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Wang Wen turned around and left without saying a word.

Jue Mingzi hurriedly ran to the three people and said, “Im really sorry, Grandmasters.

This is all a misunderstanding…”

Before he could finish his sentence.

The old mans voice rang out from behind, “What misunderstanding How can he be called a master if he doesnt have that much patience I did it on purpose!”

“No.” Jue Mingzi was anxious.

“Dont listen to my master.

He meant well.”

Wang Wen sighed.

He was so anxious that he was sweating.

He smiled and shook his head.

He said helplessly, “Its not important, Jue Mingzi.

It doesnt matter if it was a misunderstanding or intentional.

You were kind.

If we do meet again, I will treat you to a meal.


He was done talking

The three did not stay any longer and quickly descended the mountain before dark.

Jue Mingzi kept apologizing and sent the three out of the gate.

He watched them disappear at the end of the mountain road.

He turned around with a bitter expression.

The old man was not far behind.

Seeing the expression on Jue Mingzis face, the old man snorted and said, “See, youre still pretending to be a master with such a bad temper.

Youre still young.

I dont blame you for being ignorant.

When you meet other people in the future, be more careful and dont be so open.”

“Master!” Jue Mingzi smiled bitterly and said, “Anyone would be angry when you ignore them for a few hours.

Besides, I dont think theyre truly angry.

They just dont care; they have things to do.”

“What can a few immature brats be busy with” The old man recalled the scene of Wang Wen waving the gold nuggets and frowned.

“Hes just trying to act mysterious by using smokescreen techniques!”

Jue Mingzi became tired after failing to persuade him, and he did not speak again.

He signaled to the junior brothers watching the show to prepare the meal.

The child who had opened the door suddenly said, “Senior Brother, Master, it sounds like theyre going to the Immortal Slaying Platform to find the State Preceptor.

Their target is the Immortal Stone.”

“State Preceptor!” Jue Mingzi suddenly turned to look at the old man.

The old mans expression finally changed.

With a grave expression, he lowered his eyes and pondered.

After a long while…

He shook his head and said, “They dont have any demonic aura or magical power.

They must be mortals who have mastered some secret techniques.

Im sure theyll be in trouble if they go to meet that profound demon.”

Jue Mingzi was even more anxious when he said, “Master, let me go and stop them!”

“Its too late.

Theyre already at the foot of the mountain.” The old man shook his head again.

Jue Mingzi was surprised.

“That fast”

The old man squinted his eyes and looked up at the sky.

“Those brats are indeed quite skilled.

There were some moves that I couldnt quite understand.”

“Then what should we do” Jue Mingzi was anxious as he paced and said, “Its all my fault.

I didnt convince them to stay! Is it too late to chase after them now”

The old man looked at the sky for a while.

He suddenly smiled.

He turned around and walked back.

Jue Mingzi shouted, “Master!”

“Lets hurry up and eat,” the old man said without turning his head.

“Well eat and drink to our hearts content and rush to save them.”

“We” Jue Mingzi said.

He was overjoyed.

He hurriedly jogged to help the old man.

As for the subject of their discussion…

Wang Wen and the other two.

They had already reached the village at the foot of the mountain.

The move that even Jue Mingzis master could not understand…

In fact, Wang Wen had jumped off the cliff in a hurry.

He used his spiritual power to support the three of them as they slowly descended.

A straight line was preferable to a long route.

It did not take long for them to reach the bottom of the mountain.

It was time for dinner.

The three of them sniffed the fragrance of firewood that filled the streets.

Their last meal was roasted chicken.

Wang Wens appetite was disturbed by an evil person, and he left without eating his fill.

He had been ignored for a few hours and did not even get to drink a cup of tea.

He could not help but drool as he looked around at all the people squatting at the door with their bowls, eating dinner.

Wang Wen shook his head in amusement as he noticed Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo staring at him from the corner of his eye.

He chose a nearby farmhouse at random and began walking.

When the man at the door noticed a few strangers approaching his house, he turned around and grabbed the fire stick by the stove, his eyes wide open.

Wang Wen looked at the food in his bowl.

It was a plain and bland dough ball.

He walked around the house and saw a piece of mutton hanging on the beam.

