

He tossed the tattered thing in her hand and smiled at Wang Wen.

“I am still capable of doing it.


Wang Wens nose was not the only thing that was bleeding at the time.

His eyes were bleeding from the corners.

He knelt to support his knees.

He had a splitting headache, and his body shook so violently that he could not stand up straight.

When a member of the Mirror team saw that, he was overjoyed.

He tried to cut Wang Wens head with his palm knife.


A puff of green smoke wafted past.

The Mirror team member leaned in and touched his shot abdomen.

“Are you using a gun” he asked, his smile sinister.

Bang, Bang, Bang.

Before he could finish his sentence, gunshots rang out one after the other.

Wang Wen fired a full magazine into his body without hesitation.

The terrifying thing was that, aside from the bullets aimed at his head, the other side ignored them completely.

He let the bullets pass through his body.

Though he was hit in the chest, he still drew a knife.

He wanted to exchange life for a life.

Wang Wen sighed deeply.

It was no surprise that the Regional Security Department was upset.

The small-caliber guns were rendered ineffective in the face of a tower climber.

That range was not as good as a machete unless one shot could shatter his body.

He raised his small silver pistol and deflected his adversarys knife.

Despite using a deflection technique, his wrist felt a wave of pain and numbness.

Physical fitness was an issue for both parties.

Wang Wen did not run away.

Instead, he used the situation to his advantage, charging forward, raising his wrist, and striking his opponent.

A series of attacks from a difficult angle and precise positioning caused the gas to numb half of the Mirror members body.

Wang Wen drew him into his embrace and used an aggressive and accurate move to close the gap when the middle door was wide open, and he lost his balance.

His entire body rolled all the way to Shen Rushuangs feet on the field.

He opened his mouth but said nothing.

He vomited blood.

Soon after, there was no more movement.

Shen Rushuang looked down at the body at his feet.

Finally, he could not smile.

“Not only a spiritual power master but a combat master as well” he licked his lips ferociously.

It was difficult to believe that someone so powerful was not a tower climber!


Wang Wen looked at him before slowly loading the pistol with bullets.

Then he raised the gun and pulled the trigger.

The bullet pierced the air and almost struck Shen Rushuang in the nose, but he easily avoided it by tilting his head.

“It was fine if you used the gun to attack some unskilled Mirror members,” Shen Rushuang said quietly.

“Do you have any idea what level I am”

Before he could finish his sentence, the bullet he had avoided exploded near his ear.

A strange yellow mist encircled his head after the explosion.

Shen Rushuangs expression changed, and he quickly lowered his body to avoid the yellow mist that had settled on his head.

He lowered his body.

A few steel needles protruded from the corpses body beside his feet, heading straight for his neck.

Shen Rushuang was taken aback, and his reaction time was astounding.

He extended his buttocks and scooped up all the steel needles.

The steel needle in his hand stabbed a cross-shaped needle horizontally from the center, instantly piercing his palm until it dripped with blood.

Shen Rushuang clenched his teeth and drew the steel needle from his palm.

He moved away from all the corpses.

“Mechanism master” he said as he stood in front of Wang Wen.

“I am not in a hurry to kill you after seeing you like this! If you have any other skills, you can combine them, so this will not be a waste of my time!”

Wang Wen shook his head and looked at his palm.

“Im also a poison master.”

Shen Rushuang lowered his head and examined his palms.

A greenish-black color was spreading quickly.

He screamed in agony and waved at Wang Wen as if he were empty-handed.

Wang Wens ears twitched.

He leaned slightly to the side and dodged a few times.

Brilliant flames erupted not far behind him.

He said softly to Shen Rushuang, “Let me also tell you a secret.

I am quite good at scientific decryption.”

Shen Rushuang could not take it any longer.

He collapsed to the ground, arms folded.

“Who exactly were you” he asked, looking at Wang Wen, who was getting closer and closer.

“Mechanism, spiritual power, combat, poison making, and scientific decryption.”

Wang Wen made his way to Shen Ru Shuang.

He cast a downward glance at him.

“I am not sure what to tell you.

That type of person had a very unpleasant name at my workplace—the Omnipotent Tower King.”



The ground beneath Shen Rushuang was utterly sunken in the earthquake-like collapse as if stomped on by a transparent prehistoric beast.


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