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Chapter 193: An Insult To A Tower Climber

“Captain, are you tired from flying for such a long time Why dont you come down and have something to eat” Ren Ruoruo called out.

The people below sat on the ground in a circle around a small night lamp.

The room was too enclosed to light a fire, so they could only drink water and eat dry food.

Seeing that, Wang Wen had no interest in eating.

He continued to stare at the secret compartment in deep thought.

“The order… The order…” He mumbled softly, “It was white in the beginning, then it reddened, then it turned blue, and then it was black, and the order is correct.

Black, black!”

Wang Wens voice suddenly became louder.

“Black! Thats right; its black!”

On the ground, the four people gnawing on dry food looked up in confusion.

Wang Wen pressed against the secret compartment in the dim light and read rhythmically.







Zhu Xingguo worriedly said to everyone, “Has my master gone crazy Why is he pressing the button and giggling Is he singing”

At that moment, Ren Ruoruo reacted.

She patted Zhu Xingguos arm speechlessly.

“The art of engineering is very promising.

Just focus on learning it,” she said.

Zhu Xingguo was amused.


” I think so, too; youve been improving quite fast recently.”

Chen Hansheng, who was standing beside Zhou Shengsheng, could not help but spit a mouthful of water on the latters face.

He hurriedly removed a clean cloth from his backpack and wiped Zhou Shengshengs body.

He repeatedly said, “Im sorry.

I didnt do it on purpose.”

Zhou Shengsheng was in a daze and did not care.

He only looked at Wang Wens feet thoughtfully, not knowing what the other man was thinking.

Just as those few people were pondering.

The room suddenly lit up with the white light that appeared when they first entered.

Wang Wens excited shouted, “Success!”

The people below also high-fived each other in celebration—Chen Hansheng high-fived the dazed Zhou Shengsheng, and Ren Ruoruo high-fived the confused Zhu Xingguo.

Zhu Xingguo asked doubtfully, “He got it right

“How did he get it right Did he have to press the unlock button while singing Who thought of that move Its too retarded, right”

No one answered him.

Since the lights were turned on, a door opened on the wall in front of them.

Wang Wen descended and went to the door to check it out with everyone.

There was also a password lock on the door.

There were ten numbers from 0 to 9 on it and the same OK button at the bottom.

“A digital password What number” Ren Ruoruo rolled her eyes.

“Theres no information about numbers at all”

“The number of colors” Chen Hansheng asked with uncertainty.

Zhu Xingguo rushed to answer, “I know, I know.

White, red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and black—seven colors! The number seven should be the correct one!”

“Thats right,” Wang Wen said.

“You can do it then.

You also can enjoy the feeling of lying down and winning.”

“Really really ” Zhu Xingguo rubbed his hands and pressed the number seven decisively.

When he saw the button light up, he quickly pushed the OK button.

The interface of the button was different.

All the buttons flickered.

At the same time, there was a loud mechanical voice saying, “Password error.

Another mistake will cause the room to explode.”

Zhu Xingguos expression changed drastically.

He took a big step backward.

He looked at the password lock with lingering fear and thought,What a wicked checkpoint!

Ren Ruoruos expression was grave.

“It has a limited number of trial-and-error attempts.

I thought we could just keep trying.

Lets not do that.”

The others obviously had the same idea.

Once they knew that there was a limit to the number of tries, their expressions became very heavy.

Ren Ruoruo looked at Want Wen and said, “Captain, why dont we try the numbers in the previous color code”

“The number 13” Wang Wen frowned.

There were only two such three-chance questions in the World Tower.

If their guess were wrong, they would not be able to try again.

No one except Chen Hansheng could escape in time if the room exploded.

Zhou Shengsheng, who was beside him, looked at Chen Hansheng in confusion.

How did he manage to escape in time

Chen Hansheng smiled humbly and smugly.

Ren Ruoruo raised her fingers and rubbed her temples.

“Why dont we just skip this floor How did we get such a challenge

Zhou Shengsheng, who was standing beside her, looked at Ren Ruoruo in confusion.

“Skip How are you skipping”

“It is too unreliable just to guess the numbers without any hints,” Wang Wen said, his mind racing.

He was thinking about what he had missed.

“Go and knock on the wall again to see if the color will change,” he said abruptly to Zhu Xingguo.


Zhu Xingguos actions were clean and neat, and he seemed very skilled.

The lights went out.

Just as everyone habitually thought that the next color was about to appear, the darkness did not retreat.

Instead, the combination lock on the door lit up.

The light on the ten number buttons lit up, went out one by one, and finally stopped on the OK key.

“314159265358979323846264338327950” Ren Ruoruan quickly repeated the number.

She did not know whether to laugh or cry as she turned to Wang Wen and asked, “Is it that simple”

“Well know once we try.

Theres still a chance, anyway.” Wang Wen shrugged.

Zhu Xingguo did not dare to do it.

Ren Ruoruo gritted her teeth and pressed the OK button.

It was finally unlocked.

As the wall door opened, a familiar teleportation gate appeared in front of them.

Chen Hansheng turned back to look at the dark room and sighed.

“Its true that only light was used to form the secret room.

This kind of level is really rare.”

Ren Ruoruo, who seemed to have lost her soul, walked into the entrance like a zombie.

She heard Chen Hanshengs words.

She raised her head and asked resentfully, “Whats the point Whats the point of that”

“Theres no time limit.

Its a good place to rest,” Zhu Xingguo said with a silly smile.

“Rest How are we resting here” Ren Ruoruo suddenly shouted, “On which floor cant we rest I think this level is simply an insult to the tower climbers! All our skills were useless.

All we had to do was knock on the wall and look at the lights.

Why would we need to learn the five basic skills Its a complete waste of effort!”

Wang Wen turned to look at her strangely.

He was about to say something.

The white light wrapped around his body.

The next second, he reached the 302nd floor.

The speed mechanism!

No one had the time to think about it, and they immediately ran away.

“Watch your step!” Wang Wen said urgently

It turned out that he had discovered that the ground in front of him was slightly different.

Some floor tiles had unnoticeable holes half a meter wide.

He could only see the bottomless darkness when he looked down from the hole.

If a tower climber missed a step and fell into a hole, he did not know if they would be able to escape the tower in time.

Such deadly traps began to appear more frequently after the 300th floor.

Most of the time, he did not even have the time to count the seconds.

As a result, many tower climbers would hesitate to ascend.

Compared to the benefits, the risk was too high.

Was it not better to muddle along on the lower levels

In any case, there was food, water, and money, and there was no need to be concerned about points.

Why would they take the risk of going above the 300th floor

Most of those who climbed the tower envied the bosses on higher floors, but they also made peace with themselves and stopped below the 300th floor.

Wang Wens warning was still a little too late.

Zhou Shengsheng, who had the worst luck, stepped into the void.

He did not even have time to react.

It was as if he was flying.

He stepped over it.

It was as if he were walking on flat ground.

Zhou Shengsheng turned his head to look at the ground in confusion, but his eyes were attracted by the life-taking mechanism approaching like a mad dog.

He was shocked.

He did not dare look at the ground anymore and continued to run forward.

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