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Chapter 184: Black Market

It said it was already available in the relic market.

That shop must be stupid for selling Quick-acting Antidotes.

There were several distinct meanings.

There were obviously customers paying a high price, but they refused to take the easy way out and instead, insisted on the time-consuming and laborious route of retail at the stall.

That was one of them.

The second point was that more and more people know the effects of the [Quick-acting Antidote] .

Everyone carried one or two tubes around with them for self-defense.

Such a practical tool would never be hard to sell at any time.

Those who had it would wait for the price to rise.

Even if the price did not double shortly, they still would not need to sell them in a hurry.

The price was not stable yet anyway.

Why were they in a hurry to sell it

Unless the seller had doubled the price.

Then that was the third point.

Everyone was smart and knew it was possible to double the selling price, but would that not be a joke if the seller did it immediately

Who would foolishly abandon a price of 60,000 or 70,000 points to buy another sellers goods for 100,000 or even 120,000 points

A confident fool might want to do that.

Therefore, regardless of whether he really wanted to buy it or just wanted to watch the show.

The crowd surged over like a rising tide.

Even Wang Wen was pushed to the side.

The first person to ask Ma Dong was a bald fatty.

He looked at the stall and saw that there was indeed a sample of the Quick-acting Antidote.

He pointed at it and asked in a muffled voice, “How much is it”

Ma Dong said, “Its a fair price, 71,000 points.”

The bald fatty revealed a pleasantly surprised expression.

He immediately opened his phone and prepared to pay.

“Ill take whatever you have.”

Ma Dong thought momentarily, saying, “I have 100 bottles while stocks last.”

Just as his voice fell.

Wang Wens phone received a notification of payment from his account.

He had received 7.1 million points.

That was the personal code he had given Ma Dong, and it was hung at the stalls payment counter.

He had not expected to sell 100 bottles so quickly.

He had yet to give the goods to Ma Dong.

Ma Dong called for the drone and gave Wang Wen, who was in the crowd, a look.

He pretended to pick up the goods but was actually waiting for Wang Wen to contact the drone.

Wang Wen walked forward, reaching the drone, and took 100 bottles of Quick-acting Antidote.

The densely packed bottles slowly descended from the scanning light.

Ma Dong quickly caught the relics and handed them to the bald fatty.

The fatty conveniently found another drone to store.

The two of them went back and forth.

Very quickly, the first transaction was completed.

Wang Wen admired the efficiency of the other party.

He transferred the additional 2.1 million points to Ma Dongs account.

Ma Dong, who was busy dealing with all sorts of inquiries about when the next batch of goods would arrive, heard the notification on his phone and took it out to have a look.

He smiled.

He shouted again, “I have another 100 tubes of Quick-acting Antidotes.

Get them while you can.

If you need one, hurry up!”

The crowd was puzzled.

“When will the next batch arrive Can I book it in advance ”

Ma Dong said, “Theres no need to wait for it.

I am selling it on the spot.

I have 100 bottles.

Get it while you can!”

The bald fatty, who had just finished collecting the relics, asked in puzzlement, “You still have more Why didnt you take them out in one go Then Ill take the rest as well.”

He prepared to scan the code again to pay.

However, Ma Dong blocked Wang Wens account number with his hand.

He smiled and said, “Its now 77,000 each.

Please consider carefully before you pay.”

The bald fatty was stunned.

He carefully recalled the price the other party had quoted.

Stunned, he exclaimed, “An increase of 6,000 points in the blink of an eye Arent you a little too shady ”

Ma Dong was not angry.

He continued to smile at him.

“Everyone else can say that Im shady.

Everyone else but you.

Do you understand ”

The bald fatty thought about it again.

Finally, he figured out the crux of the matter.

A happy expression appeared on his face as he turned around and forced his way into the crowd, leaving with joy.

Gradually, the crowd also realized what was going on.

One or two of them took a step back, crossed their arms, and sneered as they watched the show.

Everyones attitude was apparent.

The first batch was sold for 71,000 points.

The second batch was sold for 77,000 points.


Was the seller treating them like monkeys

“He is clearly treating us like fools.”

