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There were such people in the world.

They always assumed that others only needed to cooperate with some of the processes to which they were accustomed.

In any case, the result would be the same.

The world would not come to a halt for one person.

If they did so, it would obediently save them both time.

That was what the man in white was thinking.

It was just as he said.

He had received too many newcomers in the past.

He had also patiently answered the newcomers various questions.

He realized, however, that no matter how patient he was, the newcomers would always cause some trouble.

That was because, in addition to him, there were numerous follow-up procedures such as testing, cleaning, and killing the bacteria with various reagents.

Nobody was as patient as he was.

Uncooperative newcomers were frequently subjected to harsh physical punishment.

As a result, he gradually lost patience.

He was already imposing authority on the newcomers from the first time they met.

That was a message from the supernatural world to the newcomers.

Their awakened powers did not make them exceptional.

They only had more freedom than most poor people.

It was commonly known as turning over to be the master.

The so-called master did not mean the master of the world but the master of the class that had left.

They still had to respect many bosses.

The man in white had been doing the job of welcoming newcomers for many years.

With his Level 6 superpower, he had absolute authority when facing most newbies who had just awakened and were only at Level 1 or 2.

He watched as he taught those uneducated little things a lesson.

The evil desire in his heart would be greatly satisfied.

After all, he had once been through that.

However, at that moment…

A certain door in his body seemed to have exploded.

Many of the digestive substances that had not yet fully formed were included!

The men in black who had been following him appeared to have been victims of historys most tragic biochemical attack.

Even the gas mask could not keep the smell from entering their brains.

Their faces were pale, and tears streamed down their cheeks.

They wanted to step aside but were concerned that their officer would misinterpret their actions.

They pretended not to hear anything.

That rich and rhythmic subwoofer cannon sounded great.

That was aside from the extremely strong odor and the visual impact of the yellow color.

Unless he died there…

Otherwise, who would believe there were people who were unaware of that

He had no choice.

The men in black could only show the patience they had practiced their entire lives.

Their faces were determined.

Their gazes were firm.

They kept the mentality of facing death while chanting the names of their loved ones in their hearts.

They could only hope that the officers biochemical attack would end soon.

Unfortunately, their hopes would eventually come to nothing.

The man in whites intestines seemed to have exploded, just like his clothes.

Furthermore, it was a directional blast.

The farting went on for a whole minute and did not stop for even half a second.

It seemed like he had no intention of stopping.

A few minutes later…

The man in white and the man in black closest to him had the same feeling.

It was as if his body had been hollowed out.

One felt that it was not enough to breathe.

The other also felt that it was not enough to breathe.

In fact, both of them had shockingly similar thoughts.

Was it considered suicide in the line of duty to commit suicide in such a situation

The man in white shook his head at Wang Wen and the other two.

The nerves on his face seemed to collapse as he spat harsh words.

“You guys… hmm…” His face appeared to collapse as he said, “You guys… hmm… Ghost.

Please respond with a yes.”

Wang Wen and the other two looked at each other.

He roughly understood what the man meant.

“Master, he shouldnt have any resistance now.

Should we stop the progress” Zhu Xingguo asked.

Wang Wen was about to nod.

He thought of Zhu Xingguos Fart Technique, which only increased the duration, not the cooldown.

Once it was used, it would take 24 hours before they could see that again.

“If the World Tower is not self-consistent, its good to keep him to help us push forward.

We can also see the effect of your skill.”

That was what he said.

Wang Wen was also prepared for the other party to do something with the determination to die with them.

He did not miss out on any defensive measures.

He had even begun to charge his Spirit Shield so that he could use the power of the transcendent skill to help block some unexpected damage that his spirit barrier could not withstand.

However, the man in white did not have the courage to die with them.

He turned around and walked away, holding his stomach and sticking it out.

He shouted for help.

After a while, he led the men in black to stand on the alloy steel plate and prepared to leave.

Wang Wen patiently waited for the steel plate to rise into the air and for the ceiling to split open again.

Seizing the opportunity, he used his mental strength to carry the three of them and chase after them.

He forced his way past the men in black and entered the peak.

The man in white wanted to stop him.

At the same time, his hands released electric arcs.

His rear leaked again.

The spirit that he had managed to raise with great difficulty instantly disappeared.

He could only watch helplessly as the three of them entered the internal passageway of the zenith.

At the other end of the passage, a group of people quickened their pace and rushed over.

Wang Wen and the other two looked at the progress value above their heads.

He was shocked.

The minimum point they saw was 20 points!

They also saw 50, 80, and 100 points!

A person rushed forward; he had 500 points displayed above his head.

He saw the man in white but did not dare to go to him.

The man with 500 points frowned.

He thought about it.

He clapped his hands and smiled at Wang Wen and the other two, saying, “First of all, congratulations on awakening extraordinary powers.

This is undoubtedly a boost to our world of superpowers.”

Then he changed the subject, his tone becoming stern.

“However, this is too outrageous.

As the person in charge of the reception office, I have to inform you that you will be punished with a sentence no less than the deprivation of your superpowers.

I hope you understand and are proud and pleased to have contributed to the world of superpowers.”

“Whats that guy talking about” Zhu Xingguo asked Ren Ruoruo, puzzled.

“It seems like theyre trying to take away our abilities,” Ren Ruoruo answered with uncertainty.

Zhu Xingguos expression turned grave.

He secretly took out a small cloth bag from his pocket.

He turned to look at Wang Wen.

The 500-point man seemed satisfied with the reaction caused by his words.

“But dont worry; even if you return to the slums, we will ensure that you have at least one standard meal a day as compensation for your contribution,” he said, nodding.

Zhu Xingguo held up the small bag and showed the skill information to ask for Wang Wens opinion.

At that moment, Wang Wen finally understood why Zhu Xingguo had been collecting mosquitoes.

The Mosquitoes Must Die technique had been upgraded to Level 4 during their last safe period.

The enhancement effect changed the power of the AoE damage from an RDX-like explosion to an HNIW-like blast.

Even if Zhu Xingguo was honest and ignorant, he knew about the famed non-nuclear explosive king.

When Wang Wen realizes that the Mosquitoes Must Die technique was already at Level 4…

He closed his eyes as if he had given up.

Zhu Xingguo thought that his master had agreed.

As a result, he tossed the small cloth bag at the 500-point man.

The 500-point man smiled.

He pointed at the small cloth bag.

No matter what was inside, everything was frozen in that instant.

He was very confident in his own strength.

He shook his head gently.

“I advise you not to make any more mistakes.

Its meaningless and will only increase your punishment.


The entire metal tunnel collapsed.

Everyone landed in the hall.

The men in black were speechless.

The man in white pleaded with the 500-point man, “Senior, yes… can you oh oh… First, let him say yes… Bring me to a healer, oh, oh.”

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