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The monsters strength fluctuated between high and low.

It was not due to anyones good intentions.

It was that Wang Wen could not stop it.

After sunrise, Wang Wen went outside the academy to get some breakfast.

Chief Gu enjoyed eating tea eggs, and he bought two for him.

He also enjoyed eating fresh-from-the-oven fried dough sticks, so Wang Wen purchased one.

It did not seem right to serve fried dough sticks without a bowl of soybean milk.

So he went out and bought another bowl of soy milk.

Given the old mans age, what if he choked to death while eating tea eggs

He simply endured the agony and purchased two servings.

Wang Wen, who was cheerfully walking toward the academy, appeared to have forgotten his promise to allow the old man to eat and drink freely.

He would say that the older man should eat and drink anything delicious without caring for diabetes or hypertension!

However, it was better to eat healthier food.

Gu Jianbing, who had lived on noodles for several days, was not a picky eater.

He was smiling while drinking soy milk and eating tea eggs.

They still had not finished their breakfast when a figure rushed in from outside the academy.

They blinked as Mo Ran approached Wang Wen.

Mo Rans face darkened as he said, “Chief Gu is old and finally decided to retire.

How dare you drag him here to work for you”

“Hey, hey, be nice,” Wang Wen said, his mouth full of fried dough sticks.

“I brought him here to retire!

Mo Rans rage grew as he looked at Gu Jianbing, who was grinning while chewing on the tea egg.

Then, he pointed to the soy milk and said, “Is this retirement You want him to enjoy his retirement like this”

Wang Wen had yet to say anything.

“I think it is pretty good,” Gu Jianbing said.

Mo Ran stared at Gu Jianbing in disbelief, then turned his head and angrily asked Wang Wen, “Did you poison Chief Gu”

“Do you think I can poison him”

Wang Wen almost spat out some soy milk.

Gu Jianbing slammed his fist on the table and said to Mo Ran, “Shut up! Sit down and eat!”

Mo Ran sat down instinctively.

He did not say anything as he stared at the table.

He was scrambling to figure out where his portion of the meal was.


And so, the academy had another outstanding general—Mo Ran, the First Consortiums former intelligence team leader.

Mo Ran met the second resource team who had left the tower that afternoon.

He gaped as Wang Wen used his incredible spiritual power to train them.

Mo Rans eyes were keen.

He saw right through Wang Wens new skill, which he had yet to master fully.

However, before he could laugh, the group of tower climbers knelt and bowed after the training, crying as they hugged Wang Wens thigh to express their gratitude.

Mo Ran saw Wang Wens smile.

He felt unsettled.

On a late Wednesday afternoon, about 50 hours after the collaboration began.

Wang Wen and Gu Jianbing were drinking tea under some trees when they noticed dozens of people reaching from the academys entrance.

Several teams had left the tower around the same time.

Most of the climbers had reached between the 80th and the 100th floors.

A group arrived at the playground and did nothing but lie on the ground.

Wang Wen and Gu Jianbing rose to their feet.

Mo Ran abruptly stood up and offered to train that group of people.

It was unusual to have free workers, so Wang Wen took advantage of the opportunity.

He extended his hand and gestured for Mo Ran to do as he pleased.

With a howl, Mo Ran dashed to the field.

He resolved to show that group what real training was all about!

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