He took it to the stove, washed it with water, cut it into pieces, and stir-fried it in the pot.

He did not have any fire, but he asked the dazed Zhu Xingguo to add fire.

After a while, an alluring fragrance wafted through the air.

The man and his family were stunned.

For some reason, the fire stick he had been holding was fixed on the wall.

The man threw his bowl and chopsticks, rolled up his sleeves, and rushed forward to fight, but in the end, he was also fixed to the wall, unable to move.

He was shocked and angry.

He was just about to shout.

His mouth was stuffed with a thin piece of cured mutton cut with good knife skills.

He chewed on it subconsciously.

The smell of the meat spoiled his thoughts.

He could not help but chew on it and cry simultaneously.

Ren Ruoruo rummaged through the big bag of seasoning that Zhu Xingguo had bought and carefully sprinkled the right sauce into the pot.

There was no need to put too much seasoning on the dried mutton.

Even the MSG was not necessary.

She just needed to remove any foul odor.

A little cooking wine, a little fennel, a little pepper, and a little white sesame before she took it out of the pot.

It was just a simple pot of delicious food.

Wang Wen took the mutton.

There was no table.

He casually beckoned with his hand, and a few stones obediently pieced together to form a stone table.

The remaining scraps were used to make a few stone stools.

They were neatly placed against the wall.

He placed the lamb on the table.

Then he scooped a bowl of clear soup from the clay pot beside the stove.

The three of them ate the mutton happily.

Wang Wen saw the child in the womans arms staring at the lamb, drooling as his fingers quivered.

He smiled and waved at the child.

Of course, no one would pay attention to him.

The woman even hugged the child and hid further away.

An old man walked out of the inner room.

He raised the big knife he used to cut wood and aimed it at Wang Wens head.

Wang Wen chewed the mutton and gently held the big knife in the old mans hand.

He took it away and placed it in a row beside the man by the door.

Then he helped the old man sit at the stone table and put a few pieces of mutton in front of him.

The old man looked at the man with the sword, who could not move.

He thought about it.

Without another word, he ate the mutton.

Wang Wen was a little surprised, but he did not stop the old man.

The whole piece of dried mutton was stir-fried, and there was enough.

It would be difficult for the three to finish it.

They could feed a few more mouths.

He did not have to worry about the old man choking.

Previously, Wang Wen was afraid that it would not be cooked well, so he used his scalpel-like, precise poison technique to cut the mutton into pieces like paper.

At that moment, the bowl of cured mutton on the table was simply shiny and fragrant, and it melted in their mouths.

At first, the old man wanted to go all out.

After a few bites, he realized that it was really f*cking delicious.

The more he ate, the brighter his eyes became.

In the end, he was almost entranced.

Since the old man did not stop eating, Ren Ruoruo scooped a bowl of soup and placed it in front of him.

The old man picked up the bowl and drank it in one gulp.

It was as if he were drinking a bowl of pure hard liquor.

It was as if he was leaving after that meal.

He exuded a carefree aura.

It had to be said.

The more people there were, the more delicious the meal was.

Wang Wen drank two big bowls of soup and was tired of eating mutton.

He finally stopped eating, covered his mouth, and burped.

Zhu Xingguo was still fighting with the old man, sweating profusely.

Ren Ruoruo had already eaten her fill, so she dropped her chopsticks and looked around for vegetables and fruits, preparing some vegetarian food for everyone to relieve their boredom after dinner.

Wang Wen saw the man and woman with tears on their faces.

He got up and walked forward.

First, he had to stop the woman, who was wailing and planning to let the child escape before she rushed forward to fight for her life.

Then he took out a small bag of gold nuggets that Zhu Xingguo had given him and stuffed it into the womans hand.

When the woman saw the gold, she choked for a while.

But she still cried.

Wang Wen stuffed another one into his mouth.

Then, she continued to cry.

He was speechless.

He walked to the mans side, gestured with his hand, removed the restriction on the mans mouth, and asked, “Its not like were eating for free.

Why is she crying when I gave her gold”

The man wailed.

“Youve eaten half of our lifetimes worth of cured meat; Im going to f*cking fight you to the death! Argh!”

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