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Chapter 30: Tower Climbing Strategy

Wang Wen missed almost all of his classes in the days that followed.

Every day, he went back to the academy to sleep, got up in the morning to exercise, and occasionally had a meal with the skinny boy.


He spent the rest of his time in the Regional Security Departments training grounds, becoming a model employee.

He guided the four climbers alongside Deputy Chief Jiang to polish their skills in dealing with various mechanisms.

They had to adjust some details from time to time.

Wang Wen had to demonstrate each mechanisms dismantling process and explain the various directions to stimulate each persons inspiration and creativity.

After 20 years of targeted adjustments to improve the training equipment, the physical fitness corner of the training ground had also been changed, optimized to the extreme.

Some less useful items were removed or replaced to fit the Regional Security Departments usage.

The most important addition was a scientific decryption training area, which Wang Wen personally taught them how to use.

During that time, Wang Wen ate and practiced with the four climber guards.

As his physical fitness could not keep up, the well-trained four guards often teased him.


Wang, physical fitness training is different from other sports.

Just watch us practice.

You dont have to demonstrate it, right”

Wang Wen, who was drenched in sweat, ignored them.

If they were too noisy, he would ask each of them to put on a few more kilograms.

However, the four arrogant guards got even more playful when he did that.

They were often so tired that they could not speak, but they still pointed at Wang Wen with a smile.

Soon, they discovered that Wang Wen, the initially weak teacher, was catching up to them!

That discovery gave them a huge shock.

How many years had the guards trained

How many days had Wang Wen trained

There was a rule that said the earlier one trained, the more noticeable the effect.

It should not have been so obvious, right

The key point was that Wang Wens training always exuded the aura of death though he did not die.

He had trained repeatedly until he was injured or went into shock.

Wang Wen was why the guards had specially prepared medicine in the training grounds.

The four guards were a little worried.

They were concerned that if Wang Wen died while training them, no one would be willing to teach them mechanism techniques and scientific decryption for free.

That was the academys most formal course.

The outside world was not at all on the same level.

They had improved more in a week than they had in the previous year!

Furthermore, such a desperate measure was extremely harmful to the body.

Different degrees of damage would occur over time, regardless of their joints, ligaments, bones, or internal organs.

It would not be a joke if they became disabled.

Wang Wen knew that he wanted everything to happen quickly.

He would be able to recover regardless of how his body was injured.

He had confidence in the World Towers relics.

Everything was difficult at first.

The most important thing at the time was to work with the Regional Security Department.

They would most likely lose patience with the cooperation without apparent gains.

They had put in so much effort to reach an agreement.

It would be a shame if they gave up halfway through.

In Wang Wens opinion, they had to switch roles—from him nagging the Regional Security Department to the Regional Security Department nagging him!

A few days later, the four guards entered the tower according to Wang Wens plan.

Deputy Chief Jiang did not go with them.

He needed to stay in the Regional Security Department to take charge of the overall situation.

A few days later, the chief returned from his business trip.

The lead guard also returned with him.

His condition appeared to be dire.

No one knew why, but his body was covered in wounds, and his hands were still wrapped in plaster bandages.

As soon as he saw Wang Wen in the Regional Security Department, he immediately rushed forward to fight for his life.

How could that be

During that time, Wang Wen and the four guards had been training intensely, so they ate a lot of food.

Wang Wen spent several thousand points to buy a lot of meat products and put them in the Regional Security Departments cafeteria to increase the nutritional content of their food.

When the cafeteria served meat, it did not matter who bought it.

It had cost a lot of money, and it was wonderful.

The guards were grateful to Wang Wen for having steak, beef, and chicken dishes for every meal.

They quickly stepped forward to stop the conflict when they noticed the lead guard wanted to fight Wang Wen.

The more people there were, the more chaotic the situation became.

They could not help but convince the lead guard that he was seriously injured.

When he returned, the chief had a happy expression on his face.

However, his mood immediately changed when he saw that scene in the Regional Security Department.

He did not have time to hear the deputy chiefs report on his most recent work.

He dragged the lead guard into the office.

Wang Wen and the deputy chief exchanged a look, shrugged, and continued to do their own things.

Obviously, the lead guard had returned empty-handed again.

He allegedly had a falling out with his friend.

The two argued until they got into a fight.

No matter how well-trained the lead guard was, he was still an ordinary climber who did not even make it to the 100th floor.

The other party was an expert who had reached the 200th floor.

The lead guard had no chance of winning if he did not draw his gun.

However, if he drew his gun, he might lose his life.

After all, drawing his weapon indicated he was serious, but the expert climber might use a World Tower relic like the Earth-Shaking Talisman.

The situation was not easy to control.

Wang Wen stopped torturing the lead guard after determining that the man had received enough lessons.

He explained the item activation rules to the chief.

After the chief heard it, his face darkened.

When he learned that the other party who snatched the Earth Shaking Talisman was the First Consortium, he had nowhere to vent his anger.

He could only vent it all on Wang Wen.

“Why didnt you tell me such important information earlier”

The chief pointed at Wang Wen angrily.

“You did this on purpose!”

“I only said that there were 50 Earth-shaking Talismans.

Did you get them What do his bad luck and greed have to do with me” Wang Wen said and left, not wanting to fight anymore.

He still had to focus on the next tower climbing strategy.

His first objective was to get the four guards to the 300th floor as soon as possible.

The Regional Security Department could not take the risk.

Therefore, they had to be fully prepared to charge into the tower.

Since he could not enter the tower, he had to think about many things ahead of time.

He wanted to write them in a notebook.

However, if it had too much information, the four guards might laugh and say it was a guide to climbing the tower.

Before he could finish that, the chief shouted at his deputy in the office.

“I dont agree!”

The deputy chief came out of the office and helplessly said to Wang Wen, “This partnership might not work.”

Before he finished his sentence, there was movement from the Regional Security Departments entrance.

The four guards had returned!

The leader, Jiang Dali, held an item in his hand and said excitedly, “This is the Ginseng Fruit from the World Tower.

We got it from the 250th floor.

Deputy Chief Jiang, we have caught up with you! ”

The Ginseng Fruit was far more famous than the Earth-shaking Talisman.

There were two reasons.

First, Earth-shaking Talisman was a rare relic that few people knew about, while Ginseng Fruit was just an ordinary relic.

Almost everyone who reached the 250th floor would have the chance to obtain it, as long as their luck was not too bad.

For example, in his previous life, Wang Wen did not see that fruit in 44 of his climbs.

Secondly, even though the Ginseng Fruit was an ordinary item, its effects were not common.

After all, it was produced by the World Tower.

If one ate the Ginseng Fruit, it would restore the vitality of ones aging and damaged organs for a year.

It would not double its effect if one ate more than one fruit.


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