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The leaders expression changed drastically!

“Im done!” he muttered to himself in confusion.

The fully armed troops outside slowly approached.

The guns range covered all vehicles parked in front of the building.

“Director Liang, were here.

Can you come out and talk” someone shouted.

“What made you so nervous to call us here so early in the morning”

The leader turned to Wang Wen and said, “Theyre calling for me.

My name is Liang Xiaobin.

I have no idea why they would react like that, but I will not go out or discuss anything with them.

I will only listen to your orders.

I will do whatever you tell me to do!

Wang Wen raised his hand to pat his shoulder.

Who knew that action would frighten him so much that he screamed as he held his head

He patted his arm and said, “Relax.

You can stay in the car.

Leave the outside to us.

Remember, dont run away.

Its dangerous.”

After saying that, Wang Wen looked at the excited Zhu Xingguo in the front row and opened the door to get out of the car alone.

The people outside turned their guns and aimed at him.

“Fire!” someone inside shouted.


The bullets rained down on them.

From the looks of it, he did not even intend to let the car and the people in it go.

Wang Wen opened his arms and pulled the transparent barrier.

He gently blocked all the bullets.

He strode forward.

The enemy instantly tensed, and their firepower was focused on him.

With every step, he left a pile of hot bullets on the ground.

Wang Wen felt like he was walking in a sea of metal.

It was not easy for them to get closer.

The people on the other side began to retreat in fear!

Wang Wen did not want that, so he quickly jogged a few steps to catch up with them.

With a casual wave of his hand, the invisible object in the air smashed all the armed men shooting at him.

Two cars on the outermost edge made a harsh friction sound and quickly turned around to escape.

In the end, the entire car was in the air, and the tires spun helplessly.

There were eight cars left.

The doors were locked.

The bravest car in the lead sped up and crashed into Wang Wen.

Wang Wen lifted the car with a wave of his hand.

The cars tires had also turned pitifully bald.

He realized that the vehicles were cumbersome.

That method was much more convenient than using his fists!

The car door opened, and the person inside jumped from the air without a care.

He limped as he fell, trying to escape into the distance.

Wang Wen flicked a drop of golden rain, which pierced through the mans right leg.

He fell, turned around, and shouted in horror, ” “Dont kill me! Please dont kill me! I didnt do anything!”

Wang Wen looked at his progress.

It was 15 points.

“Im looking for you!”

“What do you mean” The man was confused.

“Even if youre not the biggest, youre definitely the main force,” Wang Wen said.

“Dont waste your energy running.

Ill focus on you.”

The man was stunned.

“How can you be so sure I did not even show my face! Even that Liang guy doesnt know my identity! Are you a human or a ghost”

Wang Wen raised his eyebrows, thinking that he was really the mastermind.

It was a lucky hit.

So he did not waste any more time.

He used his mental power to lift the person and prevent them from escaping.

The man seemed to have accepted his fate, hanging his head in dejection.

The last seven cars lowered their windows and shouted at Wang Wen, “Great immortal, please spare me! Im innocent!

“He was the one who ordered us to do everything! If you want revenge, go find him!”

“Or you can tell me if you have any regrets.

Is there any family or friends I can take care of for you”

“Yes, yes, yes, I can give them money.

Give them all the money so they can live a good life!”

“If you kill us, youll have nothing!”

The two cars that had turned around and fled in the air also lowered their windows and shouted in fear, “Yes, yes, I have money! You can have it all!”

Wang Wen was amused as he listened to the group of people begging for mercy.

One by one, they checked the progress.

Some had more, and some had less.

It ranged from two to ten points.

In the end, he realized that all the things he caught at the scene, including Liang Xiaobins ten points in the car behind him, were only 98 percent of the progress.

The number was wrong.

Wang Wen frowned.

He waved his hand and pulled the man with 15 points in front of him.

The total number of people was not correct.

Who else was involved in that but did not appear

The 15-point man looked up.

“Then youll have to ask that Liang guy,” he sneered.

Wang Wen nodded.

He waved his hand to pick up the rest of the people and vehicles, then turned around and walked back to the front of the building.

The car stopped where it was.

Liang Xiaobin, who was in the car, looked at the cars in front of him, and his face turned pale.

When Wang Wen approached closer, he shrank behind the driver and shouted, “Great immortal, please spare me! Im just an errand boy.

I can give you anything you want; just spare my life!”

Wang Wen walked to the door and lowered his head to ask, “Someone didnt come today.

Did you miss out on anyone”

Liang Xiaobin looked around in horror and shook his head, saying, “No, theyre all here.”

“Youre lying.” Wang Wens mood became worse.

He waved for the 15-point man and threw him into the car.

“You two should communicate and see who can give me an answer.

One of you will feel better about this situation.”

The 15-point man sneered.”Im dead anyway.

Director Liang, do you want to come clean, or do you want me to do it

Liang Xiaobin was shocked.

“So youre the mastermind behind this!”

His expression changed.

Finally, he gritted his teeth and roared, “Its all your fault! Its all your fault!”

Liang Xiaobin drew a pistol from somewhere and gritted his teeth as he pulled the trigger toward the 15-point man.

He was burning with anger.

He lost his mind.

They could die together.

He was acting like an accomplice who was forced to repent.

In fact, he was already calculating in his mind.

He knew that as long as the other party died, no one would know his secret.

The small pistol he had prepared to fight to the death emptied its ammunition at the 15-point man.

Above his head.

On his face.

On his body.

All of them were shot.

He waited until the ammunition was empty.

The 15-point man snapped back to his senses.

He let go of the arm that was protecting his head and touched his entire body.

He found himself intact.

All the bullets were blocked by a small, transparent barrier in front of him.

He widened his eyes and roared, “Liang! You f*cking dare shoot me! Youre finished!”

Wang Wen, who was outside the car, moved the transparent barrier back to Zhu Xingguo, and his voice drifted into the car through the window.

“Im letting you two discuss, not fight.”

The 15-point man turned to the window angrily and said, “I know who else is missing.

Its his—”

He was halfway through his words.

Both hands grabbed his neck.

Liang Xiaobins eyes were bloodshot as he desperately grabbed the other mans neck and shouted, “You deserve to die! Im going to strangle!

Liang Xiaobins entire body and the car door on his side burst outward.

He spat out a large mouthful of blood after landing on the ground, his chest caved in, and it appeared that he would not survive.

Wang Wen brushed the dust off his hands and asked the 15-point man, “Tell me.

Theres no one to disturb you now.”

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