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As a result, most people recorded the content with relics and then stored it in the drone to ensure nothing went wrong.

People who could not buy relics to record the content and instead relied on their brains to memorize it also made a change to use relics instead.

A good memory was no match for a bad pen.

They could not bear to leave the resource team after just one taste of the sweetness.

It would not be worth it if they were chased out because they misremembered the steps.

The major consortiums had their own resource teams.

However, those resource teams had to pay a high intelligence fee each time, and the materials they collected had to be divided based on a certain percentage and the groups share.

Greedy people would face harsh punishment as well.

The only advantage over free tower climbers was a more consistent income.

Little Teacher Wang, on the other hand, did not form a resource team to exploit anyone.

Was it a collaboration between them

That was all it took to break the monopoly!

The resource teams 500 members were ecstatic.

They felt as if they were witnessing an unprecedented period of significant change.

They had made their decision.

They would work for the resource team until the end of time and for as long as the academy did not collapse!

They wanted to earn money.

Some resource team members ate good food, drank good wine, hugged beautiful women, and watched cartoons about beautiful lives.

They were extremely pleased.

Only a small portion of the team was bothered by Wang Wens spiritual creation.

They were still reviewing the experience that they had just gained.

They would try to outperform themselves every time they entered the tower.

A new week is quickly approaching.

The resource teams entered the tower at 10:10 a.m.

Wang Wen promised to host a celebratory drink at the academy once everyone had returned safely.

He had been barred from the tower for the third week.

He would be able to return to the World Tower in 14 days with a brand new look and show off his skills!

His heart was filled with an incomparably strong fighting spirit at the time.

He already had the resources team to assist him in gathering the low-level items.

All he had to do was concentrate on charging upward into the tower.

That sensation was fantastic.

It was as if he had reincarnated at the pinnacle of the First Consortium.

A large crowd had gathered around him.

They collaborated, but only to help his personal progress in charging into the tower.

Those who were not top-tier tower climbers were not eligible for such treatment.

Even though he was only on the 300th floor, he had already begun to enjoy such divine treatment.

Wang Wen smiled contentedly.

He returned to the dormitory building after turning around at the academy gate.

He thought he had finally reached the ideal mode.

All of his previous time and effort had been well-spent.

He was very pleased.

In his excitement, he did not notice how slowly he walked.

In the pitch-black night behind him, a swaying shadow entered the academy.

It was like a rigid puppet, ready to fall at any moment.

It was as if an invisible rope was pulling the shadow back to its original position every time it was about to fall.

When the shadow saw Wang Wen walking in front of it, it became alarmed.

It accelerated unexpectedly.

It hugged Wang Wen with its arms open.

When the shadow approached, Wang Wen noticed a movement.

He was about to defend or attack, but he was hugged instead.

He frowned, thinking it was a prank.

“Xiao Yi or Ren Ruoruo Its you, right” he wondered.

He realized his arms had gone asleep before he could complete his statement.

The thing that hugged him from behind was akin to a large ice cube.

The extremely cold air instantly froze his blood.

Wang Wens heart shook as he thought,This is bad.

It was not Cheng Qiaoyi or Ren Ruoruo.

Was it his adversary

His gaze shifted.

A gigantic fist reached out mid-air, knocking the dark shadow and Wang Wen to the ground.

They rolled away for quite some distance.

The black shadow clung to Wang Wen and would not let go.

Wang Wen got a headache when he met such a persistent foe.

The mental energy poison acted like a scalpel, quickly slicing through the enemys body behind him.

In the end, the arm hugging him did not loosen but tightened even more.

What in the world was that

Was it not afraid of death or pain

Was it a mechanism

Wang Wen immediately controlled the scalpel to cut off the arm that was slapping him.

Those arms were extremely tough.

The mental energy poison managed to cut through the weak nerves easily.

However, cutting through tangible objects proved difficult.

Furthermore, those arms did not feel particularly normal.

