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Chapter 181: Elixir of Life

The chaotic third week was coming to an end.

All the resource teams had returned from the tower.

That week, Wang Wens target was the 200th-floor rare item, the Elixir of Life, which was equivalent to strategic resources.

The good news was that thanks to Wang Wens (and Mo Rans) direction, the initially uneven resource teams had gone up to the 200th floor.

They were all at least regional-level experts in climbing the tower.

At the same time, there was also bad news.

The resources that appeared randomly were not something that all teams would encounter.

Even though Wang Wen had already listed all the prerequisites that he could think of, there were still quite many teams that ran empty.

He had 100 teams

They only brought back less than 200 bottles of Elixir of Life.

Wang Wen had asked the resource teams, and he confirmed that it was not embezzlement; they were just unlucky.

Only 83 teams managed to find some.

That meant that 17 teams returned empty-handed.

For them, that weeks hard work was basically in vain.

The strange thing was that they did not appear to be very depressed.

There was a strange phenomenon.

They did not find the target for that week, but almost every team found the previous weeks Quick-acting Antidotes.

So their efforts were not in vain.

In fact, they earned more than the previous week.

After all, they did not need to give Wang Wen any commission for that weeks Quick-acting Antidotes.

That left a knot in Wang Wens heart.

However, he did not tell anyone about it, including Chen Hansheng and Mi Lailai.

He just silently memorized the appearance of the members of those 17 teams.

As usual, he fulfilled his promise.

He spent money to hire some robots and servers and set up celebratory drinks on the flat cement ground beside the schools playground.

Wang Wen was not stingy.

A banquet would cost more than a million points.

The 83 bottles of Elixir of Life alone were enough to sell for 300,000 points.

That kind of healing item would never be too expensive for anyone.

A few days ago, Chief Gu treated Wang Wens frostbite, caused by the puppet attack, with that kind of healing item.

Even Mi Lailai deliberately ran to Wang Wen during the banquet and said, with a smile, “Our team found three bottles.

We used the remaining two while climbing the tower.

It helped to add two more floors to our progress.”

“Hurry up and eat.” Wang Wen did not even raise his head as he chewed on a chicken drumstick.

“Dont blame me if you vomit after eating.”

The handsome young man from the elite team frowned and looked at Wang Wen with extreme disdain.

He said, “Ugly and vulgar!”

As soon as he finished his sentence, he heard Mi Lailai say, “You really have a unique personality!”

The handsome young man was so angry that his nose twitched.

He turned around, picked up a liquor bottle, and gulped it down.

He vowed never to drink with ugly and vulgar villains.

However, he did not expect that.

That bottle of liquor had no signs whatsoever.

It was the authentic Snow Saber Essence liquor that Wang Wen had purchased from Chief Gus connections at a high price.

An ordinary person would be heartbroken for half a day after taking a sip.

If he gulped the liquor like that handsome young man…

No one knew if the young man could keep his liquor.

He might not live through the night.

As expected, he drank less than half a bottle.

Then, he fell to the bottom of the table.

Other than the servers, all the guests were elite tower climbers.

They would never worry about any VIPs.

So they did not care.

Some of the drunks stepped on the young mans butt and continued to eat and drink.

On that day, everyone ate and laughed until midnight before they dispersed in twos or threes.

Chen Hanshengs group had something to do and left early.

Among Mi Lailais elite team, two of the four boys fell unconscious while the other two were awake, just enough to support one another.

Wang Wen sent the group off, leaving behind many servers to clean up the mess.

He returned to the dormitory and chatted with Chief Gu for a while.

He gave the old man a few Daluo Creation Pills with the Body Body Health Water.

He also said he had no injuries or pain and drank a bottle of ELixir of Life.

Only then did he return to his room with a sense of relief.

There were many messages on his phone.

One of them was Ren Ruoruos funny message.

[Captain, I tried that privilege in the tower this week.

Its especially useful since we can jump through the floors.

