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Wang Wen provided no useful information to the bespectacled woman.

She was in a trance when she left the academy.

Soon after the two of them had left, Wang Wen received a message from Cheng Qiaoyi.

[Senior, did Yuanyuan offend you in any way You dont seem to like her.]

Wang Wen sent a reply.

[Are you still with your best friend]

Cheng Qiaoyi replied to his message.

[No, she seemed to have something urgent and left in a hurry.]

Wang Wen called her right away.

“Xiao Yi”

Cheng Qiaoyi said, “Yes What is the matter, Senior Why did you call so abruptly Did you miss me”

Wang Wen ignored her sarcasm and said solemnly, “Let me start by saying that I have no evidence to back up my claims.

You should be careful around your best friend.

When I returned to the academy from the Regional Security Department, I ran into her with a Tiansheng Groups Mirror member.

I am not sure what they were talking about, but they split when they saw me.”

Following that, the other side fell silent.

“I got it,” Cheng Qiaoyi said softly after a long time.

Wang Wen said, “You must exercise extreme caution.

Let me handle the investigation.

All you have to do is look after yourself.”

“Yes, Senior!” Cheng Qiaoyi nodded as she said confidently, “I will look after myself.

Dont worry, Senior!”

She got off the phone.

Wang Wen sat in the small pavilion for a while, staring blankly.

He seemed to have seen many things and people that he had never seen before in his previous life.

Many things had gone in different directions.

The academy had always been peaceful in his previous life, but Cheng Qiaoyi had suffered greatly.

Cheng Qiaoyi was fine in his new life, but the academy had suffered another major setback.

All good and bad changes were not subject to anyones will.

He was in the torrent, and his influence was negligible as if he could only drift with the current.

That sensation was extremely bad.

Wang Wens gaze shifted, and a transparent fist the size of a refrigerator materialized from thin air, smashing the stone table with a single punch.

“F*ck this! I am going to stop it!” he muttered.

Two more days passed.

The weekend had arrived.

The resource teams had all exited the tower.

They had collected 1,019 Quick-acting Antidotes.

Each team handed more than ten complete tubes of Quick-acting Antidotes.

Chen Hansheng and Mi Lailais teams did keep any for themselves.

They handed everything to Wang Wen.

Wang Wen nodded in approval.

That was their first collaboration, and it showed the teams trustworthiness.

For the time being, they could get the resources from the lower level.

The first phase of the plan was completed successfully.

Wang Wen was content.

Little did he realize that everyone else was happier than he was.

Chen Hansheng knew how trained those people were at the time.

He had frequently visited the academy since leaving the tower to observe them.

Many climbers standards had practically improved in front of his eyes.

They had become more presentable, whether it was their sense of crisis or their actual combat reactions.

They were clearly progressing toward becoming elite tower climbers.

Would they become an elite team that sprinted to the 500th floor in unison if they could reach that standard one day

Chen Hanshengs saliva could not stop flowing as he thought about it.

Aside from him, the ordinary members of the resource team were equally ecstatic.

They knew what they had gained in strength.

The profits from climbing the tower that week were also quite significant!

When the items in the tower, particularly the Quick-acting Antidote, were sold, almost everyones account would have more than 100,000 points!

Their one week of earnings would be greater than their previous years earnings.

More importantly, that information could be used in the future indefinitely.

Little Teacher Wang said they could play with the Quick-acting Antidotes for as long as it did not affect his target.

Wang Wen did not mention the information usage fee or the item percentage.

In terms of future collaboration, there was still a long way to go.

They would be considered qualified if they did not covet the required targeted items.

The remaining profits would be divided among the hardworking members.

As the collaboration grew stronger, they would become increasingly hesitant to leave the resource team.

That ensured the collaboration ran more smoothly and lasted longer.

Little Teacher Wang established a rule that improved his image in the eyes of the resource team members.

That amounted to essentially giving everyone a mountain of gold for free.

