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Everything was like a dream or a bubble, dew or lightning, and should be observed like that—delusions, right or wrong, all living things, impurities, suffering, the hearts impermanence, and mindfulness.

A single basic skill broke through the confusion.

To describe it more vividly…

Spiritual power was about energy.

Poison control was about control.

Mechanism technique was about an objects structure.

Scientific decipherment was about essence.

Wang Wen only had two skills to break through.

His mental abilities and poison control technique enabled him to control energy.

It was only when he had broken through his mechanism techniques that he could create things out of thin air.

After careful analysis, he found that each of the three skills had its own uses and was indispensable.

It was a qualitative change produced by the fusion.

At that moment.

The scientific code that represented the essence had finally been broken.

What kind of qualitative changes would happen after the fusion

Mental strength and poison control techniques were equivalent to controlling energy, and mechanical techniques were equivalent to creating things out of thin air.

Plus, a scientific decipherment

Wang Wen had the answer on the World Towers 352nd floor.

In the eyes of others.

He had been at the starting point.

He took one step and reached the end.

Zhou Shengsheng was dumbfounded.

He stood on the spot and forgot to run.

The killing mechanism caught up with him instantly.

Just as his flesh was about to be mashed into sauce…

Wang Wen reached out and pointed at him.

His figure had reached the end.

“Master, I want one too!” Zhu Xingguo raised his hand and shouted from afar.

Wang Wen smiled.

He turned his fingers into a palm.

The World Towers killing mechanism, which had never been slowed, gradually came to a stop.

The entire speed mechanism room made a loud noise.

All the stone walls cracked.

The sand and dust above his head fell.

The three peoples expressions changed dramatically as they stared at the impending doomsday collapse.

Wang Wen shook his head.

He gently clenched his palm.

All the sounds, cracks, and dust immediately stopped.

Wang Wen smiled at the stunned crowd, turned around, and walked into the entrance.

“Come on, lets go to the next floor.”

Zhu Xingguo looked back at the motionless killing mechanism behind him with a lingering fear.

His forehead was covered in sweat; Wang Wens danger level had reached the highest.

He was deeply worried for the group.

Ren Ruoruo looked at her Great Sage with a sense of loss, feeling as if she had missed something.

The 359th floor was passed in the blink of an eye.

It took less than ten minutes.

Zhou Shengsheng and the other two did not have a chance to intervene.

He stood on the 360th floor.

The drone said something.

“Someone in the same team had left the tower or died.

The team is not full.

If you reach the 300th floor and above, you can open the checkpoint or wait for other tower climbers to fill in the numbers.”

Wang Wen chose to wait for tower climbers to fill their team.

He sat on the ground and closed his eyes to rest.

“Master, are you invincible now” Zhu Xingguo asked Wang Wen curiously.

“The number one tower climber”

Wang Wen shook his head and said, “Its not that dramatic.

My current state consumes a lot of energy.

I still need to exercise and practice more.

Otherwise, I cant last for too long.”

Zhu Xingguo responded regretfully.

Someone wrapped in white light entered the entrance.

The person greeted the four warmly and said,”Hello, everyone.

Im here to push my limits.

Ill leave after I clear this level.

I wont disturb your conversation.”

Zhou Shengsheng looked at Wang Wen and saw that he was taking advantage of the safe period to close his eyes and rest without saying anything.

So, he stood up and politely said to the other party, “Youre not disturbing us.

We also want to clear the level.”

“Its fine as long as Im not disturbing you.” The other party nodded and smiled, saying, “I hope you wont disturb me.

Lets start the show!

That sentence made Zhou Shengsheng awkwardly withdraw his hand.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo looked at each other.

Wang Wen opened his eyes and looked at the other person curiously.

After the other party finished speaking, he pulled the drone and told it to begin the level.

The drone flew over to confirm with Wang Wen and the others.

Seeing that the reward distribution mode was kill mode,Wang Wen smiled and agreed to activate the stage.

The surrounding fog dispersed.

Everyone found themselves on a huge cruise ship.

The cabin was spacious, beautifully decorated, and extremely lively.

The people passing by were either polite waiters or waitresses.

The others were men and women in exquisite gowns.

The few people who passed by gave them a happy smile.

Not far away, the guy who told them not to disturb him pulled the drone over.

He was dumbfounded.

Ren Ruoruo, who was standing next to Wang Wen, had a glint in her eyes.

“Theres something strange about this level.

The people in front of us arent the progress but the reverse.”

Zhu Xingguo was puzzled.

“What do you mean, reverse”

Wang Wen closed his eyes as if he were sensing something.

“That is to say we wont get progress points by killing those people,” Ren Ruoruo explained.

“There will only be progress by helping or saving them.”

“How can I help” Zhu Xingguo pulled over the drone to check.

“Theres no explanation.”

Ren Ruoruo was about to speak.

Wang Wen opened his eyes.

“Theres an iceberg.

Were about to hit it.”

Zhu Xingguo was shocked.

“What I think Ive seen this plot before!”


Ren Ruoruo grabbed a passing waiter and asked, “Wheres the captains cabin”

The waiter did not have time to answer.

The entire cruise ship suddenly tilted, and the ships bow changed direction.

Everyone could not stand steadily, and the cabin was in chaos.

Ren Ruoruo grabbed the waiter and shouted, “Take us to the captains room immediately!”

“No need.

Come with me,” Wang Wen called out to the others.

He walked out of the cabin and went up the ladder to the control room.

That floor was extremely noisy.

Everyone ran back and forth, shouting.

The control room was packed with people.

Everyone was staring at the huge shadow in the darkness.

The searchlight shone over.

He could only vaguely see a little bit of ice.

The cruise ship was already turning with all its might.

However, the ship still did not seem to be able to avoid the shadows.

“What do we do with this level” Zhu Xingguo looked at the small mechanism in his hand and felt helpless.

Ren Ruoruo frowned.

“Theres too little time.

Weve only just activated the checkpoint, and its already at this stage.

Theres no time at all.”

“Wrong, wrong.” Zhou Shengsheng mumbled to himself, looking around.

“Its not rare to save someone, but isnt this too dramatic If we needed 0.01 points to save one person, wont we need to save 10,000 people Thats equivalent to saving an entire ship of people! How can there be such a level”

Someone was following behind.

It was the do-not-disturb-me guy from before.

The other party walked to their side hesitantly and muttered, “This levels difficulty is not low.

I suggest that everyone cooperate.

It hasnt been easy for me to get here, and I dont want to give up just like that!”

Before he finished his words.

Zhou Shengsheng suddenly pointed at the iceberg and shouted in shock, “F*ck! The iceberg is the progress! Are they asking us to destroy the iceberg Are you kidding me”

Before he finished his words…

Wang Wen pointed at the shadow of the iceberg.

The shadow disappeared.

The other guy was stunned.

Zhou Shengsheng was speechless.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

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