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Chapter 18: Strength Is King

Wang Wen felt his body was too weak after that encounter.

He was forced to that extent by a gang of hooligans.

It was the equivalent of being forced to use violence to pass through a skill-based level in the tower.

Experienced tower climbers knew that climbing a tower was like a marathon.

Aside from the strength required for certain levels, physical strength was the most important factor.

The ability to conserve stamina in the lower levels determined ones ability to reach a certain height.

Most people would rely on techniques to pass a level, let alone using violence at a level that required skills.

Violence was always the last resort.

However, those people were just a few hooligans.

‘My body was too weak.

I only used a little strength, and it became like that.

Wang Wen felt that strengthening his physique was imminent.

Training was a life-long plan.

At the moment, he needed a faster method.

Some of the relics in the World Tower were suitable for that.

If he did not want to enter the tower, someone could do that in his place.

When Wang Wen noticed the old man holding a glass of water and staring at him with an odd expression, he smiled and said, “Of course, no matter the plan, what I just said is the ultimate goal.

No plan can be implemented overnight.”

The old man put down the cup with a thud and said unhappily, “If I didnt remember that it was time for our chat, I would have thrown you out the door just now! Can you be a little more reasonable with that nonsense”

Wang Wen said, “Alright, then lets be serious.

I need a fixed five-person team to help me enter the tower.

There are two plans.

First, those people will belong to me, and the profits from the tower will belong to you.

Second, the team will belong to you, but the profits from the tower will belong to me.”

“I want the team and the profits.

What right do you have to talk to me”

“Based on the second piece of information I gave you.”

“Do you have more information like that”

“At least theres more than one.”

“Dont you think its ridiculous that you came here to discuss that with me without any trump cards You know, I can get your information and make you disappear from the world at the same time.”

“Does the First Consortium like information or real profits”

“There will naturally be profits with information.”

“If you only know which floor had the relics but dont know the specific way to get them, how many people do you think will be able to find them”

“You will tell me.”

“If I knew I would die, why would I say it”

“Then you can go and die.

I dont care.

We wont lose anything.

There is so much information in the world, and we dont need yours.”

The old man leisurely drank a mouthful of tea, ignoring Wang Wens glare.

After thinking for a while, Wang Wen smiled.

He nodded and said, “Ive learned my lesson.

Youre right.

Any negotiation should be based on relatively equal strength.”

“I didnt say anything.”

The old man was somewhat proud of being able to make Wang Wen, who was arrogant, yield.

“Its not like I have nothing better to do than to criticize some arrogant young man.

Well talk about that next time.

“Ill be prepared.” Wang Wen stood up and walked out the door.

“Wang Wen.”

The old man looked down at the cup of water.

He said, “No matter what decision you make, remember, you dont owe anyone, and neither do others.

Dont let your emotions affect your decision.

I know you have a secret.

I wont force you to reveal your secret; I will be kind to you for the last time.

Next time, dont test me again.

Im still the head of the First Consortiums intelligence department, Gu Jianbing.”

The old mans voice was calm, but his aura was as powerful as an army crashing against the shore, echoing like a sword.

Wang Wen stopped in his tracks.

After a brief moment of silence, he stepped out the door, leaving behind a sentence.


“In the second report, if you really encounter that kind of mechanism, dont be anxious when you reach the final step.

First, go to your left, count to the third stone grid, and press it.

If you can press it, a pill-like item will be inside.

Ask them to bring it out and soak it in water to drink.

Its good for your body.

The old man stood up, his eyes wide open.

Wang Wen had already vanished from his view.

The old man pressed his hand against the cup of water, trying to keep his body from trembling.

It was anger, not fear.

His voice seemed to come from the depths of his soul.

“Youre courting death!”

All tower climbers who could break through different levels had an unambiguous definition in that world.

Those who could break through the first 100 levels were only famous in their units, such as colleges, groups, residential areas, and so on.

When they had reached the 200th level, the area they were in would become famous.

That was because they had to register their information with the Regional Security Department.

That was an obligation.

If they concealed their achievement, they would be added to the list of people who had violated the law.

They would be responsible for the consequences.

The most severe penalty was imprisonment and confiscation of all their assets.

Of course, they would be fine as long as they registered.

They would be under no obligation to do anything else.

On the contrary, there would be numerous subsidies and tax breaks.

That was their legal right.

Those who climbed the tower would go higher.

Those who reached the 300th floor would be famous in the east or west.

Those who reached the 400th floor would be world-famous.

Those who could reach the 500th floor would be considered elites and included in large groups to train more efficiently.

Those who could reach the 600th floor would be the top team in the world.

Those who could reach the 700th floor would be rewriting history.

No one had reached the 800th floor yet, let alone the 900th floor.

People liked to refer to those with levels above 500 as super high-level; it was in the unwritten rules.

It was clear that all of those who rose to super-high levels were essentially members nurtured by corporations.

The chances of encountering an unorganized rogue climber in the outside world were almost nil.

Ordinary peoples resources were incomparable to those of large corporations.

Even if Wang Wen had a brain full of memories and thousands of tower climbing experiences, assembling a qualified team of tower climbers would be difficult without the First Consortiums help.

The most obvious point was that he lacked funds.

He had no training ground, no equipment, no food, and no medicine because he lacked funds.

Naturally, there was no one.

He did not dare to continue being exposed for such a short period, and he had already piqued the interest of many people, particularly the head of the intelligence department, Gu Jianbing.

He did not want to push the old man to the opposite side.

If he were to start a war with the intelligence department, then many of the things he did would become meaningless.

Wang Wen returned to the academy.

His brows were a little furrowed.

The matter seemed to have entered a dead end.

There appeared to be no other option than him entering the tower himself.

He ran into the head of department.

“Just in time, the people from the Regional Security Department were here to ask about something,” the head of department said with a strange expression.

“I recommend you go to the deans office.”

The people from the Regional Security Department

Wang Wen frowned and nodded.

He went to the deans office.

Three uniformed guards were conversing with the dean in his office.

Wang Wen knocked on the door.

The dean stood up and said to the guard, “The person in question is here.

You can ask him yourself.

Let me make it clear that I reserve the right to appeal against your misconduct.”

The guard in the center had an ugly look on his face.

He turned toward Wang Wen and said, “Wang Wen, right Where were you four days ago at about two oclock in the afternoon”

Wang Wen looked at the deans expression and said, “I dont know.

Not long ago, I was attacked by a knife-wielding thug at the academys entrance.

I was seriously injured and was hospitalized for many days.

I was just discharged from the hospital.

I cant remember which day it was.”

When the guard who asked the question heard that, his nose twitched.

They were in charge of the security in that area.

At the very least, if a knife-wielding thug attacked a student at the academys entrance, they would be charged with dereliction of duty.

One of the guards, a female guard who kept a notebook, yelled, “Wang Wen, Im warning you to cooperate with us.

You are now being investigated for murder.

We have the authority to arrest you and bring you back for questioning!”


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