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“Its his son!” The 15-point man stood up.

When the invisible object sent Liang Xiaobin flying, he felt as if his neck was still being strangled.

The huge force threw him onto the chair, and his neck had many bloody scratches.

He touched his neck, frowned, and said, “His son was also involved in the cement burial.

One of the candidates for the human-shaped mountain of flesh was provided by Director Liang.

I heard that the person was his sons classmate.

He was slapped by the other party because of an argument during class and was disgruntled.

He overheard Director Liang talking to us on the phone, so he recommended that classmate.

His son thought it was just a prank, but he didnt expect the person to die.

He was so scared that he talked nonsense every day.

Director Liang was afraid he would spill the beans, so he locked him home and didnt let him go out.”

Wang Wen was done listening to him.

“As expected, none of them is good,” he sneered.

He turned around and walked to the drivers seat.

He knocked on the window and asked the driver, “Master, do you know where Director Liangs house is”

The driver did not move; his face was ashen.

After thinking for a while, he grunted, “I know.”

The 15-point man laughed and slapped the front seat.

“You are selling out your master for glory, you dog! Your life is over.

No one will believe you again.”

The drivers face turned even darker when he heard that.

His hands were gripping the steering wheel so tightly that his veins bulged.

Liang Xiaobin had indeed hired him as his driver and bodyguard.

Finally, his employer was murdered right in front of his eyes.

The murderer did not look like a human at all.

What was he supposed to do

With the other partys terrifying means, even bullets could not kill him.

He would certainly lose his life if he did not cooperate, let alone allow his employer to escape.

Work was work; he was not a warrior.

Did he have to die with his employer

If that were the case, he would die, but what would happen to his parents, wife, and children

He came out to make money for his family so they could live better lives.

His death would only bring his family to its knees.

However, as the people in the back row pointed out, his professional career might have ended by selling his master to survive.

Even if he did not kill anyone, his future life would be extremely difficult.

Nobody would hire someone who had broken his promise.

That choice was too difficult.

He should change his profession.

At least he did not lose his driving skills.

If he worked harder and had a lower income, he could support his family.

The driver closed his eyes in pain.

He knew that he had already made his decision.

Wang Wen, who was outside the car, saw the drivers pained expression and shook his head with a smile.

He waved his hand and pulled all the people out of the car.

The person who locked the car door smashed the window and dragged the person out of the window, regardless of whether he could get out or not.

The method was ruthless.

If they could not come out, they would just break their arms.

Would they not come out

“Ill cut your stomach and ribs.”

In the end, they gathered at the entrance of the building.

One by one, they cried out in pain.

Wang Wen retracted his spiritual power and transformed it into a giant blade.

After that.

He dug a hole in the ground near the entrance.

He threw all the dead bodies into it.

Those wailing were stunned.

They seemed to have guessed what they might be facing next.

They did not call out anymore.

Some people ran into the building.

Some gritted their teeth and took out their weapons to shoot at Wang Wen.

Some of them begged for mercy with snot and tears.

Wang Wen thought for a moment, then picked everyone up and walked to the driver.

He said, “Listen up.

Ill give you a chance to transfer all your points to that driver.”

The men were stunned.

The 15-point man asked, “What points”

Wang Wen paused for a moment, then explained without changing his expression, “I mean, transfer all your money to this man.”

The men were delighted.

They hurriedly took out their phones and started to operate them.

Even those with broken hands were fiddling with their phones in various ways and asking the driver for his bank account number.

Someone even cleverly sent a message to ask why the police had yet to arrive.

He looked at the enthusiasm of the crowd.

The chauffeur in Liang Xiaobins car had a dazed expression.

His brain could not process that.

Everyone was trying to find a way to save themselves.

Only the 15-point man, who had accepted his fate, was puzzled.

“No problem, but theres so much money in my account that I cant transfer it quickly.

How should I calculate that”

His question stumped Wang Wen.

Ren Ruoruo and Zhou Shengsheng got out of the other cars and walked toward them.

Zhou Shengsheng said, “If theres so much money, there must be a way to transfer it in large amounts.

Its just a few phone calls.”

Only then did Wang Wen realize that the person beside him was the First Consortiums Young Master.

He might not be as good at transferring money as the other man, even if in his two lifetimes.

The 15-point man realized that some of them had already transferred the money.

He rolled his eyes and asked again, “Can you guarantee youll let us go after we transfer the money”

Wang Wen looked at the man who had the most questions.

“No,” he said as he shook his head indifferently.

Everyone stopped in their tracks.

They looked at him in shock.

Wang Wen ignored the others and looked at the 15-point man calmly.

“But I can guarantee they wont be in as much pain as you.”

His voice fell.

The 15-point man realized that his hands skin and flesh were being peeled off, bit by bit.

An invisible object was carefully and delicately removing his bones from his muscles one by one.

It was as if they were making a boneless chicken feet dish.

He instantly fainted.

Wang Wen thought for a moment.

He did something that even shocked Ren Ruoruo, Zhou Shengsheng, and the others.

He retrieved the Elixir of Life from the drone and fed them to the unconscious 15-point man.

He then sprinkled the rest of the medicine on the wound.

The wound healed at a visible rate.

The 15-point man woke up groggily.

He looked at his flesh and blood, which were wriggling and recovering.

With a squeak, he fainted again.

The ruthless him probably never thought he would one day meet a lunatic who was even more cruel than himself.

Zhu Xingguo got out of the car.

He gave Wang Wen a big thumbs up and said with heartfelt admiration, “Master, you are awesome! Your methods are brilliant! Ive recently developed a new type of mechanism.

Do you want to try it on him”

“Just try it, as long as you dont kill him.” Wang Wen shrugged indifferently.

Therefore, Zhu Xingguo jogged over excitedly.

He did not care if the 15-point man was awake or asleep and started to insert the mechanism into his body.

The man woke up in excruciating pain.

Before he could even scream…

There was a wave of turbulence in his body.

It was as if a dragon was stirring.

His face was ashen, and he did not even dare to breathe.

He said with difficulty, “Kill me.”

Ren Ruoruo could not help but turn her head away.

She had always been a professional tower climber.

She was considered to have seen great storms and experienced many bloody and cruel scenes.

Unexpectedly, she could not bear it today.

She felt a little ashamed.

Wang Wen poured another bottle of the Elixir of Life on the 15-point man to ensure that he would not be tortured to death by Zhu Xingguo.

He raised his head and looked around.

He saw everyone concentrating on the transfer.

There were no more voices of doubt.

Wang Wen was satisfied with everyones performance.

He thought…

As expected, none of them were good.

He was the same.

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