It was like being hit with an ice cube.

The mental power scalpel cut for a long time, but it only seemed to remove fragments.

Wang Wen was irritated.

He could not break free even after a few moves; instead, he was so cold that breathing was difficult, and his entire body shook uncontrollably.

How did a scoundrel beat him when he had already learned a divine technique

That was unbearable!

He turned his head to look behind him, preparing to blast that damned shadow away with his spiritual power.

It made no difference.

He looked around.

He could see what was behind him thanks to the dimly lit street lamp and moonlight in the academy.

It was, indeed, a ghost!

That was the tall man he had killed the last time he climbed the tower.

He had large holes in his eye sockets!

He was the reason he was banned from the tower!

Wang Wen, who had climbed the tower twice in his two lifetimes, was mentally prepared.

He was not even scared when the person he killed hugged him so tightly.

He closed and reopened his eyes.


The damned things head was blown off.

Its body was still hugging Wang Wen.

It was as if there was a romantic mood in the air that lasted beyond death.

Wang Wen smirked.

He was enraged.

A small sun-shaped ball appeared out of thin air.

It landed on his back.

The ball of light that resembled a hydrogen bomb exploded and expanded in the next second.

The indiscriminate bombing spread over a 300-meter area on the academys avenue.

Everything within its range was reduced to ashes, including the trees and the rocks.

A semi-circular transparent barrier on Wang Wens back sent him flying far away.

Before he fell, a transparent material gripped his body and slowly floated in the air.

He turned around and returned the shadows gaze.

The previous ground had exploded into a massive inverted cone-shaped pit.

The thing behind him had been shattered into a million pieces.

However, his body was also severely frozen.

His arms were completely immobile.

His back was completely numb.

His internal organs were also in pain, much like how it felt to stand nude in the snow and drink dozens of bottles of cold beer in the winter.

It simply was not enough to express how he felt.

Wang Wens eyes darted back and forth between the academys gates.

He saw no suspicious individuals.

It was almost as if the damn thing had launched an attack along the way.

That battle came as a surprise.

It did, however, make Wang Wen realize the power of the three breakthroughs.

If it had not been for that one-of-a-kind ability that was completely out of the ordinary at the time, he would have been frozen stiff by that damn thing, despite his ability as a 300th-floor tower climber.

They had only been exchanging blows for about ten seconds.

He was already severely injured.

If it had been any longer, his consciousness might not have been able to hold on, and if he had fallen into a coma, the gods would not have been able to save him.

Wang Wen used his spiritual power to control himself and transport himself to Gu Jianbings room.

His invisible finger knocked on the door.

Gu Jianbings voice was heard.

“The door is not locked.

You may enter.”

Wang Wen said hoarsely, “You should help me open the door.

Did you hear a loud noise outside

The door squeaked.

After some time, the door swung open.

Gu Jianbing was taken aback when he saw Wang Wen.

He quickly assisted him in entering the room.

“What happened” the old man asked as he helped Wang Wen sit in the chair and summoned the drone.

Wang Wen examined the items on the table and realized why the old man did not hear them.

He saw a hearing aid.

“What happened to your ear” Wang Wen interacted with the drone and retrieved a Daluo Creation Pill from the storage.

He asked the old man to assist him in getting it into his mouth.

“A minor issue at my age,” the old man said, looking disgustedly at the wooden box.

He removed a glass bottle from the drone and poured the contents onto his severely injured arms and back.

Then, he drank the remaining liquid.

Wang Wen immediately felt his consciousness returning to him.

He could not decide whether to laugh or cry.

It was as if the Daluo Creation Pill he had stolen from the Tiansheng Groups warehouse had been rejected for the second time.

Was that thing useless

It must be candy!

While the two deal with that treatment…

Shen Rushuang had been hiding at the end of the street outside the academy.

He looked coldly in the direction of the academy before disappearing into the shadows.

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