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If he was not mistaken, those people who had been buried must have secretly called the police or found someone to do that for them.

Wang Wen did not think of stopping them.

That would be a waste of time.

It was a helpless situation to encounter the decipherment progress at an extreme level.

That would inevitably delay time, even if one had very high strength.

Just like how 80 to 90 percent of things in the world were not as one wished.

Since he could not choose his starting point, he had to try his best to run faster.

Therefore, Wang Wen had been trying to force his way through the checkpoint from the very first second.

Unreasonable and reckless.

Whether it was a human or a ghost, he would beat up whoever he saw.

Even so…

They had wasted a lot of time on that floor.

And then…

He spent time, patience, and even his safety waiting.

His goal was to see if he could take the initiative to change the progress personally.


He wanted to see if some things in the world could change because of peoples efforts and persistence.

Wang Wen stood in front of the building and looked at the growing crowd.

He calmly took the time to rest, eat, and replenish his strength with Zhu Xingguo and the other two.

To tell the truth.

For Lin Kaihe…

The help that Wang Wen could provide was extremely limited.

That guy was the last person to complete the stage.

As long as they killed him, they would pass that level.

They would not have to jump levels, nor would they have to end their journey outside the tower.

Everything would continue naturally.

Wang Wen could not trade his own fate for the fate of a person who was not important.

He did not have the right to spare the other partys life.

He also had no right to help the other party do anything the other party should do.

He did not even have the right to help.

He could only wait in silence.

He selfishly used his and his teammates time to extend the other partys time.

Another half an hour passed.

Lin Kaihe finally separated the skeleton from the cement and moved it to the small hill outside the building with great difficulty.

There was already a pit there, and it was specially laid with wooden boards and cotton cloth that he had found somewhere.

Wang Wen could see that he was indeed very attentive.

He placed the skeleton on a wooden board and covered it with a cotton cloth.

Finally, he covered it with soil.

He put up the smoothest cement board he could find.

The words—the lives of five innocent victims—were carved on it with a sharp weapon.

The next line read atonement.

After finishing all that…

Lin Kaihe turned around and looked at Wang Wen and the others who had followed him.

Wang Wen called the drone over to check his progress.

It was 3 points.

There was no change.

Wang Wen shook his head at him expressionlessly.

Lin Kaihes eyes instantly reddened.

He sat down beside the mound and smiled bitterly.

“Thats right; how can atonement be so simple”

He adjusted his posture and slowly knelt in front of Wang Wen, his forehead touching the ground.

Without any emotional fluctuations, he said softly, “I love my wife very much, but she has been lying in the hospital for a long time.

I regretted not telling her that I loved her when she was awake.

I wanted to wait for her to wake up and tell her I love her.”

He raised his head to look at the unmoved Wang Wen and said, “Please, please, let me go.

I can turn myself in to the police.

I can help the deceased take care of their family.

I can do anything.

Please, let me live until my wife wakes up.

Let me live until that time.


Wang Wen shook his head.

“Youre talking to the wrong person.

Its useless to beg for my help.

Do you understand”

Lin Kaihe slowly turned around and kowtowed to the mound again, sincerely saying, “Im sorry; everyone makes mistakes.

I know Ive made the biggest mistake, and I dont expect you to forgive me.

I just hope that you can give me time to atone for my sins.

Can you give me a chance to atone for my sins Im sorry.”

His kowtow was very rhythmic.

One hit on the ground, and then he stopped.

He used a lot of strength as if he had a grudge against his own head.

Every time it smashed down on the ground, the action sent some soil flying.

Soon, he was bleeding.

Women tended to be more emotional.

Ren Ruoruo was the first to give in.

She turned her face away and rubbed the corners of her eyes with the back of her hand.

She took a deep breath and looked at Wang Wen to discuss with him.

“Captain, let me jump! This level was too frustrating.”

Wang Wen shook his head expressionlessly.

He looked at the drone.

He secretly sighed.

“Its time.

You failed.

Thats it,” he said to Lin Kaihe.

His tone was heavy.

The word failure was not only used to describe the other party but also to describe himself.

Looking at Lin Kaihe, who was kowtowing non-stop, he condensed a giant spiritual blade and said indifferently, “Dont tell me about your last wishes.

They have nothing to do with me.

I cant help you.”

The voice fell.

The spirit giants blade dug a deep hole.

Then he moved forward and picked up Lin Kaihe, who was in a daze from kowtowing.

Lin Kaihe, who was in a daze, seemed to understand his ending.

Such a strong man who was determined to survive finally could not hold on and burst into tears.

“Why” He held his head in pain.

“I dont want anything.

I can give up anything.

I just want a chance to live.

Why cant I”

Wang Wen thought for a moment and comforted him.

“Not everyone can atone for their mistakes.

The most precious thing in the world is opportunity.

Sometimes, we dont get one.”

After hearing the comforting words…

Lin Kaihe pulled his hair and wailed even more bitterly.

He struggled with all his might, still trying to break free from the control of the giant spiritual hand in the air.

The need to live on seemed to have become his instinct.

In order to live, he had forgotten his pain, his fatigue, and even his dignity.

Unfortunately, the world was fair.

Very often, one could not get the opportunities others did not.

In the end, Wang Wen threw him into the deep pit.

Despite having a bloody nose and a swollen face, he still clutched the soil and stones with his bloody hands, trying to use the same trick to climb up the pit wall.

Zhu Xingguo grabbed Wang Wens hand.

“Master, hes so pitiful.

Let him go,” he said with a somewhat pitiful expression.

“Whos not pitiful There are too many pitiful people in the world.

What about those people who were buried alive The guard that Shen Rushuang killed The Dean and my teachers, who the Tiansheng Group killed If we dont climb the tower, who will let us go”

Zhu Xingguo opened his mouth.

He could not speak.

The First Consortiums Young Master, Zhou Shengsheng, said, “I agree with Captain Wang.

Were here to climb the tower, not to do good deeds.

Every life that becomes the levels progresses is pitiful, but the weak are prey to the strong.

We have to climb up, and we must complete the progress.

That is the meaning of survival and the World Tower.”

Wang Wen narrowed his eyes.

His hands paused for a moment.

In the distance, a group of people rushed out of the crowd and ran toward Wang Wen and the others, kowtowing and beseeching.

They were of different ages.

The youngest was a girl, about seven or eight years old.

She lay beside the pit and stretched out her hand to reach for Lin Kaihe, shouting, “Daddy, Im here to save you!

Wang Wen looked around quietly.

He looked at the crowd, which did not dare step forward.

He looked at the strangers kneeling in a row not far away.

He looked at the two pleading faces beside him.

He raised his head, curled the corners of his lips, and smiled gently.

The next second…

Wang Wen came to the mound where the five people were buried and said indifferently, “Revision.

Release Lin Kaihe.”

The drone flew toward him.

The number 3 was shining brightly.

It was as if it was laughing at Wang Wens incompetence.

Wang Wen kicked the mound of dirt and shouted in a low voice, “Dont you understand I told you to revise the progress.

Were not digging graves! Grind half of your bones into powder, mix them with your feces, and fertilize them.

Spread the other half with delicious meat sauce or honey and feed them to dogs, wolves, and anyone who likes to gnaw on bones—”

He did not even have time to finish his words.

The drones mechanical voice said, “Level progress has reached 100%; level 350 is cleared.

“It looks like the main level first needed to be subdued by violence, then by honoring wishes, and finally, succumbed to violence again.

The tower climbers favoritism and impeccable performance perfectly fit the core purpose of the level, triggering the unique hidden reward.”

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