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Furthermore, the 300th floor had such a minor boost.

The 0.1 units might be the boost he could get from the time-limited secret room.

Time passed.

The next day also ended smoothly.

Wang Wen stayed on the 300th floor to eat and drink until everyone had enough rest before he finished the last bit of progress.

[The 300th floor has ended]

[The 301st floor begins.]

There seemed to be something different on that floor.

Everyone was standing in a pure white, enclosed space when they landed.

The area was not large; it was about 50 to 60 square meters.

“Is it a trap room without any traps” Ren Rourou looked at the empty walls with a strange expression.

“Is it a time-limited secret room It doesnt look like it either!”

Wang Wen looked around and said, “Everyone, be careful.

This is a mutated secret room.

Its an extremely rare and unique checkpoint.”

Chen Hansheng and the other two carefully surrounded him and asked, “What should we do”

Zhou Shengsheng pulled the drone over and looked a little excited.

“Theres no time limit.

Its a special checkpoint.

What kind of luck is this Ive only heard about this kind of checkpoint in the intelligence reports, but Ive never experienced it personally.”

Wang Wen did not respond.

He began to scrutinize the floor and walls.

There were no prominent lighting tools in the room.

All the lights came from inside the walls.

It was as if those walls were transparent lampshades.

He reached out and touched them.

The texture was very hard.

Zhu Xingguo took out a dagger and knocked on the wall.

There was the sound of metal clashing.

The two of them frowned.

The trap master and his disciple could not even find a clue as to how to solve that secret chamber.

On the other end, Ren Ruoruo still said to Zhou Shengsheng, “Young Master, isnt it a little too early to get excited Maybe this level is to persuade people to retreat.

We might have come here for nothing.”

Zhou Shengsheng stroked the wall and smiled.

“If I can see this special level, I dont mind coming here for nothing at all.”

Ren Ruoruo shrugged.

She quietly came to Wang Wens side and whispered, “Captain, do you need me”

Wang Wen shook his head.

“Wait a moment.

I dont want to waste my time in this kind of place.

I really cant talk about it anymore.”

Zhu Xingguo, who was next to him, was unwilling to give up and used his dagger to smash the wall hard.


A loud sound made everyones eardrums itch.

Ren Ruoruo covered her ears.

Before she could open her mouth to scold Zhu Xingguo…

The white light in the entire room suddenly went out.

Everything fell into darkness.

Wang Wen immediately said, “Lighting!”

Everyone took out all kinds of lighting tools they had collected along the way from their backpacks.

There were flashlights.

There were lighters.

There were also night lights.

Before everyone could catch their breath.

The darkness disappeared again, and the room was lit up again.

However, the light was red.

Seeing that the color had changed, Wang Wens brain worked quickly.

He called everyone to gather, especially Zhou Shengsheng.

He wanted to ensure they had time to leave the tower.

Then he ordered Zhu Xingguo, “Smash it again!”

Zhu Xingguo obediently smashed the dagger in his hand against the wall again.

After the sound.

Darkness descended.

And soon, the light returned.

However, the color of the light changed to green.

“What do those colors mean”

Ren Ruoruo seemed to be asking Wang Wen but also seemed to be talking to herself.

Wang Wen frowned and thought about it.

Even Zhu Xingguo was frowning and thinking.

Only Zhou Sheng and Chen Hansheng looked at each other.

It was so awkward to have nothing to do.

Chen Hansheng even took a Fuel Card out, wanting to give one to Zhou Shengsheng.

Zhou Shengsheng did not know whether to laugh or cry as he rejected it.

“Uncle Chen, were so close.

Theres no need to do this, right”

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