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Most of the worlds population was shallow, only seeing ones skin.

Even the King could not compare.

Wang Wen was viewed as a demon who was murdering innocent people.

If it were not for the drones progress…

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo would probably misunderstand that their captain had some unique fetishes.

But even so…

Zhu Xingguo still had some doubts.

It was not that he was suspicious of Wang Wens indiscriminate killing of the innocent.

Instead, he was puzzled.

“Master, you previously said that the progress was inconsistent and slow.

Why are you hesitating now that the progress is delivered to you”

Wang Wen gave him a tired look.

“I thought Id explained it clearly last time.

For the World Tower, any obstruction is good, but in the end, the core is to prevent us from going to higher levels.

To achieve that, it can delay the progress of the checkpoints or stop us from increasing our strength, reducing the speed or success rate of breaking through.

Of those two points, the former is a short-term benefit, and the latter is the key to long-term balance.”

He raised the Immortal Stone in his hand and motioned to Zhu Xingguo, saying, “We wanted to increase the progress but did not give in to that.

Later, we were no longer obsessed with the progress and started researching the Immortal Stone.

That definitely had a more significant impact on the World Tower.

When we began to try our best to keep up with the progress, it was obvious that we wanted to clear the field and leave this place as soon as possible!

At that point…

Ren Ruoruo said, “In other words, according to our current situation, if we continue to stay at this level and study the Immortal Stone, we might have a major breakthrough”

Wang Wen looked at the beautiful woman in front of him and nodded.

“At least, the tower believes so.”

Zhu Xingguo still did not quite understand; he scratched his head and asked, “Then why do we have to chase after the State Preceptor Cant the others do it”

Wang Wen raised two fingers.

“Number one, the State Preceptors progress has more than 90 points.

We are in a difficult environment where our progress is inconsistent.

There is no other sign of progress around us.

Only the State Preceptor has that many points.

Who else can we look at if not her Number two, just like the Immortal Stone in her hand, I believe that the royal family has most of this worlds wealth, and theyll always look for heavenly treasures.

The State Preceptor is a good stepping stone.

Even if we dont find anything else, well have enough points to pass this level.”

“Im still not sure why we have to look for heavenly treasures,” Zhu Xingguo frowned.

“Cant we just clear the level”

At that time…

Wang Wen suddenly fell silent.

Ren Ruoruo patted his arm and said, “Why do you have so many questions How will Captain climb the tower if he doesnt search for treasures Did you lose all your senses when you fell from the sky”

Zhu Xingguo rubbed his arms and mumbled in a low voice, “I just think that the State Preceptor is too cunning.

Its a waste of time to chase after her.

Its better to kill those little monsters to pass the level.”

Ren Ruoruo was still patting his arm.

“Thats because weve found the right direction.

Its terrifying the World Tower! Have you forgotten how we got here Where are the little monsters Before we found her, the World Tower would love for us to stay here to waste our time.

And now it wants to send us away Keep dreaming!”

Wang Wen said in a low voice, “I need a lot of money, and now you can exchange them with my creations.

This is an excellent opportunity, so I must find a way to exchange my mind power for many points!”

Ren Ruoruo was stunned.

Zhu Xingguo scratched his head again and said to Wang Wen, “How much do you want, Master I still have 200 million points.

If you need them urgently, you can use them first.”

Wang Wen shook his head and recalled the number of investments the First Consortium had made in his previous life.

He bitterly smiled and said, “I need more than that.”

Thus, Zhu Xingguo also froze.

“Those 200 million points are not enough” He and Ren Ruoruo looked at each other, both dumbfounded and speechless.

Wang Wen collected his thoughts and said, “The Immortal Stone is a good breakthrough.

Ill get it from the State Preceptor!

He waved his hand and pulled the consort, calmly asking her, “Where is the State Preceptor” Ill let you go if you bring me to her.”

That woman proudly smiled and said, “Demonic priest, if you want to find my sister, youll have to step over my dead body first.”

Wang Wen nodded.

He did not kill her.

He flew her to the front of the tall building and looked at the Emperor in the imperial robe.

“I dont have any other requests.

I just want to find the State Protector and kill the demon.”

Everyone who heard that pouted.

The timid ones stole glances.

Those bold and unafraid of death stared at the three headless bodies and snorted.

The woman, who had 37 progress points above her head, sneered, “The demonic priest killed innocents and slandered my sister.

If you want to kill a demon, shouldnt you kill yourself”

Wang Wen followed everyones gaze and looked at the three headless bodies.

“Those were all monsters.

If you dont believe me, Ill show you their true bodies.”

He turned to Zhu Xingguo and said, “Go, let the monster show itself.”

Zhu Xingguo rubbed his fists and wiped his palms as he stepped on the transparent floor and walked to the headless bodies to lift the nearest one and sell it.

When he repurchased it, only a headless animal carcass was left in his hand.

Judging from its furry little tail, it was probably a rabbit.

When everyone saw that, they were all shocked.

The woman said disdainfully, “Using a smokescreen to exchange a rabbit for a person.

Demonic Priest, your means are brilliant.

If you have any other tricks, just use them.”

Everyone heard that.

It seemed like they were suddenly enlightened.

They shook their heads and laughed.

Jue Mingzi was furious when they humiliated Wang Wen.

He pointed at another headless body and shouted, “Thousand Fortune Palaces, break!”

The headless body slowly turned into a headless chicken.

The old man could not help but make a move when he saw what his disciple did.

He sighed.

He stepped forward and cupped his hands toward the crowd.

“I am Wu Weizhi, the Clear Sky Sects Sect Master.

Those were indeed monsters.”

Everyone heard that.

They became hesitant again.

They whispered, “Could those really be monsters”

“The sect master will not lie.”

“Its hard to say.”

“If those were demons, then those who were usually in close contact with them…”


All the noise quickly died down.

Everyone could see that the Emperor was livid; his hands clutched the stone platform so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

His beloved consort realized that things were not quite right.

“Save me, Your Majesty!” she cried out to the Emperor.

“My sister let that sect go three years ago.

We walked different paths and couldnt collaborate.

However, I didnt expect them to turn against us!”

Everyone who heard that was dumbfounded.

It made sense!

Who should they believe

They felt as if their mental capacity had collapsed.

The ignorant peoples minds were in a mess.

Wang Wen, who had not spoken for a long time, suddenly spoke to the Emperor, saying, “Your Majesty, it doesnt matter whether Im a human or a demon.

Theres no need for everyone to worry about that.

I just want to discuss something with the State Preceptor.

I dont need to kill anyone.”

The Emperor raised his head to look at him.

After a long while…

“You… are quite polite,” he said.

Wang Wens eyes twitched.

His beloved concubine quickly shouted, “Your Majesty, dont believe the demonic priest easily.

Its all nonsense! We can ask him what hes here for, but he definitely wont be able to answer!”

“The Immortal Stone.” Without waiting for the other party to ask, Wang Wen showed them two identical stones.

“Were studying the replication of the Immortal Stone, and we need the State Preceptors help.

If we succeed, the State Preceptor can have as many Immortal Stones as he wants.”

The crowd saw two identical stones floating in the air.

They curiously whispered to each other and pointed at the stones.

“Copy What was a copy”

They wondered if those were the same Immortal Stones.

The beloved consort saw that the wind had changed again.

Feeling anxious, she hurriedly said, “As expected, its a bunch of nonsense! How can those be the same as the Immortal Stones Its laughable to think you can use that kind of trick to deceive His Majesty or the State Preceptor.”

Before she could finish her sentence…

A white-robed woman came from the palace in the distance.

“He is right.”

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