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The blood ball was broken.

It was Wang Wens spiritual power barrier.

With that broken.

It was not as simple as high-speed particles entering it.

There was also a dark red substance wrapped around it.

Even if Wang Wen was quick to repair the barrier and disperse the high-speed particles that leaked…

The dark red substance that bounced around like a living thing was enough to throw people and horses into chaos inside the barrier.

It would immediately burn a large hole through his clothes if it touched him.

It would be even worse if his skin came into contact with it.

The skin would not only be devoured immediately but also burrow into the flesh.

As it ate all the flesh and fascias, its body would also grow larger.

There was quite a lot of dark red substance that leaked in.

Wang Wen, Zhu Xingguo and Jue Mingzi all had it.

Ren Ruoruo, hiding behind Zhu Xingguo and barely avoiding the attack, quickly cut off a piece of flesh from Zhu Xingguos shoulder.

The flesh that fell to the ground quickly entered the mouth of the dark red substance.

Zhu Xingguo used the Fair Exchange to buy a large pile of soil to cover it.

On the other side, the old man, who was equally lucky, also quickly helped Jue Mingzi to remove the few red spots on his body.

Both of them had help.

Everyone then looked at Wang Wen, who was blocking the most attacks.

His eyes were closed, and the dark red substance on his body was like mud stuck on the wall and dried up, drying and falling off piece by piece.

It did not take long for him to get cleaned up.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw Zhu Xingguo covered in blood.

Wang Wen asked, “You were hiding behind me.

How did you get injured more severely than me”

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo looked at each other.

Neither of them knew how to answer the question.

Fortunately, Wang Wen did not want to know the answer.

He took a few bottles of Elixir of Life from the drone.

He drank one bottle, threw another bottle to Zhu Xingguo, and sprinkled the last bottle on Jue Mingzi.

Jue Mingzi was still in a daze after being splashed with water, but he suddenly felt an unspeakable comfort from the wounds all over his body.

He almost could not help but groan.

He lowered his head and saw that all the wounds caused by the dark red substance were recovering visibly.

The old man pulled on his clothes and observed that miraculous scene.

He looked at his disciple, and his eyes were filled with extreme shock.

“Is this…” The old man glanced at Wang Wen and the other two and exclaimed softly, “A celestial technique”

“No wonder I cant feel any qi.

Theyre gods!” Jue Mingzi exclaimed.

The old man recalled everything that happened after he met the three of them.

He muttered to himself, “Turning stone into gold.

Taking things from a distance, creating something out of nothing, invincible to fire and water, as well as blades and spears, rising into the air without external help…”

The more he mumbled, the brighter his eyes became.

“I thought it was just a trick of the pugilistic world.

I did not expect to meet a true immortal!”

The two of them were getting increasingly excited as they talked, and they were so enthusiastic that they were trembling.

Wang Wen and the other two were carefully studying the Immortal Stone they had seized from the white-robed woman.

After scanning it with a drone, he found that the Immortal Stone was not a World Tower item.

It looked like a round cobblestone.

He let Zhu Xingguo ask for the price, and he got an astonishing number of millions of points.

A small piece of stone, the size of a thumb, was more expensive than a diamond of the same size.

Wang Wens eyes brightened.

His and Ren Ruoruos eyes flickered as they stared at the Immortal Stone.

After watching for a while…

The two of them looked at each other.

Ren Ruoruo shook her head.

Wang Wen nodded and rolled his sleeves, saying, “Ill try.”

He held the Immortal Stone in his left hand and studied it.

With his right palm facing up, an Immortal Stone-like object gradually appeared.

Not long after that…

Two cloned stones appeared.

Wang Wens brows furrowed tightly.

“The consumption rate is minimal,” he said hesitantly, looking at the stone.

“I dont think it succeeded.”

Zhu Xingguo took the stone and said, “Well know if I ask.”

He asked for the price.

One piece was worth millions of points.

The other one was worth 12 points.

That was probably because of his spiritual power.

Zhu Xingguo noticed that Wang Wen was silent.

He thought about it.

He said, “Dont be sad, Master.

Its already impressive that a small stone can be sold for 12 points.

Its much more valuable than the sand I dug! It was only worth one or two points after digging so much!”

He noticed that Wang Wens face had turned slightly green.

“Why dont you sleep for a while” Ren Ruoruo tried to persuade Zhu Xingguo.

“Why” Zhu Xingguo was stunned.

“Think of it yourself,” Ren Ruoruo said.

Thus, Zhu Xingguo fell into deep thought with a solemn expression.

Wang Wen gently touched the stone created by his mental power and muttered in confusion, “Where were you lacking Even the molecular structure is the same!”

Ren Ruoruo pinched her chin and analyzed, “There might be an unscientific substance.”

The two of them were frowning.

Jue Mingzi and his master moved closer.

The old man carefully asked, “Fellow immortals… What were you discussing, Masters”

Zhu Xingguo was puzzled by how the old man addressed them.

Wang Wens eyes lit up when he saw the master and disciple duo.

He handed them two stones and said, “Whats the difference between these two stones”

The old man took the stone.

He focused on it.

His forehead was immediately covered in sweat as he exclaimed, “The State Preceptors immortal stone!”

Jue Mingzi observed them.

He said, “Strange, they clearly look exactly the same.

One piece is full of magic, but the other has none.”

Upon hearing that…

Wang Wen narrowed his eyes, deep in thought.

The old man trembled as he handed the Immortal Stone back.

He said fearfully, “Youve taken the State Preceptors Immortal Stone.

Even though you are very powerful, the difference in the magical power of these other two immortal stones is too great.

Im afraid its difficult to pass off the fake ones as the real ones.

The enemy will fight you to the death.”

“Of course not.

Theres so much progress.

How can we let it go” Wang Wen took the stone and regarded the situation outside.

He waited until all the high-speed particle energy was exhausted.

He dispersed his mental energy.

The dark red substance outside the barrier had already disappeared.

The world outside seemed to have been pixelated.

It was broken, but there was a certain pattern to it.

The center of the explosion radiated outward.

The white-robed woman was nowhere to be seen.

“The high-speed particles destroyed everything.” Ren Ruoruo observed her surroundings in confusion.

Wang Wen shook his head and looked at the furthest spot in the radial range, where there was a pool of blood.

He did not go there to take a look.

He condensed his spiritual power into a massive fist and punched the object.

The moment it contacted…

The falling momentum of the giant fist stopped.

A pair of bleeding hands supported the massive fist.

Ren Ruoruo and the others hid behind Wang Wen like scared birds, secretly peering out to assess the situation.

Wang Wen frowned.

He rubbed his temples and placed things like generators next to the pile of flesh.

“Wait… wait a second.”

The pile of flesh moved!

The white-robed woman, covered in blood, struggled to stand up.

When she saw the terrifying black iron appear beside her again, she was so frightened that she said, “Wait, dont attack.

I surrender!”

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