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What was good and what was evil

Wang Wen could never answer that question.

To say he was kind would be an understatement; his ruthless methods and the way he dealt with both sides of the issue were anything but.

When confronted with all the pleading, he acted more like a cold-blooded demon, refusing even to let go of children.

To prove his evilness, at the end of the level, he touched the hidden heart of an unrelated stranger, forcing himself to threaten the unfortunate individual to change the progress.


It should be said that all he did was climb the tower.

After all, who could argue that Wang Wens threat to change the course of events at the end was not part of his planned experiment

Lin Kaihe was saved.

He was dragged out of the pit and kneeled beside it, kowtowing to Wang Wen and the others.

The group of tower climbers stood at the entrance, wrapped in white light, quietly watching the people bowing in gratitude to him.

It was as if Wang Wen had done something amazing.

They had forgotten that Wang Wen only decided not to kill.

He did not kill Lin Kaihe, who could then live a normal life.

He would thank Wang Wen for not killing him.

As for that ending…

Nobody knew what Wang Wen, who wore no expression, was thinking.

Zhou Shengsheng shrugged his shoulders casually.

On the other hand, Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo received more gratification.

Ren Ruoruo, in particular, looked at Wang Wen with a gentler gaze.

She and Zhu Xingguo sighed softly.

“I did not expect the Captain to be cold on the outside but warm on the inside,” she said.

“He has a soft heart.”

Zhu Xingguo did not care about that at all.

His focus was like a rabid dog loose from its cage, running thousands of miles away.

“Master, if they did not change their pace, would you have dug their graves” he asked Wang Wen, turning his head.

Wang Wen looked at his precious disciple strangely and said, “I dont like to say harsh words but do soft things.

What I said was not a threat; I was being tactful.

In fact, what I wanted to do was more complicated than what I said.

Its rare to encounter such an unlucky person who is easy to bully.

Shouldnt I have done many experiments at once”

Zhu Xingguo nodded, but no one knew if he understood.

Ren Ruoruo was dumbfounded, and her curiosity exploded.

“What kind of experiments would you have done”

“There were a lot of them,” Wang Wen said.

“For example, since we know that the skeletons have consciousness, we can test them one by one to see how far we can destroy their consciousness or if they are complete.

“Another example would be the poison that targets the bone.

Will the effect be the same on different parts of the bone Will the effect be different on different targets

“Theres another one Im most interested in—asking the police for a felon.

Maybe a rapist or a kidnapper.

I can transplant the skeleton into the criminals body with a World Tower relic.

If the criminal is lucky enough to survive, will his body have his mind or the unlucky person thats the skeleton

“That kind of experiment cant be done anywhere else because the bones separated from the muscles dont have self-awareness.

Its difficult to get real and effective feedback.

How can it be better than those five skeletons

“My only worry was that there might be too many experiments, and I dont have enough time.

Its a pity we did not confirm their consciousness until the end.

We did not have time to test them after clearing the level, and its a bit of an exaggeration to stop just for the sake of testing them.”

He finished his long speech.

There was even a hint of regret in Wang Wens tone.

Zhu Xingguo was silent.

Ren Ruoruo was petrified.

Zhou Shengshengs forehead was covered in sweat, and his evaluation of Wang Wens danger level was even higher.

The four of them waited on the 351st floor for a long time, but the hidden reward still had yet to be released.

Zhou Shengsheng asked the drone curiously, “Why is it so slow Did it crash”

That was the first time he had heard of something like a hidden reward.

He was looking forward to it, and it was rare for him to show a sense of anticipation.

He had lost the calm he had always maintained as the First Consortiums Young Master.

On the other hand, Wang Wen and the other two were very calm.

A certain someone was even complaining in his heart.

“Why do I keep triggering hidden rewards Isnt the hidden reward a little too obvious Will everyone in the world get one”

Amidst the entanglement of many emotions, the mechanical voice finally sounded.

“The hidden reward for the special privilege has been collected.

The reward has been changed to a transcendent skill.

All team members can choose a transcendent skill on the 350th floor.

The skills are as follows.”

Zhou Shengsheng was so shocked by the massive amount of information revealed by the mechanical voice that his brain buzzed.

He knew about the extraordinary skill.

The elite team in the group had already reported it to him.

It was the reward for all tower climbers who climbed the tower for the first time.

But what the hell was the special privilege

That was a word that had never appeared in the groups vocabulary!

And it had already been received

Someone who climbed the tower had already received the special privilege.

What kind of special privilege What was its use Who did it

Zhou Shengshengs brain almost dried up.

The result did not give him much time to think.

Wang Wen interrupted the drone unhappily.

“Stop! What right do you have to change our reward just because we received a special privilege Shouldnt you ask for our opinion before changing the reward Even if the reward was changed to a transcendent skill, why was there a level restriction Could the special privileges also be limited to the level If theres no restriction, then our rewards are not equal.

Either we change it back, or we dont limit the level.

Thats more reasonable, right”

At the end of his words, he turned his head and asked Zhu Xingguo and the other two.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo nodded in agreement.

“Thats right! It must be equal!

Zhou Shengsheng looked at the three excited people; he was confused.

He was extremely shocked.

Those three guys! They were not curious about the special privileges, and their thoughts were so clear! In the face of such a huge gain, they could still remain calm and argue with reason.

They were truly too terrifying and powerful!


Zhou Shengsheng cast a glance at the drone floating in the air.

He shook his head.

There was no record of anyone ever being able to bargain with the World Tower.

It was already good enough to have a reward.

Why were they still being picky

Zhou Shengsheng looked at Wang Wen with a hint of regret.

The man in front of him…

There had been too many rumors about him recently.

Grandpa Gu and the other intelligence department team leaders highly regarded him.

Even the groups top team, Lu Ci and the other elites from the 600th level, knew about Wang Wen.

How could a god know the name of a mortal

Just what was so mysterious about Wang Wen

Zhou Shengshengs visit to the tower was also for information gathering.

However, at that moment, in his eyes…

Haggling with the World Tower

Mortals were still mortals.

He always liked to indulge in whimsical thoughts.

No matter how arrogant Wang Wen was.

No matter how many important figures paid attention to him.

No matter how clear his thoughts were.

At that time, he would return without any success!

Zhou Shengsheng shook his head.

The mechanical voice of the drone rang in his ears.

“As compensation, each person can choose two transcendence skills from the 350th floor.

The skills are as follows.”

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