If we teamed up to climb the tower together, we could use our respective privileges to climb one floor higher each week without any risk! Even though it is slower, its safer!]

Wang Wen did some calculations and replied to her.

[Not bad.

Its quite an innovative idea.

That way, well be able to climb up to the 1,000th floor in just a dozen years!]

Ren Ruoruo did not seem to be resting and was playing with her phone.

The moment the message was sent, she immediately replied to him.

[Isnt that right I also think that the idea is super awesome! Im too smart! Then, Captain, when will we give it a try]

Wang Wen replied to her.


Ren Ruoruo replied to him.


Wang Wens next reply.

[Its too slow, and theres no reward.

The rewards are very important.

Skipping the stage without a reward is too painful.]

Ren Ruoruo replied to him.

[Alright, then.

Remember to look for me when you need to form a team.]

Wang Wens reply to her.

[Of course! There are some stages that we cant do without you.]

Ren Ruoruo instantly became happy.

[Really Thats great! Its a deal!]

Wang Wen put away his phone, brought some water into the bathroom, washed up, and said good night to all the activated mechanisms in the room.

Then, he turned off the lights and went to sleep.

He did not know how long he slept.

Wang Wen heard the sounds of the sky and the earth trembling.

He instantly woke up.

The first thing he noticed was the rooms entrances.

He was relieved when he saw that everything was normal.

Before he could think about it, he noticed the Giants Heart was cooling.

It was bizarre.

As long as the water stone giant did not lack water, it would always exist.

How could the Giants Heart cool down

The sound seemed to come from the playgrounds direction.

The giants position in the center of the playground could not be seen from the rooms window.

He washed his face and went straight to the field.

He went to the side of the field to take a look.

What a guy!

The original location of the water stone giant in the center of the field was a shambles.

It was as if a missile had fallen from the sky.

There was a lot of debris and dust everywhere.

Amid the smoke, a figure slowly walked out.

Wang Wen prepared himself by gathering his spiritual power.

The figure was actually Li He!

Li He was also stunned when he saw Wang Wen.

He asked politely, “Why arent you resting at this late hour”

Wang Wen pointed at the smoke speechlessly.

“Im not Chief Gu.

How can I fall asleep with such a big commotion ”

A cough came from behind.

Gu Jianbing expressed his presence in an unembarrassed manner.

Li He nodded.

He said, “Im sorry to disturb the two of you while youre resting.

I was a little tense when I came out of the tower.

There was a monster of unknown origin on the field that was huge.

It absorbed my spiritual power as soon as it got close.

But dont worry, Ive already taken care of it.

Go to sleep.”

Gu Jianbing laughed loudly.

Wang Wen frowned as he said, “Did you check your phone when you came out of the tower I sent you a message! The thing you just took care of was our academys most precious treasure, the Ultimate Magnificent Divine Stone!”

“I never bring my phone into the tower.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have been able to charge up to the 600th floor so efficiently!” Li He raised his chin arrogantly and paused.

He lowered his head and asked curiously, “What did you say What stone Did you seal the academy”

After the 24-hour cooldown, Li He looked at the stone giant standing on the field and repeatedly praised Wang Wen.

He felt that there was hope for the academy.

The future was bright.

Immediately, he turned and said to Wang Wen, “In that case, I wont return the 200,000 points you gave me.”

Wang Wen reacted with difficulty and tried to keep up with his thinking.

“Is there a connection between the two”

Li He said arrogantly, “Of course! You have such a divine item.

You wont be short of money in the future.”

“I earned that.

It had nothing to do with your 200,000 points, right” Wang Wen scoffed.

“Although I dont intend to ask you to return it, how do you know its an extra 200,000 points Did you know that I was the one who caused that pit ”

“Of course.

Nothing about the academy escapes my eye,” Li He said.

Wang Wen looked at his raised chin.

Suddenly, with a face full of curiosity, he said, “Recently, theres someone called Mo Ran who joined the academy with Chief Gu.

I think you guys should get to know each other.”

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