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How did he know

Wang Wen was afraid that if he told the truth, he would scare that old man so much that his heart would collapse.

Furthermore, all the ancient books and records told him that the old man was invincible.

He would not be able to escape the tower in time if he provoked him.

So Wang Wen decided to take it easy.

He gave it some serious thought.

He said, “My hometown is very, very far away.

Theres a legend thats been passed down there.

Its about how Taishang Laojun spent countless years refining a few Nine Transformations Golden Pills and preparing them for the Jade Emperor.

In the end, they were secretly eaten by a stone monkey.”

At that point….

Wang Wen quietly looked up at the old man in front of him.

The old man narrowed his eyes and seemed to be thinking about something.

Then, he asked, “What happened after that”

“Theres nothing else,” Wang Wen said.

“I didnt think there would be such a magical place in the world.” The old man laughed.

He relaxed and carefully observed Wang Wen.

From time to time, he would pace back and forth beside the furnace.

Occasionally, he would take out a calabash and look inside.

He did not say anything, nor did he chase Wang Wen away.

Wang Wen was a little confused and was about to ask something.

“Young friend, I see that you were curious about the elixir.

Why dont you come closer and take a look” the old man said.

Wang Wen carefully leaned forward.

“Can I really Then I will take you up on your offer.”

The Nine Transformations Golden Pill.

According to the information in the World Tower, it should be a unique supreme treasure on the 300th floor.

Taishang Laojun was also refining a nine-revolution golden pill.

In theory, it was absolutely impossible for it to be a World Tower item.

Otherwise, it would not be a supreme treasure.

When he thought about how he was about to witness a miracle…

Wang Wens palms were slightly sweaty.

He did not remember wanting to see a loophole in the tower in his previous life.

However, he had been deliberately targeted for climbing the tower in that new life.

Instead, it triggered his resistance.

No matter where he went, he wanted to knock and dig for any fun loopholes.

He slowly walked to the old mans side.

Looking at the golden pills in the pot, he pulled a drone to scan them.

The results of the scan…

[Nine Revolutions Great Recovery Pill, 610th-floor rare item x 17]

[Nine Revolutions Revival Elixir, 610th-floor rare item x5]

[Nine Transformations Golden Pill (Raw), 610th-floor rare item x 22]

[Nine Transformations Golden Pill (Ready), 610th-floor rare item x 9]

Wang Wens expression was grave.

It turned out that Taishang Laojuns golden pills were different.

The items information was very detailed.

The recovery pill was used to increase magic cultivation, the golden pill was used to improve ones body, and the revival pill was used to revive the dead and regrow flesh from bones.

The unique treasure in Zhu Xingguos hands, the Nine Transformations Golden Pill, had a different effect.

The supreme treasure, the Nine Transformations Golden Pill, seemed to have combined most of the effects of pills, becoming a unique super pill that could both improve and save lives.


True supreme treasures were powerful.

However, it could not be replicated.

As a result, even though Wang Wens team had mastered the heaven-defying replication technique, they still had a serious shortage of high-quality goods.

As he thought about that…

He looked at the pile of high-grade goods that could be copied.

Wang Wens mouth watered.

“I can do a magic trick; do you want to see it” he asked the old man tentatively.

The old man squinted and looked in a certain direction.

When he heard the question, he snapped back to his senses and asked, “Whats a magic trick”

Wang Wens gaze swept to the spot where the old man had been looking.

His heart skipped a beat when he realized it was almost in the drones direction.

He said, “Magic that can make those pills vanish before your eyes and then reappear flawlessly.

Its exciting.

Its suitable for all ages.”

According to logic,

After one heard of such a miraculous description…

One would be curious enough to want to take a look, right

Wang Wens plan was simply to steal the sky and change the sun.

He used magic as an excuse.

In exchange for some elixir.

A supreme treasure could not be replicated, but those rare items should be fine, right

No matter how bad the pills were, they would not be too bad.

He also had some tools in his hands.

For example, the Daluo Creation Pill and the Great Rejuvenation Golden Core.

He did not have many, and there was a large pile of high-grade goods in front of him.

He would change a few of them during the process.

If exposed, he could return the high-quality goods and show that he was terrible at magic.

And if he succeeded…

He would instantly become wealthy!

He could have a recovery pill, a golden pill, or a revival pill.

Those had very practical effects.

With Zhu Xingguos help, the teams resources would immediately become abundant.

In the later stages, the Fair Exchange skill could be used to create more pills.

As long as they had enough points, they could eat pills like candy in the future.

The result…

It was a big surprise.

After listening to Wang Wens description, Taishang Laojun shook his head and said, “Im not interested.”

Wang Wen was speechless.

The plan had yet to start.

But it ended.

Wang Wen felt like he had met a strong opponent.

His brain began to work rapidly.

Taishang Laojun looked at him.

He thought it was impolite to dampen the other partys mood, so he asked pleasantly, “My friend, take a look.

Hows the color of these medicinal pills”

Wang Wen was speechless.


He pondered as if he could understand it.

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