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One could choose from three rewards.

It looked like a helpless compromise.

In fact, the tower was just throwing the problem back at the tower climbers.

Because they would have to choose one out of the three.

It was not like the tower was giving them all three choices.

Therefore, at first glance, it seemed like the tower climbers had gained a significant advantage, and the other party was very generous.

The ball had rolled back to its feet.

It was time for everyone to have a headache.

At that point, Wang Wen did not dare to say anything more.

The Young Master was right about something.

The rules were all set by World Tower.

If they were to make things too awkward and push it too far, provoking the tower would definitely not end well.

Wang Wen knew that he could only argue within the right range.

He could not be unreasonable.

The three rewards in front of him became extremely important.

How could he maximize the benefits of that hidden reward

He fell into deep thought.

At that moment, Ren Ruoruo came over to discuss.

“Captain, which one should I choose”

Wang Wen looked at her, thought for a moment, and asked, “Are you interested in training one more basic skill If you are, I suggest you choose the third reward, the basic skill, so you can get to a Broken Might level again.”

Ren Ruoruos eyes widened.

“Wait a moment.

Let me organize my thoughts.

Im already a Broken Might Master for one basic skill.

Captain, do you mean I still need to practice another basic skill before choosing the third reward In other words, I need three basic skills.

Why Do you think Im too free”

Wang Wen looked at Zhou Shengsheng and said in a low voice, “I can only say that if you have that kind of determination, then choose the third reward.

Otherwise, it doesnt have much meaning.

In the short term, improving your strength with the first two rewards is more obvious.”

Ren Ruoruo nodded thoughtfully and retreated to the side.

Zhu Xingguo came over.

His face was filled with excitement as he was about to speak.

“You can choose the second option,” Wang Wen said.

“Choose a unique type of treasure!”

Zhu Xingguo was slightly stunned and said in confusion, “Master, dont you need to ask me any questions Isnt it a little sloppy to come to a conclusion so quickly”

“Theres no need to ask or think.

The second option is best for you.

Ive even thought about which one if you cant decide,” Wang Wen said firmly.

“So fast Then which one should I take ” Zhu Xingguo pulled the drone and looked at the reward list.

Wang Wen pointed at an item on the reward list and said to him, “That.”

Zhu Xingguo looked at the information.

He nodded thoughtfully and stepped aside.

The two of them had become quiet and deep in thought.

Wang Wens lips curled upward.

He knew the rewards his disciple needed.

He did not feel that conflicted.

He just had to follow his intuition.

The transcendence skills below the 350th floor would definitely be the first to be eliminated.

Skills at the lower levels were meaningless, even if he wasted relics to upgrade them.

It was without a doubt that one had to be super talented to practice extraordinary skills.

That left the last two rewards.

A unique type of true treasure was powerful and useful.

It would increase ones strength significantly in a short period.

Taking advantage of that rare opportunity, he quickly browsed through the information on all the unique true treasures that might exist below the 350th floor.

He even saw the Giants Heart and the Body Immobilizing Bead that he had, as well as the True Clone that he had used before.

There were duplicates of unique types of true treasures.

Then what was so supreme about it

Wang Wen asked the drone about that.

The drone replied that consumed items could be regenerated, while unconsumed items could only be selected from items without an owner.

Wang Wen raised his eyebrows and got ready to test if they were ownerless one by one.

He wanted to see how many of those unique, supreme treasures had been distributed.

However, the drone immediately interrupted his thoughts.

Only after the selection was confirmed could he know if it had an owner.

If it had an owner, he could choose again; if it did not, it would be issued as a reward.

With that, Wang Wen did not dare to act recklessly.

That was because what he wanted the most was the third reward.

To be a Broken Might Master of a basic skill.

He was already a Broken Might Master for three basic skills.

He also understood the power after reaching that level.

He was very eager to know what he could do if he were a Broken Might Master for four basic skills.

So, there was a problem in front of him.

The remaining two basic skills were scientific decipherment and physical combat.

He was terrible at both.

In particular, for the scientific decipherment, he was almost at the master level because of the time-limited secret room.

His physical combat was better than his scientific decipherment skills.

After all, he maintained the habit of training every day from his previous life.

He had also strengthened his body once after reaching the 300th level.

So, according to common sense, the benefits would be more significant if he could get his physical combat skills to the level of a Broken Might master.

That should be easy for all of the tower climbers to decide.

One was a scientific decipherment with limited uses, and the other was a physical combat fitness with a wide range of uses.

If he could easily break through the bottleneck and go straight to the Broken Might level.

Even a fool would know what to choose.

However, Wang Wen was hesitant.

He knew there was a crucial point.

The World Towers 400th floor.

The first person to step on the stage can choose to strengthen one of their basic skills.

Whether it was an ordinary master or a Broken Might master, both could strengthen their skills.

That did not mean they would experience a breakthrough.

A person with low-level scientific decipherment skills would likely only master the skills.

