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Chapter 21: There Must Be A Way

A person exited the Regional Security Department, passed through the portal several times, arrived at a parking lot, and got into a car that had been parked for a long time.

Half an hour later.

The car drove into an upscale residential neighborhood.

It came to a halt at the base of a high-rise building.

The figure exited the vehicle, went upstairs, and knocked on the door.

The girl who opened the door appeared to have a halo around her skin.

When she noticed the person, she cheerfully invited him in.

Seeing the person, the girl cheerfully invited him in.

The middle-aged man on the sofa in the living room made tea and handed it to him.

He inquired, “Thank you for your efforts, Xiao Liu.

How was the situation”

Xiao Liu respectfully took the teacup in both hands and replied, “It was a little tricky, Director Cheng.

Someone was putting pressure on us.

We cant do anything at the moment.

The middle-aged man looked at the girl carrying fruits and said in a puzzled tone, “Someone is pressuring us over such a small matter Are we in a movie What kind of person would deliberately plan against a student”


The girl scowled in displeasure.

“Senior wields enormous power.

There must be many bad people out there who want to deal with him!”

“No matter how powerful he was, he was just a student.”

Director Cheng drank a mouthful of tea.

The girl stuffed an orange slice into his mouth to stop him from saying bad things about her senior.

“Xiao Yi, you seem to be speaking up for him recently.” Director Cheng chewed the orange and smiled.

“Even though he did you a favor, do you have to give yourself to him, right Do you have a crush on him”


The girl nodded decisively.

“I like him.

I think hes very mysterious and special!”

Director Cheng was slightly stunned.

However, he saw the girls expression change.

She became a little sad.

“But he doesnt seem to like me.

No, thats not it.

He doesnt seem to be interested in me romantically.

He seems to treat me as a relative, a sister.”

At that point, the girls eyes suddenly lit up.

She raised her head and asked Director Cheng, “Dad! Do you have an illegitimate child He cant be my brother, right”


Director Cheng almost spat out the tea in his mouth.

He put the teacup on the coffee table and scolded her.

“What nonsense were you talking about”

Xiao Liu looked at the father and daughter chatting as if no one else was around.

He drank his tea and hesitated for a while, but he could not help but interrupt them.

“Director Cheng, the one pressuring them was the Tiansheng Group!”

Director Cheng looked back at him.

“Which Tiansheng Group”

Xiao Liu said, “THE Tiansheng Group! The one in the top three.”

“Are you sure”

Director Chengs expression became solemn.

Xiao Liu nodded and said, “The other party didnt hide it.”

Director Cheng frowned and tapped his chin lightly with his thumb.

He said thoughtfully, “Tiansheng Group is dealing with the student so openly Maybe the one who died was the boss son Thats not right.

Then the one who arrests the boy would be a tower climber, not a guard.

The girl cheered.

“See, I told you he is very powerful!”

Director Cheng looked at the girl with a wry smile.

“Silly girl, are you still so proud Im afraid the boy will be in big trouble! ”

The girl asked him curiously, “Then do we have a way to help him”

Director Cheng thought for a moment, sighed, and said, “We are only a small company.

If it were an ordinary murder case, we might be able to bail him out with money.

But the other party is the Tiansheng Group.

We will be crushed if we insist on bailing him out.”

“Alright then.”

The girl picked an orange and ate it.

She said, “We have tried our best.

Leave it to Senior to think of a way!”

Director Cheng looked at her in puzzlement.

“You dont sound worried at all”

“Ive told you that he is very powerful.”

The girls eyes shone with assurance.

“I am confident that he will find a way!”


The huge iron gate slammed shut.

The guards moved Wang Wen from the interrogation room to the detention room.

His crime was suspected of murder and an attempt to attack the guards.

“Hey, come back and discuss it again.

I am innocent!” Wang Wen waved his hands helplessly through the iron bars.

“I get angry when I dont get enough sleep.

Its just a misunderstanding! I can pretend Im sleepwalking if it doesnt work out!”

No one turned around.

The guards were sleepy and were ready to go home to sleep.

The lead guard was frightened and did not dare get too close to Wang Wen.

His situation was awkward.

The mission came from the higher-ups, and he could not let the boy go easily.

He did not dare interrogate him.

He could only temporarily lock him up and see if he would say anything after staying up all night.

That was the last resort.

It was a night of confinement.

There was almost no pressure on those who could adapt to the situation.

If Wang Wen did not collapse the next day, he would be the one to collapse.

After holding him for a day, they did not get anything out of him.

Even if the higher-ups knew about that, he would not be able to flee.

However, Wang Wen was stronger than most adaptable people.

The next day, dawn broke.

The lead guard arrived in the detention room with bloodshot eyes.

He noticed a vivacious Wang Wen yelling that he had been falsely accused.

The lead guards heart was on the verge of breaking in fear.

He removed his hat and rubbed his unkempt hair.

His eyes were intense, and his face was filled with pain.

Those who did not know would assume he was the one who had been locked up all night.

Wang Wen noticed his haggard appearance and sympathized with him.

“You dont have to go to such lengths.

What does your boss want Tell me, and maybe I will agree to it.”

The lead guard looked at him with dark circles under his eyes.

“They want to know how you managed to fight 15 people at once.”

“You should have said that sooner!”

Wang Wens expression was as if he had expected it.

He said, “The secret of me going against 15 people is simple.

I have the Earth-shaking Talisman from the World Towers 200th floor.

I can take down 30 hooligans, let alone a mere 15 of them.”

The lead guards expression suddenly changed.

“Youre a tower climber who has reached the 200th floor”


Wang Wen shook his head.

“Ive never entered the tower, but my parents did.

They left me some items to protect myself before the World Tower killed them.”

“Tower climbers…”

The lead guard was like a deflated balloon.

With a wry smile, his shoulders drooped, and he said, “Ha, tower climbers.”

Suddenly, he raised his head, and his eyes were red as he shouted at Wang Wen.

“So what if youre a tower climber An emperor can be charged with the same crime as the common folks! Even tower climbers must pay if they kill people!”


Wang Wen shook his head and said, “You cant do anything regarding tower climbers.”

“What did you say” The lead guard slammed his hands on the iron gate, his anger surging.

“Alright, alright.

I know there is still a batch of Earth-shaking Talismans on the 200th floor; maybe around 50.” Wang Wen waved his hand, “Bring me a piece of paper and a pen.

Ill write down the information, and you can report it.

Such big news is enough to make you feel proud, right”


“What” The lead guard rolled his eyes in a daze.

“Fifty relics on the 200th floor Your parents left you such valuable information”

Wang Wen waved his hand in boredom and said, “Yes, I am their only son.

Who else can they leave it to if not me”


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