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The standard World Tower climbing team consisted of five people.

They were more concerned about a lack of people as their level increased.

That was because fewer people meant that there would be fewer opportunities for them to take turns to rest or divide the work.

Every tower climber with a dream knew that reaching the 1000th level in a week was nearly impossible.

They did not have enough stamina.

There were not enough relics.

They were not strong enough.

The most important thing was that there was not enough time.

Nobody could even pat their chest and guarantee that they could climb 1000 floors in a week.

Nobody had ever succeeded before.

It was as if the infinite Pi was still calculating a possible end.

Everyone wanted to get to the 1000th floor.

It was a question without an accurate answer.

No one knew if it was possible.

Everyone was trying to prove that they could.

The tower climbers had to keep trying all kinds of methods.

They had to overcome all kinds of known difficulties.

Every top team had to study how to arrange their time and physical fitness reasonably.

At that moment…

A team.

Five tower climbers.

They were on par with each other, had great teamwork, and trusted each other.

They could divide the work to reduce each others energy consumption or take turns resting and recovering.

The best situation would be to ensure that the team could continue to climb.

Once there were fewer people, it was easy to break that balance.

If they were tired and sleepy, they could only drink an energy drink.

The team could only grit their teeth and persist or pause the tower attack and find a place to rest.

Therefore, the higher the level, the more the team wanted to maintain its integrity.

For example, Wang Wens team…

There were only three people left on the team.

Two of them were professionals.

He was either filming a movie or telling a story to be able to reach the 600th floor in a week.


The person leading the team was too good.

It could make a punk earn over 600 points while lying down.

However, that person had discovered a problem.

A certain dumbass in the team did not seem to want to lay low anymore.

He wanted to rise!

Since the checkpoint on the 600th floor, Zhu Xingguo had been catching mosquitoes with watermelons mixed with Gourmet Bread!

When the insects were caught, they would be crushed and sold to the Fair Exchange, whether dead or alive.

Initially, Wang Wen did not notice that.

During the safe waiting period, he gave up on guiding Zhu Xingguo to improve his skills and focused all his efforts on his fourth lucky draw.

The fourth transcendent skill, which was worth 100 million points, gave Wang Wen a skill called Same Level Teleportation.

The skill was simple.

[Same Level Teleportation: You can choose a checkpoint environment on the same floor you have been through before the checkpoint starts.

The cooldown period is 24 hours.]

That ability was less well-known than the Apocalypse.

However, it was recognized as the most practical extraordinary skill besides a few powerful healing-type skills.

Once, a team had that…

Their safety and efficiency would be significantly increased.

Furthermore, that skill also had a reduced cooldown.

It was clear that the transcendent skills acquired by the three of them through the lottery were all exceptional.

Especially that Zhu Xingguo…

Wang Wen and Ren Ruoruo had skills with reduced cooldown periods.

Skills like that would be the priority for enhancement of any type.

After all, the effects would have already been greatly exaggerated.

It would be great if the cooldown time were reduced.

After the fourth draw, Wang Wen only had around 80 million points left.

He could only upgrade the Same Level Teleportation skill to level three.

The first enhancement would upgrade the skill from level zero to level one.

The original effect would remain unchanged, but adding one world energy point would change the skills attribute from fixed to upgradeable.

It was as if the worlds energy had released the transcendent skill.

It was also like a game modifier that changed some values that could not be increased to ones that could.

It did not seem like a significant change, but it provided unlimited possibilities for the future.

Similar to the Same Level Teleportation skill.

The cooldown period at level zero was 24 hours.

Level one changed nothing.

Level twos cooldown was reduced to 12 hours, while level threes was reduced to 6 hours.

And so on.

As long as he could strengthen it to level eight, the cooldown period of more than ten minutes was almost nonexistent for climbing the tower.

He could use that skill on every floor.

However, level eight required trillions of points.

It was too far away.

At that moment, the Same Level Teleportation skills cooldown period of six hours is more or less enough.

Wang Wen tried to use his skills on the 600th floor.

He wanted to see if he could bring out the levels he had experienced in his previous life.

If he succeeded…

That would be completely satisfying!

He could choose the most familiar and easiest way to clear the game, or he could also choose the one with the most treasures and the most bountiful harvest.

In the end, the drone said, “After verification, Mr.

A had arrived at the 600th floor of the World Tower for the first time.

More checkpoints cant be selected.”

As expected, the higher the power, the greater the devil.

Wang Wen had no choice but to accept the situation that the drone had randomly arranged.

And so, the 600th floor began.

The fog dispersed.

He became aware that a large area of metal walls encircled him.

His head and feet were stepping on hard steel plates as well.

It was like walking into a hall made of pure metal.

There were a lot of people in the hall, men and women, young and old.

On the high metal wall was a circle of transparent glass.

Outside the glass, there were many men and women of all ages.

The only difference was…

The majority of those present were dressed casually, if at all.

On the other hand, people outside the glass were dressed in various outfits.

Even though the style was unusual and the quality was questionable, they were clean and tidy.

They were as dissimilar to the people in the hall, who were dressed in beggars clothes, as clouds and mud.

The clothes Wang Wen and the other two wore while climbing the tower represented only a small portion of the people in the hall—they were relatively clean.

That was fascinating.

The level had just begun.

The loudspeaker above the hall sounded, “In ten minutes, those who can stand will be rewarded with food.

The time starts now.”

Everyone in the hall instantly went berserk.

Most of the people were fighting.

Wang Wen was unfamiliar with the level of danger in the strange environment, so he did not act hastily.

He narrowed his eyes and observed his surroundings.

He discovered that a small group of people dressed cleanly like him were surrounded by people in beggars clothes.

The other beggars nearby did not dare to get close.

The chaos also avoided those small groups as much as possible.

Wang Wen counted.

Other than his team of three, there were three other similar groups.

The three small groups seemed too chaotic in the hall, so they did not notice the three clean freaks.

They only knew to look at each other and bide their time.

The only person in the entire hall scanned by the drone with progress of 0.5 points was in the center of the small group on the far right.

Wang Wens gaze rose, and he quietly used his spiritual power to knock on the transparent glass.

He had no idea what it was made of, but it felt like he was striking hard steel.

Just as he was patiently studying his surroundings…

The loudspeaker at the top sounded again.

“The amount of food awarded to each person is determined by the number of people you knocked out.” Those knocked out with zero hits will not receive any food, even if they were the last one standing.”

As soon as that announcement ended…

Everyone became even crazier.

Fighting and howling became more chaotic and rumbling as well.

Even the beggars who were watching the situation and did not dare to attack Wang Wen and the other two began to gather around them.

The biggest, brawniest man in a black vest could not help but howl and rush over when he saw the three skinny guys.

Before he could even raise his fist…

A hard slap landed on his neck—he was stunned.

Zhu Xingguo carefully raised his palm.

Finally, he carefully picked up a dead mosquito and happily put it into a small bag.

He realized the man was stunned.

“Theres a mosquito; look.” He even spread out his hands.

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