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The requirement for a certain number of players to be knocked down was intended to create more contradictions and intense scenes.

In theory, the more players eliminated, the better.

However, if everyone were knocked out, some would undoubtedly be dissatisfied.

That was not the case.

The ceiling above cracked open, and a dozen men in black stepped onto alloy steel plates and slowly descended, wearing the same uniform and gas masks and holding strange-looking toy-like weapons.

They had one point displayed above their heads.

A man in a white suit was among them.

He walked away from the group of men in black with a faint smile on his face.

First, he raised his head and waved to the people outside the glass ring.

Then, without even saying a word, he ordered the men in black, “Take them away.”

Wang Wen noticed that he was not wearing any protective gear, had no weapons in his hands, and had the number 20 displayed above his head.

How could he hold back

He gathered his mental energy and crushed the other partys head.

An invisible giant hand grabbed the mans head, and the intense pressure caused his expression to change.

Then, Wang Wen heard a series of crackling sounds in his head.

Wang Wen could feel some of his spiritual energy being expelled.

He was about to gather more spiritual power for the attack.

“A superhuman with psychic powers” the other party asked.

“It appears that our little friend has a bad temper! Dont get too worked up; I am here to get you out.”

After saying that, he turned to the men in black beside him and said, “Dont just stand there.

Even though they cant hurt me, fighting in front of low-level people is not very elegant.

Control your speed.”

The men nodded and aimed their weapons at the three of them.

They pulled the trigger.

However, the trigger broke.

Not far away, Wang Wen blew on his fingers.

The men in black were shocked.

They pressed a few buttons on the weapon and changed its mode from a gun to a flashlight.

They pressed the switch again.

However, the switch broke.

All sorts of circuits were revealed.

Ren Ruoruo, who was standing beside Wang Wen, could not help but laugh.

She said, “If you can wait, I can analyze the weapon.

Then Ill turn them into watermelons to play with.”

Wang Wen shook his head and tried to stop her.

“It wont be that fast.

Itll take at least a few seconds.

Besides, the ingredients for the watermelon are too complicated to make.

We have to keep a low profile.”

The men in black were exasperated.

They drew their long black daggers and pounced on Wang Wen.

They were halfway there.

Then, they hit a transparent wall.

Even though the protective effect of the uniform seemed to be quite good, and they were not injured, the men in black still felt very humiliated.

They gritted their teeth and swung their black daggers forward.

The black dagger crackled with electric sparks.

The transparent wall was being cut open, bit by bit.

A few of the men in black were already able to move forward.

That kind of fight between superpowers and technology was much more exciting than a brawl between low-level people.

Cheers could be heard outside the glass ring above.

The sleepy audience was clapping and cheering.

Clearly, they were in high spirits.

A black dagger appeared in Wang Wens hand.

He casually shook it.

The electric sparks crackled.

He nodded in satisfaction and passed it to Zhu Xingguo.

Zhu Xingguo took the dagger and spread it out in his palm, and the thing disappeared.

Then, a toy-like gun appeared in Wang Wens hand.

He aimed at the few men in black who successfully broke through the transparent wall and pulled the trigger.

A plasma ball wrapped in a magnetic field flew out of the muzzle and exploded on the ground.

The scattered electric arcs wrapped around the men like white snakes.

There was also smoke from the electric shocks.

They would have been killed if it were not for the uniforms protection.

Even if the men in black did not die from the electric shock, they would be burned to death.

Even so…

The mens clothes were also in tatters.

Their limbs twitched, and their eyes rolled back.

Wang Wen was delighted with the new weapon.

He kept firing at the men in black.

“Im almost done analyzing the weapon.

Next, Ill try out the effect of the defensive equipment.

If its good, Ill get it and wear it.”

Plasma balls continued to fly out and land in the crowd.

The exploding electric arcs bloomed like flowers.

None of the Men in Black dared to charge forward, instead retreating for cover.

