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Wang Wen took the initiative to teach them valuable combat experience to raise the resource teams standards.

Fortunately, the team members were very modest.

After two rounds, they realized how valuable that drill was.

Their eyes immediately lit up as they gazed enviously at Wang Wen.

Very quickly, the verbal education had reached a snag.

On the surface, the team members understood what he meant, but their actual operation was a shambles.

They frequently made errors in their responses.

As a result, Wang Wen waved his hand like a god and created a slew of bizarre monsters on the field.

When it was dark, those barely visible monsters were far more difficult to deal with than the enemies in the World Tower.

Especially when it came to killing practices for area-of-effect enemies.

There were a few attacks that needed precise control.

It was stated that the distance between them should be no more than 300 meters.

The team members trained with injuries, and none complained about the pain.

When morning came, they all collapsed on the ground, exhausted.

Wang Wen blinked, drew his spiritual power back, and chased them away.

What a joke!

He should be the most tired one.

Wang Wen secretly rejoiced because he appeared to have discovered an excellent practice method.

The spiritual power created by the three breakthroughshad never been used in battle.

His hands were raw.

He was unaccustomed to controlling his strength.

He was still unaccustomed to hitting and killing people, as well as stalking and harassing them.

Especially when he did not understand how to balance his structure and strength.

He would frequently unintentionally release his spiritual energy, resulting in the creation of a massive monster.

He would only have minimal strength in the end.

However, a small ball nearly depleted all of his spiritual energy.

Finally, it only released a silent firework, just like the missile intercepted by the First Consortium.

Everything required a lot of practice.

They would not be angry for having so many sparring partners and would also thank the teacher for his efforts.

That sensation was simply overwhelming!

Wang Wen snickered as he pursed his lips.

He weighed the ten Quick-acting Antidotes in his hands and began to anticipate the arrival of the next batch of resource team members.

The resource team members supported each other as they walked out of the academys gate.

Wang Wen could tell from the occasional cries of pain and laughter that they were very happy.

They had received huge gains from climbing the tower, and they had found more than ten rare items worth 50,000 points.

Each of them has the potential to earn more than 100,000 points!

That was significantly more than they had previously earned!

The 200 tower climbers were lucky if they could earn 10,000 points per week!

In addition to earning money, they also discovered that the training they received after leaving the tower was the actual gain far outweighed anything else!

That enigmatic Captain Wang was teaching them practical skills!

That was a priceless opportunity that money could not buy!

Captain Wang had unintentionally become Little Teacher Wang.

In their case, the training was an entirely new training mode.

Little Teacher Wang undoubtedly created those shadow monsters.

Even though they knew it was a fake, it appeared genuine.

However, when the monster hit them, it was excruciatingly painful.

When the toxins, ice, and flames approached their body, they could feel it.

If one did not dare to dodge, one would suffer frostbite, burns, or even be poisoned, suffocated, or rendered unconscious.

Even though they had no idea how Little Teacher Wang had created such an amazing scene, they were interested in the realistic training method.

They thanked Little Teacher Wang from the bottom of their hearts for his efforts.

Even after they left the academy, they still enthusiastically discussed their training.

“That was excruciating! With all my injuries, I will not be able to get out of bed for the next few days.”

“That should not have happened.

But the monsters strength fluctuates between high and low, which is extremely chaotic.

I have no idea which attacks I can withstand and which I must avoid!”

“What do you know That was clearly a warning carefully crafted by Little Teacher Wang! A warning that the enemys appearance should not deceive us!”

“Thats right!”

“That dreadful ball!.”

They talked about the last scene of the training.

They thought that Little Teacher Wang was extremely meticulous!

He had taught them to be vigilant even when facing a minor enemy.

A small ball appeared on the field at the end of the practice.

Who would have guessed that such a small ball could explode and cover a 300-meter radius without causing any harm

They would have fallen to the ground if it had not been for Little Teacher Wangs mercy.

They were almost annihilated!

That was just a field simulation!

They would have been smashed to pieces if it had been a real battle in the World Tower.

Would they have the time to escape

“Little Teacher Wang is truly a god…” someone in the group sighed with emotion.

His eyes welled up with tears.

“I have lived a long time.

No one had ever treated me with such tenderness except my parents.”

The other teammates agreed with a nod.

Everyone admired Little Teacher Wangs concern.

They gradually came to feel like they belonged to the newly formed resource team.

They started to get excited about their future in tower climbing.

The seemingly omnipotent Little Teacher Wang became even more mysterious in their eyes.

Nobody would ever doubt him.

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