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Chapter 28: Worlds Number One

“It has been given away…” the deputy chief was shocked.

“You sold one piece of information twice”

“Did I take your money “The other partys words were not pleasant to hear.

Wang Wen pretended to be angry and turned around to leave.

“No, no, Ive said the wrong thing.” The deputy chief put on a cheeky expression and pulled Wang Wen.

“Your move was too dangerous! What if Im the one who went up there Wont I be the unlucky one”

Wang Wen said nonchalantly, “Just say its a probability mechanism.

Youll definitely get it if you go there a few more times.

I provided the information, so you can make up whatever you want.”

A drop of sweat appeared on the deputy chiefs forehead.

“No one would believe you if you said something like that in your current situation.”

“Theyll believe you if you bet your head.”

Wang Wen smiled.

The First Consortiums intelligence division.

“He went back to the academy, Chief.”

Tong Xiaolei did not use the fancy optical computer.

She only held a plain tablet computer and reported to the old man.

“He left the Regional Security Department at about 7:57 last night.”

The elderly man nodded casually to indicate understanding and continued to read the documents.

Tong Xiaolei paused for a moment.

“Actually, that was just a minor matter,” she inquired, puzzled.

“If we take the initiative, Luo Shan can go to the Regional Security Department and have him released with just a few words.

He does not need to be imprisoned for 11 days.

Isnt it a shame to pass up such a simple favor”

Such a question was beyond suspicion.

She would not have dared to ask it if it were someone else.

The old man put down the pen in his hand and raised his head.

“Is he a member of the First Consortium”

Tong Xiaolei lowered her head and thought for a moment, then said, “I understand.”

“Our group is not stable yet.

There are too many opponents ready to take over our place.

Its right to take advantage of the opportunity to focus on developing ourselves and avoid unnecessary complications.

Furthermore, as you said, that was just a small matter.

A First Consortiums favor is not cheap, and he doesnt need one.” The old man picked up the teacup and blew on the floating tea leaves.

“Get Mo Ran.”

Mo Ran was the upper teams leader.

He stood silently after entering the tower.

The old man knew his personality, so he did not mince words and asked, “How many teams did you send in this week”

“The regular team sent two more groups of 300th-floor experts into the tower after they did not see the relics, but they didnt find anything.”

Mo Rans voice did not fluctuate at all.

“There was no problem with their loyalty, and there was no problem with the relics.”

The old man nodded and smiled mysteriously.

“It seems like our little friend isnt kind.

Not only did he hide the key information, but he also took a piece of information and sold it to two groups.”

“Those people who talk badly behind the scenes were not kind.”

Wang Wens voice sounded from outside the door.

Shock appeared on Mo Rans expressionless face.

With his position as the team leader and his achievement of reaching the 429th floor, he could not even sense an outsider getting close to him.

If the other party had intended to launch a surprise attack, they would have succeeded!

He frowned and slowly turned to face the person.

His finger was pressed against the small mechanism at his waist.

Wang Wen strolled into the room and smiled shyly at Mo Ran.

“Dont mind me.

My body is weak, and my feet are weak.”

When he heard that, Mo Ran was shocked again.

‘He knew that I didnt notice him!

‘He did it on purpose!

The old man knew that Wang Wen was not surprised.

He even laughed joyfully.

“Has it been a week already”

Wang Wen sat on the chair in front of the desk moodily.

“Dont act like you dont know! Ive been in there for almost two weeks! This time, Ill make up for last week! ”

The old man drank his tea indifferently.

“What is the point of making up for time now that you are in and out of the intelligence department at will”

Wang Wen said, “We still have to follow the basic rules.”

“You want to talk about the rules”

The old man put down his teacup.

There was no emotion on his face.

“Then I have to ask you.

The information on the 200th floor was hidden and duplicated.

Was that the rule you followed”

Wang Wen looked into the old mans eyes and asked, “May I ask if you are the head of the First Consortiums intelligence department or just a person I am talking to”

Mo Ran, who was standing guard at the door, was twitching his fingers.

His face was flushed with murderous intent.

He wanted to teach that hateful boy, who kept saying crazy things in the room, a lesson.

However, he was not confident about it.

The other partys mysterious appearance still cast a shadow over him.

The old man smiled as he asked Wang Wen.

“Is there any difference between those two identities”

“Of course.”

Wang Wen nodded.

He raised two fingers and said leisurely, “If you were the head of the intelligence department, please remember that the information was not sold to you.

You said it was only a deposit.

A batch of Earth-shaking Talismans, no matter how many of them, was worth 100,000 points.”

The old man asked curiously, “What if I am only a conversation partner”

“Then Ill answer.”

Wang Wen put away his middle finger.

“The real value of that information was the pill in the hidden compartment.

The Earth-shaking Talisman was nothing more than a large amount of money.

That pill was the only rare supreme treasure on the 200th floor!”

The only supreme treasure!

Everyone knew that there were three types of treasures in the World Tower.

Everyone liked ordinary items and had a chance to obtain them.

They were useful as climbing aids.

Rare items were not that common.

For example, the Earth-shaking Talisman was not found easily.

It was only available on the 200th floor, an extreme level, that most ordinary climbers would shy away from.

As for a supreme treasure…

It was not a matter of finding it.

It was not a matter of being afraid.

It was a matter of who could get it!

The supreme treasure was unique, and there was only one of its kind.

The old mans eyes glowed as he inadvertently leaned forward at the mention of those words.

“I am very interested.

How do you know so many secrets that no one else does The First Consortium had gone to great lengths to ensure that the information you provided was known to no one else in the world.

Were you able to outperform a billion tower climbers Did you used to be the worlds number one”

Wang Wens eyes flickered, and his voice was low.

“Why dont you just say that those who know this secret are all gone, except for me”

The office fell into silence.

Everyone had their own thoughts.

Wang Wen was moved by the memories and reminisced about people and events that no one knew about and that he had nowhere to tell.

The old man had been decisive for most of his life, but he appeared hesitant at that time.

On the surface, he seemed calm, but the fact that he kept drinking tea leaves with little water revealed the conflict in his heart.

The upper teams leader stood quietly at the door, focused on fighting the inner demons.

Everyone was busy.

Everyone was free.

The afternoon passed quickly.

Before Wang Wen left, he reminded the old man, “Remember to take the pills.

Dont save them.

Ill look for more.”

The old man narrowed his eyes to hide the light in his eyes.

It was not until he saw Wang Wen walking out of the building that Mo Ran frowned and pleaded with the old man.

“Chief Gu, I may not be able to deal with him alone.

Please allow me to form an elite group.”

As soon as he spoke, the office became quiet again.

The old man was silent for a long time.

He waved his hand and said, “Dont bother other people.

Well handle this ourselves.

Mo Ran said, “But—”

The old man looked at him.

“If you dont have the confidence to defeat him, then his secret must be bigger than the heavens.

It would be easy for such a terrifying person to take my life.

Theres no need to guard against him.”

The old mans words hit Mo Ran hard.

He clenched the small mechanism at his waist, gritted his teeth, and said firmly, “Next time, Ill make a move.

Ill beat him.”

After that, he turned around and left.

The old man was left sitting alone in front of the desk, rubbing his temples and worrying.

‘How can you be so sure that I wont kill you

‘How dare you find medicine to prolong my life

‘Why cant you cover up your arrogance

‘Do you really think youre invincible

‘Wang Wen, youre killing me!



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