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To all the enemies who surrendered…

In principle, Wang Wen wanted to nip everything in the bud.

He did not believe that the enemy would surrender so easily.

However, he did not make a move at that time.

He adjusted his mental energy and transformed his fist into a claw to pull the white-robed woman closer.

He asked her as courteously as he could, “Do you have any more of those Immortal Stones at home Can you show me”

The white-robed womans eyes lit up when she heard that.

She quickly said, “Yes, not only the Immortal Stone, but I also have a lot of treasures! Ill have to trouble you to come with me to the Imperial City!”

As she spoke…

She waved her hand gently.

Rain began to fall from the sky.

It did not freeze that time but gently washed away the blood on her body.

The densely packed wounds slowly healed.

She also tied a thin chiffon to cover her graceful body.

The old man reminded Wang Wen softly, “Master, be careful.

Even though its heavily injured, it still has some magical power.

The fact that it can still maintain its human form means it still has some power left.

You must be careful!”

Wang Wen nodded.

He silently admired the white-robed woman as she put on her clothes.

He asked, “How do I get there By car or by plane”

The white-robed woman waved her hand and summoned countless green branches and leaves, weaving them into an exquisite carriage in the air.

She raised her hand and invited Wang Wen and the others, “Master, Im scared.

I dont dare to be your enemy anymore.

You can rest and rebuild your strength.

Ill be there with a cup of tea.”

Wang Wen was bold and skilled, so he was the first to sit in the carriage.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo then followed.

Jue Mingzi and his master looked at each other, gritted their teeth, and followed.

The beautiful carriage, which seemed to be woven by the hands of forest elves, floated steadily in the air and followed the white-robed woman into the distance.

After about ten minutes…

The lonely forest under his feet gradually turned into a muddy path.

It changed from a dirt path to a dirt path.

Luxurious carriages would appear from time to time, but they would be left far behind.

It was not bragging.

The white-robed womans vehicle was still very fast.

Furthermore, they did not have to take detours and just went straight ahead.

In the time it took to brew a cup of tea, Wang Wen saw the tall walls of the Imperial City appear in his line of sight.

Looking down from above…

The Imperial Citys gates were wide open.

The city was bustling with activity.

He did not have time to observe that ancient city carefully.

The white-robed woman leading the way suddenly accelerated and swooped down.

Meanwhile, the vehicle Wang Wen and the others were in was wrapped like a ball and crashed into the city wall.

An invisible giant hand held the ball.

Another giant hand grabbed at the white-robed woman.

She was pushed back by the other partys palm.

The giant hand spread out in all directions and turned into thousands of invisible threads wrapped around the white-robed woman.

The white-robed woman in the air allowed all the threads to wrap around her.

Then, the thread tightened.

It only wrapped around a pile of empty clothes.

The person inside it had long since disappeared.

The passersby in the city were all panicking and running away.

A hole was ripped in the lifted tree ball in the air.

Wang Wen walked out.

He squinted and looked at the clothes entangled in his mental power.

Behind him, Ren Ruoruo growled, “So cunning! We cant trust the words of a monster!”

“It appears that we can only ask for directions,” Wang Wen said, nodding.

He summoned the drone and had it scan the progress of the people in the city.

The drone began to work unhappily but helplessly.

Soon, it found a pretty woman with ten progress points above her head.

Wang Wen waved his hand.

The woman screamed as she was lifted into the air.

At the same time, many soldiers gathered and shot countless arrows at Wang Wen and his men.

Wang Wen controlled the giant hand to move everyone.

The arrows in the air lost their target and fell back to the ground.

There was no interference.

Wang Wen focused on interrogating the pretty woman.

“Where is the State Preceptor”

The pretty woman trembled and said timidly, “Please spare my life.

I dont know anything…”

Wang Wen crushed the pretty womans head.

Fresh blood fell from the sky.

Jue Mingzi was dumbfounded.

He turned to look at his master.

The old man said, “Thats right.

Even though it was well concealed, there were still traces of demonic aura emanating from its body.

Its a demon of the same level as the snake demon.”

Wang Wen did not pay any attention to the duo.

He picked up an even more beautiful woman from not far away.

That woman did not pretend to be weak.

As soon as he got close, she waved her arm and cast a spell.

Colorful petals flew out from her arm and headed straight for Wang Wen.

Wang Wen hooked his finger, and the petals all withered and fell to the ground.

“Where is the State Preceptor” he asked the woman politely.

“Demon, die!” The woman was righteous, and her pretty face was full of holiness, determination, unyieldingness, and virtue.

She gritted her teeth and continued to attack.

Jue Mingzi turned her head to look at her master.

Why did the old man look a little uncertain

He mumbled hesitantly, “Theres no demonic aura, and her magic is very clean.


He could not help but take a step forward and cup his hands around the womans.

“I am Wu Shizi, the Clear Sky Sects Sect Master.

May I ask where you are from”


The beautiful woman was shot in the head before she could say anything.

Wang Wen turned to look at the old man curiously.

“What Do you know each other”

The old man cupped his hands hesitantly; his feelings were extremely complicated, and he did not know how to express them.

“Master” Jue Mingzi was worried about him.

After a long while…

The old man sighed as he noticed Wang Wen picked up a third woman and began asking questions.

“I am getting old and can no longer see clearly.

This is a young mans world now.”

Before he finished his words…

A third womans head exploded as well.

Three headless bodies stood in a row in midair, each more graceful than the other.

The people in the city below were going crazy.

No one with progress above their heads dared to run around.

They all hid under various exquisite eaves in the inner city.

Wang Wen carried everyone and flew forward.

Not too far from the ground…

The giant hand could not stay in the air.

The giant hand made of mental power was not yet able to stay hovering in the air.

It still had to be connected to the ground to make it look like it was flying.

So, Wang Wen could not fly too high up.

Otherwise, they would need to build a very long arm to support it.

But it might be too thin to hold on.

The energy consumption for that was too high.

Therefore, he could only fly at low altitudes.

Even so, his posture was already very frightening.

Behind him was a hideous tree ball, and in front of him were three headless bodies.

He looked more like a villain than any other villain.

He was like a vengeful super demon!

There were a large number of people in the city who were not afraid of death, shouting and pleading with the imperial advisor to expel the demon.

Wang Wen flew to the inner city.

Several massive crossbows were aimed at him from the top of the wall.

Wang Wen ignored them.

He focused on looking around and finally found another beautiful woman with progress above her head.

Zhu Xingguo looked at the drones progress and approached Wang Wen, saying, “Master, its already more than 60 percent.

If you kill again, will wepass this level”

Wang Wen looked at the beautiful lady with more than 30 progress points.

He hesitated.

In the distance, a man walked out of a tall building surrounded by a large group of people.

He shouted at Wang Wen, “Immortal Master, if you want anything, just take it! Let go of my beloved consort!”

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