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Chapter 15: Dont Look Like Good People

“Wang Wen.” The skinny boy winked at him discreetly.

“You should come with me.

They dont look like good people!”

‘Do you really need to tell me that

Wang Wen held his forehead and did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He was hit just as he entered the small alley.

He had no idea who had struck him, but the blow was as light as a feather.

He was not even dizzy.

He felt as if a girl had hit him with a soft pillow.

There was not a single face he recognized among the group of people who surrounded him in the alley.

The mastermind had not shown up

“Hey, hey, wait a minute.” Wang Wen touched the back of his head and reached out to stop the people rushing at him from all sides.

“Can you at least tell me why youre doing this I just finished eating, so intense exercise is inappropriate for me.”

“I heard you were quite arrogant!” A young leader-like figure walked forward with his hands on his waist.


Wang Wen caught his meaning and asked, “Who told you that”

The young leader wasted no more time.

He walked forward and hurled a large whip at Wang Wens head.


“Lets talk.

Theres no need to touch one another.” Wang Wen grabbed the young mans leg and pushed him backward.

That persons center of gravity was unstable as he wanted to show off the tall whip.

He was thrown backward with that push.


“F*ck! Get him!” The young leader was so embarrassed that he flew into a rage.

He shouted for his companions to attack.

At the same time, he took a dagger from his pocket and stood up while gritting his teeth.

When the skinny boy noticed Wang Wen surrounded, he rushed forward with his backpack.

As he tried to knock the man away, he turned his head and yelled, “Someone, help me!”

The young leader turned his hand and stabbed the knife into the boys stomach.


The boy fell to the ground as he panted in pain.

The young leader wiped the blood on his dagger and looked coldly at the boy on the ground.

He spat, “So loud.”

Wang Wen, who was in the middle of a chaotic fight, had just dodged a slow fist.

Just as he was about to counterattack, he saw the boy in a pool of blood.


Someone suddenly realized he could kick that slick loach-like character.

However, that guy seemed to have felt nothing as he separated himself from the crowd and walked away.

The people he ignored were unhappy.

They kept punching and kicking Wang Wens head and face.


Soon, he was beaten black and blue.

The young leader saw him walking forward, so he shook the dagger in his hand and sneered, “Kid, you think you have the right to touch any girls you wanted Just take todays beating today and let it go.

Otherwise, we can do this every day.”

Wang Wen acted as if he had not heard him.

He tore his clothes inner lining and pressed it onto the wound on the boys abdomen.

The boy opened his mouth to breathe.

His breathing affected the wound, and he was breathing very hard.

Wang Wen smiled and said, “Dont worry.

Its just a small wound.

Ill take you to the doctor.

The boy grabbed Wang Wens arm and, with some difficulty, said, “Quick, run.”

The young leader was enraged when he noticed that the two of them were talking to themselves and that no one was paying attention to him.

He raised the dagger and stabbed Wang Wen in the back.


There was a muffled sound on the flat ground.

It was like a rock falling from the mountain, a tornado in the sea, a thunderstorm in the dome, and the land sinking underground.

The young leader only felt a ringing in his ears, and the sound of the whole world disappeared.

Then, his body seemed to have been hit by some force, and his entire body flew backward.

All the young hooligans in the alley also flew backward.

It was as if a train had hit them before they crashed into the wall behind them.

If someone looked down from the sky at that moment, they would notice a fan-shaped crack in the ground in the small lane, with Wang Wen in the center.

Wang Wen turned around.

His nasal cavity was like an opened floodgate, and he could not stop the blood from gushing out.

He walked to the young leader with a bleeding nose and asked, “Who sent you”

The young leader was dizzy from the impact.

When he heard the sound, he instinctively struggled to move backward.

When he realized there was no retreat behind the wall, he gritted his teeth and shouted, “F*ck you! If you have the guts, kill me!”

Wang Wen nodded.


The young leader could not believe his ears.

It was as if the world had collapsed like an earthquake.

The ground where the young leader was standing had utterly caved in as if there was a transparent prehistoric beast stomping on it.


His entire body had sunk into the ground, and he spat out a few mouthfuls of blood before he died.

Wang Wen turned and returned to the boys side.

He carried the skinny boy with both hands and walked out of the small alley as blood dripped from his nose.

He heard a large wave of terrified screams from behind him.

In the academys infirmary.

The doctor on duty saw a person wearing the academys uniform with a bloodied face walking in with a boy whose face was as pale as a sheet of paper.

“Whats the situation” He stood up to check.

“We are students from the Department of scientific decryption.

He is injured.

Please help him.” Wang Wen placed the boy on the hospital bed and methodically took out his student card for registration.

When the doctor heard he was a student at the academy, he immediately called his assistant to activate the machine for emergency treatment.

“Thats a knife wound! What happened to you Did you enter the World Tower” the doctor asked as he dealt with the situation.

However, he did not receive a reply.

He turned around and saw that Wang Wen, who had insisted on completing the registration, was lying unconscious on the table.

Most of his face was covered in blood, and the parts of his face not stained with blood were frighteningly pale.

The red and white complemented each other, making it redder and whiter.


Wang Wen, who had just relaxed after returning to the academy, had slept for a long time.

When he woke up, he found himself lying in a ward in the hospital.

There were three groups of people guarding the room.

He was well aware of that point.

The person meticulously guarding the door appeared to be familiar.

He seemed to be a member of the First Consortiums intelligence department, who had recently met with him.

He must have represented the intelligence department.

The person dozing off on the sofa also appeared to be familiar.

He seemed to be the lackey who frequently followed the dean around.

He had to be a representative from the academy.

Then there was the person leaning against the beds guardrail.

Wang Wen woke up instantly when he saw her side profile.

Her long eyelashes, small nose, tender lips, and skin appeared surrounded by a halo.

Cheng Qiaoyi!

Wang Wen rudely pushed her to wake her up even though she was sleeping soundly.


Her sleepy eyes opened, but before she could rub them, she smiled cheerfully and said, “Senior, youre awake.”

She got up and pressed the button to call for the doctor.

Wang Wen asked hoarsely, “Why were you here”

Cheng Qiaoyi poured a glass of water and tested the temperature with both hands.

She handed it to Wang Wen after making sure it was not too hot and said, “Senior, its so dangerous to be around you.

If you dont trust others to keep an eye on things, I can help you with that.”

The person on the sofa jumped up and hurriedly called the academy to inform them.

The person by the door pulled out his notebook.

The optical computer lit up as he sent his report to the team leader.

The doctor walked into the ward quickly.

After using various instruments to check, he nodded and said to the people who surrounded him, “The patient is fine for the time being.

He has to rest and recuperate for the next half a month.

Come back for another check-up after that.”

“Thank you, Doctor.” Cheng Qiaoyi smiled sweetly and thanked him.

The experienced doctor waved his hand to excuse her.

Then, he quickly left the ward.

The man on the sofa walked toward Wang Wen and said, “Wang Wen, do you still feel unwell”

After receiving a positive answer, the man said, “Dont worry.

The academy has approved your leave of absence.

All the courses have records to ensure you can retake them any time.”

The person by the door walked to the bedside and said, “Chief Gu said that you dont need to worry about the expenses.

The intelligence department will handle it so you can concentrate on resting.”

Wang Wen thanked them and tried hard to prop himself up.

The few of them hurriedly reached out to support him.

As if she understood what he wanted, Cheng Qiaoyi asked, “Do you want to know about the boy you sent to the academys infirmary”


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