“Thats mighty kind of you!”

“Even if the sky falls today, I wont buy your goods.

Lets see if you can do anything about that.”

An old man dressed in a brown robe walked out from the crowd and said to Ma Dong, “Young Man, thats not how you do business.

If you mess with the prices like that, you wont be able to sell a single item today.

Your stalls reputation will also be completely tarnished.

No one will buy from you again.”

The crowd echoed in agreement.

“Thats right, thats right.”

“Are you crazy about money”

“Do you think that you are the only one selling that antidote I might be able to purchase it at 60,000 points at another time!”

“Even if you want to raise the price, you should at least wait until tomorrow! Do you really think that we are idiots That we wont notice you raise the price in front of us”

Ma Dong smiled.

He sat in his stall and played with his phone without a word of rebuttal.

It seemed like he was playing a certain game.

He was playing happily.

He completely ignored the situation, which was as stiff as an open-air iron block in the cold winter months.

It was cold and hard.

The brown-robed old man was still trying to persuade him earnestly.”Young man, dont be stubborn.

Reduce the price back to 71,000.

Ill take the lead and buy ten bottles from you.

Well let bygones be bygones.

At least its better than leaving your business ruined.

What do you think”

Ma Dong smiled as he said, “Old man, theres no need to worry about me.

If you want one, you may buy one.

If you delay any longer, you might not be able to buy them.”

The old man sighed, “Stubborn and unrepentant.” He no longer tried to persuade him.

He crossed his arms and returned to the crowd to watch a good show.

“Old man, you dont need to persuade him! That person has gone mad!”

“Is this how you do business Lets see how many more youll sell today.”

The crowd laughed and mocked him.

For a time, no one made a move to buy.

Wang Wen, who was in the crowd, remained silent.

He squinted his eyes to see how Ma Dong would resolve that situation.

However, he noticed that Ma Dong was not in a hurry at all.

He was playing with his phone happily.

From time to time, he would even spout a few words about his teammates being noobs.

Not long after that.

Suddenly, a person appeared.

“Is there any Quick-acting Antidote for sale here” he yelled as he forced his way in.

“I want to buy it.

That person was forced to the front of the stall but was stopped by the people around him.

Someone said, “Dont buy it.

This is a black market.

The first batch was sold for 71,000 points.

In the blink of an eye, the next batch was sold for 77,000 points.

Dont fall for it! ”

When that person heard that, he turned around and asked Ma Dong, “Are you serious about 77,000 points for one bottle”

Ma Dong raised his head and smiled.

“Thats right.

They dont want to pay 77,000 points for it.

I only have 100 bottles for sale.”

That person nodded.

“Theres no need for so many bottles.

I just want 20 bottles! Where do I pay”

Then, he scanned Wang Wens code without saying a word.

He paid the price of 20 bottles.

When the crowd saw that he had not listened to their advice and did not care about paying 77,000 points to buy it, they were so angry that they slapped their thighs and shouted, “What a fool!”

“What the hell is he doing Was he brainless ”

“Weve already told him that, yet he still wants to buy it.

Its just a relic, right”

“He doesnt look like a good person!”

The brown-robed old man was even more resentful.

He rebuked that person and said, “You are aiding the villain! You are helping evil merchants disrupt market order and harm the majority of consumers interests! If you still have a conscience, immediately return the goods! ”

Wang Wen, who was in the crowd, received a sum of 1.54 million points.

He thought that Ma Dongs luck was not bad.

He silently took 20 tubes from the drone and descended.

He transferred the additional 540,000 points to Ma Dongs account and paid it off on the spot.

That person took the Quick-acting Antidote and used one bottle on the spot.

Only then did his lips, which had been turning green, become slightly blood-red.

When he heard the angry curses from the crowd around him, his expression immediately darkened.

He turned his head and shouted at the old man who had scolded him.

“Helping the devil to wreak havoc in the market Why cant I buy it when Im in a hurry to use it Dont you feel ashamed to say things like that at your age My brothers are waiting for this thing to save their lives.

Ill buy it today for 100,000 points, let alone 77,000 points! Ill do it! Why do you care Its not your money!”

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