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Chapter 189: So It Was Her

Zheng Fuhongs life was in shambles.

Initially, she was the Tiansheng Groups boss most adored woman.

Her life should have been wonderful.

She had been gorgeous before that, too.

Until her son, Zheng Xiaodong, died.

Qin Dongbei never looked her in the eyes again.

Zheng Fuhong had no idea what had gone wrong.

She was the one who had lost her son, so she should be the one who required the most solace.

She should be the one upset and sad.

Why was she forced to look at someone elses darkened expression instead

Zheng Fuhong felt sorrowful as she fought with the servants to do the housework and tried to distract herself.

She clenched her teeth and wiped the table clean.

It was as if the table was that damn mans face.

She thought,How dare you suggest that I only cry at home

Zheng Fuhong was furious.

When he was in a good mood, he used to say he wanted to give his wife enough food and clothes to live like a luxurious woman.

When he was upset, he would make excuses to scold her!

Why did she marry such a hypocrite

He indulged his son in getting into trouble, and he blamed her instead when something happened.

He should rot in hell!

When she thought of that, Zheng Fuhong threw the rag in a fury.

She grabbed her bag and walked out into the street aimlessly.

In any case, no one at home liked her.

No one liked her.

She went out for some fresh air.

She had not had a proper meal in several days.

She was starving.

She was even less in the mood.

Every time she sat at the table, she would either remember the deceased Zheng Xiaodong or face the gloomy-faced Qin Dongbei.

Her days were becoming increasingly difficult.

Qin Dongbei had not even given her any household expenses.

Wu Keru still had her son, Qin Wuzheng.

Zheng Fuhong did not even have enough money to eat at a restaurant.

She was used to being extravagant, and then she became poor.

Her heart was heavy with grief.

She was on the verge of committing suicide.

As she walked, she looked sadly at the various roadside stalls.

Her stomach growled.

She was hungry.

There was food and drink at home.

But she could not stay in such an oppressive environment; it would drive her insane.

What could she do once she was out

She had only a few points on her.

She even began to miss the dates she had thrown away when she was angry.

If only she had not discarded them at the time.

Zheng Fuhong looked up at the dark clouds moving quickly across the sky.

Her mood seemed low.

After a while, she came across a stall selling fried skewers.

She used to turn her nose up at that kind of junk food.

The oily smoke from the food in the middle-aged mans hand appeared to have transformed into a delectable fragrance.

Zheng Fuhong took a quick step forward and examined the price list.

“Boss, what are those” she asked, pointing to the golden butter and slightly curved long objects in the frying pan.

“These” The stall owner was taken aback when he saw Zheng Fuhongs clothes.

He patiently explained, “These are fried bananas.

If you want two, I will wrap them for you.”

“Fried bananas” Zheng Fuhong was taken aback, nodding repeatedly and saying, “It smells so good! I want to try it.

Wrap them up, Boss! ”

“Sure, 60 points, please,” the man said as he quickly wrapped up the food and handed it over.

Zheng Fuhong looked at the large bunch of fried bananas, and it was not until she paid that she realized she was not the wealthy lady from before.

Qin Dongbei had not given her pocket money in quite some time.

She always claimed she had plenty of food and drinks at home and would not go hungry.

She did not care if she was in the mood or hungry.

Zheng Fuhong awkwardly said to the stall owner, smiling warmly, “I am sorry, Boss.

There is far too much food.

Can I have just one”

The fried bananas had already been packed, opened, and repackaged; they were initially very soft and difficult to shape.

They were almost torn to shreds.

Despite that, the stall owner smiled and took out a single one, wrapping it up and handing it to her.

“That will be 3 points, please.”

Zheng Fuhongs eyes were watery as she looked at the stall owner and then at the fried banana.

She paid quickly after scanning the code.

She walked to the next street after eating the fried banana.

The sky was filled with thunder.

Above her head, a loud sound seemed to explode.

Zheng Fuhong shivered; she was terrified.

It began to rain as the dark clouds rolled in.

No one expected the heavy rain.

Zheng Fuhong walked around in circles until she found a roof to shelter from the rain.

She was completely soaked.

Her entire body shook violently from the cold.

She looked up and saw the torrential rain outside.

It did not look like it would stop soon.

She then looked down at the fried banana in her hand, which was already wet.

Her nose soured.

She crouched on the ground and sobbed into her knees.

All of her grievances, helplessness, and sadness from the previous days erupted at that moment.

She sobbed uncontrollably.

Then, the rain that had fallen on her body vanished.

There was also a burst of warm heat.

Zheng Fuhong looked up and noticed that the stall owner had pushed the stall to the side.

The other party used the stall to shield her from the rain.

In that kind of weather, the pots temperature was just right.

An outsider was there.

Zheng Fuhong was ashamed to cry again.

She wiped her face with the back of her hand, but a fried banana flashed before her eyes.

She looked up, perplexed.

She smiled as she saw the stall owner handing her another fried banana and said, “The one in your hand is wet.

Here, have a new one.”

Zheng Fuhongs stomach was already growling, and the aroma of fried banana pierced her nose.

She was about to reach out and grab it.

She resisted when she considered her account balance, saying, “I dont want it anymore.”

The stall owner refused to budge and insisted on handing it over.

“Eat it.

My treat.

No need to pay for this.”

Zheng Fuhong was taken aback.

She had never expected a stranger she had met by chance to be so warm and friendly.

She had met Qin Dongbei when she was only 19 years old.

She had given birth to his child when she was young.

She had since evolved into a caged house sparrow.

She was not even 40 years old and had never suffered in society.

She had a bad temper and lived in luxury for a long time.

She was rarely kind to others.

Because of their status, the servants in the house did not dare to offend her.

Nobody had ever shown her such calm and kindness.

Her stomach grumbled once more.

There were also throbbing pain waves.

Zheng Fuhong could no longer bear being polite.

She bit into the banana and shoved it into her mouth.

She clenched her teeth as if she had just eaten a supreme delicacy.

Her mouth exploded with fragrance.

“Oh, it is delicious!”

She had given up on her image and gulped down the banana.

“Slow down.

I dont have any water for you if you choke,” the stall owner said.

She ate and swallowed the hot food.

Zheng Fuhong was much happier.

“Leave me your contact information, and I will transfer the money to you when I get home,” she said as she stood up and thanked the stall owner.

“No need.

Its just a banana,” the stall owner said, smiling.

He pushed the stall door open and exited.

“The rain has stopped, so hurry up and leave; you will catch a cold if you stay any longer.”

“Boss!” Zheng Fuhong followed him for a few more steps.

Her eyes began to water again.

“I am just a random stranger.

Why are you so kind to me”

“The world is not as good as you think it is, nor is it as bad as you think it is,” the stall owner said as he pushed the cart and walked away slowly.

“It is not a big deal to look on the bright side.”

Zheng Fuhong stopped.

Rain was still falling on her body.

She saw the stall vanish into the rain and out of sight.

She was thinking quietly.

She stood there watching.

She was moved.

She soon burst out laughing.

She turned around and left.

She did not even take a few steps before taking off running.

She used all of her strength to collide with a speeding car.

Several days later…

The stall owner saw the news on his phone.

Zheng Fuhong, the second wife of the Tiansheng Groups boss, had died in a car accident.

Qin Dongbei was heartbroken and fainted several times in the hospital.

“It was her” the stall owner mumbled to himself, recalling the pitiful person he met that day in the rain.

He shook his head.

He swiped his phone and continued to read the news.

[The next news: The reconstruction of District 5s Academy is now complete.

The new Dean, Li He, who had reached the 600th floor, announced that they will begin recruiting students today.]

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