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Chapter 25: Unique Personal Charm


The lead guards face was pale.


He shakily approached Deputy Chief Jiang and reached out to take a piece of talisman paper to have a look.

The deputy chief raised his hand to block him.

He stared at him warily.

The chief walked forward and took the talisman paper to have a careful look.

After a long time, he sighed and raised the talisman paper to announce to everyone, “Its the Earth-shaking Talisman.

Thats right.

This month, everyone will receive an additional half a years bonus.

The entire hall cheered, and all the guards clapped.

The chief said, “I will go to the headquarters to report on your success, especially for those involved in this test at the tower.”

The four young men behind the deputy chief immediately beamed with joy, and even the injuries on their bodies seemed to have lessened.

Everyone had received the rewards they deserved.

Everyone seemed to be very happy.

Then, the chiefs gaze turned to the figure enjoying the hotpot alone in the distance.

The deputy chief knew what he was thinking.

There was no getting around that obstacle.

The biggest contributor was the person who was arrested for suspicion of murder.

After giving it some thought, the chief strolled calmly toward Wang Wens.

“Thank you for the information you supplied,” he said cordially.

“The Regional Security Division will never forget what you did for us.

I shall deliver that collection of relics to the headquarters tomorrow.

I shall request a commendation and rewards for you when the time comes.

Have you got any requirements”

The deputy chief frowned upon hearing such a small justification.

He looked at the chief and did not say anything.


What kind of reward could be exchanged with such precious information

Why did he need the Regional Security Departments pitiful reward

Wang Wen scooped up the last piece of meat in the pot and finished it.

He put down his bowl and chopsticks and wiped his mouth.

He said to the chief, “I dont want anything.

I just want to prove my innocence.”


The chief hurriedly nodded and said, “Absolutely innocent! The information was absolutely accurate.”

“Then can I leave now” Wang Wen asked.

“Of course!”

The chief hurriedly nodded and said, “You can leave anytime.

At the same time, you are also welcome here anytime.

The door of the Regional Security Department will always be open to you.

Wang Wen suddenly heard the sentence he was almost tired of hearing in his previous life.

He smiled.

‘Take it slow.

There was no rush.

He had not heard those words in a long time.

He nodded to the chief and said, “Thank you, Sir.”

He turned around and shook hands with the deputy chief cordially.

The deputy chief seemed to feel a little guilty, but he said nothing.

Wang Wen smiled and did not stop for long.

He raised her hands and waved goodbye to the guards in the hall.

“Everyone, Ill be leaving now! See you later!”

After spending more than ten days together, the guards had gotten used to Wang Wens presence.

Their initial good moods suddenly turned into an inexplicable sadness with the abrupt departure.

Additionally, several people were startled awake by it.

They only realized then that the individual in front of them was not a long-term employee of the Regional Security Department!

Wang Wens optimism and calmness, as well as the faint smile on his lips daily, made everyone subconsciously forget or ignore their problems.

He was not there for a relaxing getaway.

He was merely a miserable boy imprisoned at the Regional Security Department and was attempting to prove his innocence while being innocent!

All of the guards who realized that did so with conflicted emotions.

It was simply unimaginable!

How did the suspect, who should have been terrified, resentful, furious, or nervous in such an unwarranted contact and such a helpless setting, manage to remain composed and even engage in happy conversation with everyone

How strong was his heart

“Xiao Wang…” some sentimental female guards could not help but sob.

One of the guards inadvertently said, “I remember that his parents died in the World Tower.”


Someone beside him nodded and said, “He could escape those hooligans because he used the Earth-shaking Talisman that his parents had left him.”

He was alone at such a young age.

He had no parents or other family members to rely on.

The guards looked at the chief.

One of them said softly, “Even if he was falsely accused, he relied on himself to get out of this bad situation.”

“How did he survive this”

“How pitiful!” The group of guards wailed.

“I never heard him complain about suffering.”

“If it were me, I would have collapsed!”

“He even used his tuition fees to treat us to expensive hotpot meals!”


A male guard with reddened eyes suddenly walked out of the crowd and gave Wang Wen a big hug.

Then, a long line of people formed to hug the boy.

They held lowly positions and were powerless to change many things.

They could only apologize to him.

They were sorry.

No one could explain why they felt so guilty.


They felt very sorry for the small but determined boy in front of them.

Wang Wen was in the center of the crowd.

Initially, he was surprised.

Then, he smiled.

He also comforted the guards.


However, it was the opposite for the chief.

Initially, he had been smiling as if he understood the situation.

Then, he seemed surprised and perplexed.

Finally, he looked gloomy.

Every hug was like a slap on his face.

He was unable to suppress it or let it out.

He had no choice but to confront it.

On the other hand, Deputy Chief Jiang turned to the four guards beside him and said, “Didnt you guys always ask me why I liked to chat with him Look, thats his unique personal charm.

People close to him will unconsciously be reluctant to let him go.”

The four guards nodded in agreement.

Each of them described every feeling they had experienced since meeting Wang Wen.

“He was very lively every day, and he looked happy at all times!”

“I have to say that I occasionally think hes our colleague, and my mood improves every time I see him!

“But I only felt that just now!”

“What a good boy.

It would be good if he were our companion.”

“Yeah, optimistic and cheerful.

It seems like hes never worried about anything.”

“Hes also humble and courteous! He always thanked me sincerely whenever I helped him.”

“He has an abundance of talent! He is also familiar with several World Tower puzzles that I am unable to solve.”

All good things would have to come to an end.

No matter how reluctant the guards were, they were too embarrassed to stop Wang Wen.

After all, the Regional Security Department had stopped him from going home for more than ten days.

The guards reluctantly let go of Wang Wen, who promised to return to the Regional Security Department some other day.

It was their turn to treat him to a meal.

Only then did the farewell come to an end.

Before turning around, Wang Wen saw the lead guard cowering in the corner.

He smiled and said, “Sir, I have thought things through in the 11 days Ive been here.

I defended myself, so I didnt kill anyone.”

The lead guard was still unwilling to give up.

He straightened his neck and asked, “What the hell did you do Why couldnt my friend find the relics when he entered the World Tower How did the deputy chief and the others find them when they entered”

Wang Wen shook his head.

“You have to ask yourself that question.

Perhaps next time, dont look for any friends, but go there yourself.

He gave the lead guard a profound look, then waved his hand and turned to leave.

“But first, you must consider how to explain the 50 Earth-shaking Talismans you misplaced.

I wish you peace, Sir.”



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