He had already trained quite a lot and gone straight to the 300th floor.

He had a high chance of passing through the 400th floor.

If the hidden reward at that time was the ability to fight…

In the future, he could stall for time, not going up to the 400th level.

Otherwise, he would waste his only chance for a reward and use it on his scientific decipherment instead of focusing on getting to the 400th floor.

That was very awkward.

If he did not make it to the 400th floor…

Wang Wen was not worried about losing his pride.

He could leave the tower when they reach the 399th floor and let Ren Ruoruo jump to the 400th floor with Zhou Shengsheng.

After all, the reward for the first checkpoint could be triggered by standing on the 399th floor, so there was no need to clear the level.

He just felt that it was a waste of time.

And those things were out of his control.

He was confident that he could strengthen his fighting ability through training.

How would he increase his scientific decipherment skills

He had no confidence at all.

Just thinking about the time-limited secret room gave him a headache.

Those were all things that could stimulate his mental power and steadily increase it.

Spiritual power training would not lie.

Facing the only thing one rejected in ones heart would not necessarily increase ones spiritual power by 100 percent.

But the things that could increase ones spiritual power must be something that ones heart rejected the most.

That was why those people were so shocked when they saw the stone that Wang Wen had placed on the field.

Even the First Consortiums Director helplessly turned to leave.

They knew how painful and unbearable the spiritual power training had been since ancient times.

With such an easy training method in the academy, it was impossible to poach anyone away so easily.

But to Wang Wen.

Before he absorbed the divine stone.

If he wanted to train his spiritual power, the most effective way would be to face the time-limited secret room.

That was the thing that he hated the most.

He was so repulsed that he could increase his spiritual power steadily every time he faced it.

He did not make any mistakes.

If he wanted to practice scientific decipherment, it would be related to the time-limited secret room.

He did not have to do it in the World Tower.

The simulation outside the tower would also have some effect.

However, that would only make Wang Wen suffer even more.

In the tower, there was still the consolation prize of increasing ones spiritual power if one encountered a time-limited secret room.

Outside the tower, the simulation had only pure pain.

The simulated secret room would not increase ones spiritual power.

After such an analysis, it seemed like the best reward was to get his scientific decipherment to the Broken Might level.

Thinking of that…

Wang Wen made up his mind.

“I choose to get my scientific decipherment skills to the Broken Might level.”

The drone left.

It seemed to be flying much faster than before.

It was filled with the joy of finally completing the mission and escaping.

It did not know what he was afraid of.

It left behind a group of people who had received their rewards.

Each of them had their own gain.

They all had different feelings.

In the end, Ren Ruoruo did not have the confidence to practice another basic skill.

She preferred to have peace.

She obtained a supreme treasure from the 300th floor she had wanted for a long time—the Monkey King.

That item would allow the user to transform 72 times, like the Great Sage.

The user can also pluck a hair and summon countless minions to attack the enemy.

It would last for one hour and had a cooldown period of 24 hours.

The most important thing was that during the duration, the eyes would turn into fiery golden eyes, allowing night vision, breaking obstacles, and identifying what was false and what was real.

It could maximize the effect of ones scientific decipherment skills.

That was a significant improvement for Ren Ruoruo.

Wang Wen did not say anything after knowing her choice.

Compared to a second Broken Might level, the supreme treasure was a better improvement.

She had made the right choice.

Each of them had their own path.

No one could walk for another.

The 351st floor ended very quickly.

The group entered the 352nd floor.

It was a speed mechanism.

Ren Ruoruo was overjoyed.

She wanted to try out the powerful treasure she had just obtained.

She retrieved the Great Sage from the drone.

She used the item.

A large cloud of colorful smoke rose from the ground, with golden light constantly shining out of it.

At the same time, it was accompanied by the faint sound of passionate music.

Ren Ruoruo transformed into the Great Sage and slowly walked out of the smoke.

She turned around to look at the killing mechanism that had been activated.

She waved the iron rod in her hand that she had taken from somewhere.

Suddenly, she somersaulted.

When she landed again, she was already standing at the finish line.

The checkpoint rooms poisonous arrow mechanisms were all activated, and they were all aimed at Ren Ruoruo.

She plucked a hair and blew on it.

Countless little Rens appeared in the air, laughing.

There were even more of them than poisonous arrows.

They gently grabbed the poisonous arrows flying in the air and piled them by Ren Ruoruos feet.

From that day onward…

Ren Ruoruo would no longer have a problem if she came across a speed mechanism while the Great Sage item was in effect, regardless of which floor she was on or how complicated and dangerous it was.

It was a supreme treasure.

It was terrifying!

Looking at her teammate who had just started running, especially Zhou Shengsheng, she exclaimed, “Is this not too exaggerated

“Youre invincible!”

Ren Ruoruo laughed out loud.

She was halfway through laughing.

Her voice stopped abruptly.

She discovered it in horror.

She did not know when, but there was a person standing beside her!

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