They would be guaranteed to earn at least 100,000 to 200,000 points per week if they handed their Quick-acting Antidotes to him.

No consortium had ever given such divine benefits to the elite teams.

Wang Wen, who was near the front of the crowd, smiled faintly as he looked at Mi Lai lai, who was near the back.

His eyes were gleaming.

The attractive young man next to him was clearly unhappy.

After some thought, he approached Wang Wen and asked, “I heard youve only reached the 300th floor.”

Wang Wen gave him an odd look.

“What about you”

“Me” The handsome young man choked on his rage.

“I am already on the 529th floor!” he exclaimed.

“Then congratulations,” Wang Wen said sincerely.

The attractive young man had something else to say.

Suddenly, a figure rushed in from the academys gate and reached Wang Wen in just a few steps.

He was covered in dirt.

He was slightly stunned when he saw so many people on the field that he did not say anything.

He approached Wang Wen and asked, “How was your week Is the academy in good condition”

Wang Wen smiled at the tired-looking Li He and said, “How could it possibly be What about you How are you doing”

He ignored the young man beside him, making him even more irritated.

He yelled at Li He, “Who are you We were talking!”

Li He looked at him, perplexed, and asked Wang Wen, “Is this the teacher you hired Or perhaps an apprentice”

Wang Wen shook his head.


He is a resource team member with whom I am collaborating.”

Li He did not give a damn about those things.

He nodded regardless of whether or not he understood.

He gave Wang Wen a mysterious smile and said, “If you ask about my progress, then any progress I make will frighten you! I have already gathered more than half of the information.

I have reached the 559th floor.

Next week, I will get to the 600th floor!”

Wang Wen arched his brow.

For the time being, he thought they should not discuss any intelligence gathering.

However, he did think that Li Hes speed was frightening.

He had underestimated him.

That Senior Li was truly perplexing!

Wang Wen remembered an incident that Chief Gu had mentioned not too long ago.

His gut instinct grew stronger.

There seemed to be a problem with his reincarnation.

He thought about it quietly.

Li He was preoccupied with his own excitement.

The handsome young man next to him snickered.

“The 559th floor You want to get to the 600th floor by the end of the week Who are you with The Tiansheng Group or the First Consortium I dont think youre from the Boai Group.

I have never seen you there.”

Li He gave him a quick glance, nodded excitedly, and turned to leave.

It had been a difficult week for him as he climbed the tower.

He wanted to reward himself with a shower and a delicious meal.

He abandoned the young man.

The young man was taken aback.

No one had ever ignored him, not even since he was a baby,

During that time, Wang Wen, who had been deep in thought, awoke suddenly.

He took a stack of printed paper from his pocket and handed it to him.

“Hey, you are on Captain Mis team, right Distribute these to everyone.

These are the goals and steps for the coming week.

I have to leave now because I have something to do.

Look for Old Chen if you have any questions.”

Without waiting for the attractive young man to decline, he turned around and walked straight to Gu Jianbings room.

The attractive young man was left standing there, trembling uncontrollably.

It was unclear whether it was because he was ill or something else.

Mi Lailai approached him.

She smiled when she looked at Wang Wen as he dashed away.

Then, she said, “What do you think of him I told him he had a great personality.

Am I right”

The handsome young man gripped the papers, his knuckles turning white.

When Mi Lailai noticed that, she said gently, “Dont tear those papers.

We need them for next week.”

At the academys dormitory building…

Gu Jianbing, the former head of the First Consortiums intelligence department, was eating a small plate of peanuts and cucumbers.

The table next to him was cluttered with hand-drawn machine blueprints.

He appeared accustomed to making textual records on the most basic paper materials.

Wang Wen entered after he knocked on the door.

When he saw Xiao Jiu, his eyes widened.

He picked up the bottle and took a sip without saying anything.

He smacked his lips and narrowed his eyes.

He sighed after a while.

“Authentic Snow Saber Essence! Good stuff!”

Gu Jianbings eyes brightened.

“How do you know about wine Youre too young!”

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