One could not help but exclaim, “He didnt replace his energy box! Why didnt the bullets run out”

Zhu Xingguo asked Wang Wen excitedly, “Master, that gun is so fun to play with.

Give me one too!”

“Just sell it.

Its only a little mental power, so I wont be distracted much.” Wang Wen handed the gun to him, and at the same time, he condensed a few square metal blocks that emitted a faint blue light and said, “Get Ren Ruoruo a gun for self-defense too.

You guys need to reload and prepare more magazines when you shoot.

How many times can you buy this”

Zhu Xingguo took the two pieces of metal and sold them.

When he saw Wang Wen silently rubbing his temple, he quickly said, “Thats enough, Master.

I can buy each item four times now.

I dont need that much.”

Wang Wen nodded.

He retracted his spiritual power from the remaining pieces of metal.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo held the brand-new plasma guns and happily shot at the men in black.

The men screamed in pain.

Some people tried to organize an effective attack.

However, it was blocked by the evil transparent wall.

The most bizarre aspect was that the transparent wall appeared to have consciousness, much like a living thing.

It blocked the men but not the bullets.

Every time the bullet flew over, the wall would open up a crack to let it through.

Then there was another wave of screams.

Occasionally, there were even people who instantly handed over their progress.

When Wang Wen saw how weak their defensive capabilities were, he instantly lost interest in the defensive equipment.

He let his disciple do whatever he wanted with them.

Those people were useless.

Zhu Xingguo noticed that the men were dying, so he quickly bought a new weapon and fired with both hands.

He played with the guns until his forehead was covered in sweat.

However, there were times when the men in black were lucky enough to avoid the plasma balls.

Some accidentally fell to the ground in the distance.

The explosion caused a huge commotion.

Those still lying on the ground were those who had fainted and were dressed like beggars.

Those people did not have the men in blacks uniforms to block the electric arc.

The plasma ball landed on the ground and exploded.

A group of people in the vicinity twitched as they woke up and then fell unconscious again.

They were charred black in a few moments.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo saw how much damage weapons could do to ordinary people.

They stopped shooting hesitantly.

However, at that moment…

The man in white, who had been silent all that time, moved.

He walked out from behind the men in black.

His face was pale.

Along the way, he waved his hand and absorbed all the electric arcs.

He did not look like he was in pain.

Instead, he looked like he was taking in nutrients.

As he walked, he said, “You little things are not well-behaved! It seems like I have to teach you the rules of the superpower realm before I let you out.”

The man raised his hands and casually crushed the plasma balls that Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo were shooting at him.

Then he clenched his hand.

He easily ripped the transparent wall in front of him apart.

The remaining men in black witnessed the mans attack and followed him from behind.

Then they saw the transparent wall being torn apart by the electric arc.

Their morale had greatly improved.

They quickly gathered behind the man.

The man was pleased with himself for easily overcoming the transparent wall that had bothered him for a long time.

With a smile, he pretended to be sincere but disdainful as he advised Wang Wen.

“Ive seen many new people.

The newly awakened superhumans always think they are the children of gods with extraordinary destinies.

In fact, you are just the youngest group of little things in the superhumans world.”

Zhu Xingguo asked Wang Wen, “Master, that guy is so arrogant.

Can I try to make that 20-point progress”

Wang Wen nodded indifferently.

Zhu Xingguo rubbed his hands excitedly and threw a Fart Technique on the man.

The man approached Wang Wen, forced his knuckles, and said, “Resisting is just a waste of my time.

Youre not as strong as you think you are.

Youre not as powerful as you believe you are, whether in terms of energy, technique, or power—”

Before he could finish his sentence…

Someone let out a fart.

He raised his eyebrows.

He pretended to be amused and shrugged his shoulders.

“Im sorry.

I might have eaten too much meat for lunch today.

The chefs skills were superb.”


It was another uncontrollable sound.

It was loud and resounded from everywhere.

At that time, the mans expression looked a little awkward.

He felt a little strange.

Why did it seem like he could not control his fart

To avoid embarrassing himself, the man tightened his sphincter muscles.


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