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Chapter 169: Do You Want It, Senior

Wang Wens original intention was to pacify the mad Qin Wuzheng.

He wanted to keep him from using mutual destruction to get rid of the vile murderer.

If that were the case, he would be severely limited in his options.

Finally, he appeared to be revealing his true identity.

It was impossible for him to truly become the worlds enemy.

He could only send a wave of spiritual energy at Qin Wuzheng before turning around and leaving.

His thoughts were crystal clear.

With the three 600th-floor tower climbers help, there was a good chance that Qin Dongbei would survive.

It was useless to kill Qin Wuzheng.

It would only bring Qin Dongbei even more persistent revenge.

So, he could either wipe out the Tiansheng Group or he could bait them.

Then, he could hide and watch the tigers snag their food.

On the other hand, Qin Wuzheng immediately felt a sharp pain in his head as soon as his spiritual power entered his body.

He did not care.

He decisively stood up, pointed at Wang Wens figure, and shouted, “Stop him! Hes the murderer! ”

As his voice fell, everyone in the meeting room was shocked.

Then, the scene became very interesting.

It did not matter if Qin Wuzheng did not say anything.

However, he said that the young man was the murderer.

No one dared to stop him.

Even those who had arrogantly planned to stop him spontaneously withdrew their hands instantly, pretending to have only scratched the itch.

What kind of joke was that

Everyone in the room was sent by the major consortia to reassure the Tiansheng Group.

Naturally, they knew what had happened to the Tiansheng Groups boss.

It was an accident under the protection of top-level tower climbers.

Even the 600th floors old monsters could not stop the murderer What kind of strength would that person have

The meeting room was only filled with negotiation experts who liked to talk.

No one dared make a move.

The crowd immediately formed a straight path.

It was as if they were dismissing Wang Wen.

The crowds friendly attitude touched Wang Wen; he politely nodded to those who gave way.

The people who gave way had very complicated feelings.

They were ashamed of their cowardly behavior and unsure how to face the world before them when they noticed the murderer nodding his head in thanks.

Their feelings become even more complicated.

Some people were extremely polite and could not stand it when others nodded at them.

They returned the habitual nod.

They realized halfway through the nod that the other party was the culprit and that they should have stopped but did not dare, causing them to embarrass themselves.

They immediately stopped.

What would happen if they broke halfway through the nod

Thus, Qin Wuzheng, who had shouted that the young man was the murderer, saw that scene.

The crowd purposefully cleared the way for a straight tunnel to form on both sides.

Wang Wen waved as he walked, occasionally nodding to the people beside the tunnel.

Everyone respectfully bowed their heads to send their king off, unable to lift their heads for a long time.

Qin Wuzheng was dumbfounded.

He asked in puzzlement, “What are you doing Hes the murderer! The murderer! As long as the murderer is dead, the world will be at peace.

Why are you letting him go”

The people who made way for Wang Wen felt very uncomfortable.

“The world is already at peace.

You guys caused all the waves! Now you still have to ask why”

Someone immediately sat back in his seat, a sarcastic expression on his face.

He took a sip of his tea.

The man clearly believed that they would need to devise a long-term strategy because the boss was already gone.

Some people even believed that the murderer could freely enter and exit the Tiansheng Group.

Based on the Tiansheng Groups boss situation, that young mans strength was absolutely unfathomable!

Maybe he was similar to the man in green who had disappeared recently.

Maybe he was the man in green!

Ordinary people could not deal with a murderer of that caliber.

They initially believed that dealing with just one person would be simpler.

However, it appeared that dealing with the Tiansheng Group was less difficult.

The people in the meeting room drank their tea silently.

Their minds were filled with one thought after another.

The Tiansheng Group has recently suffered severe damage.

Everyone could see how disorganized and frail it was.

The man in green and the murderer appeared to focus solely on the Tiansheng Group.

If that were the case, assisting the Tiansheng Group in dealing with the murderer or the man in green would only bring world peace.

The worlds wall would not fall, and people from the west would be unable to pass through.

It seemed like nothing had changed.

The number thirteen would still be the same.

And if they helped the murderer or the man in green


They did not dare to think.

They did not dare to think.

Some people from certain consortiums were holding their teacups and drinking tea.

However, the corners of their mouths were drooling in an unusual manner.

Wang Wen had no idea that simply visiting the Tiansheng Group would cause the previously stable balance to sway and tilt.

As one would expect from a consortium, everyone was treated equally in terms of benefits.

Qin Wuzheng, who was using the communicator to order the groups staff to apprehend the murderer, was even more oblivious.

The meeting rooms atmosphere had already shifted in a matter of minutes.

Outside the main entrance of the Tiansheng Group Groups headquarters.

Wang Wen removed the hooded coat he had borrowed from somewhere and changed into an old, long windbreaker also borrowed from somewhere.

Then he put on a dull-colored hat.

His thin figure appeared to have gone through the ups and downs of middle and old age.

He lowered his hat brim, avoided a few obvious surveillance devices, and vanished into the busy traffic.

The Tiansheng Group was still in a state of disarray in the building after catching the murderer; no one noticed the violent demolition of the ventilation window in the 18th-floor stairwell.

An hour later, Wang Wen appeared in Cheng Qiaoyis residential area.

He did not return to his new house.

He knew the residential area was no longer safe after hearing from Qin Wuzheng that there was a surveillance camera.

It was too close to the incident, right outside the main gate.

One of the guards had died, and if he continued to go in and out, he would be easily discovered.

He could not go to the academy.

He could not go to his new house.

Wang Wen sneaked into Cheng Qiaoyis residential area.

He knew that Skinny Boy had bought a new house there, so he just happened to drop by to see him.

The three met in the residential area, which had an open field of vision but was dark and hidden, like covert gangs.

When they met, Cheng Qiaoyi suppressed her voice and asked Wang Wen excitedly, “Senior, did you do something amazing again Its so exciting to be this sneaky.”

The boy looked at Wang Wen with a worried expression.

The first thing he asked was, “Do you have enough money I have some more here for you to use urgently.

Wang Wen ignored their words.

He changed his clothes in front of the two of them, adjusted his baseball cap, and asked, “How is the training list I gave you”

Upon hearing that, the boy began to wail in pain.

“The time is too short.

Its very, very difficult.

Cheng Qiaoyi blinked her big eyes and asked, “My progress with the list is not too fast, but my progress with the mechanism technique is good, right Can this beginner enter the tower with you, Senior”

Wang Wens hand stopped turning the baseball cap.

“You broke through the mechanism techniques” he asked Cheng Qiaoyi in bewilderment.

“Not yet.” Cheng Qiaoyi flicked her long hair.

She looked modest, but she was proud of herself.

“Just a little bit more.”

“How did you do it so quickly” Wang Wen recalled that Cheng Qiaoyi only broke through the mechanism techniques in her previous life with the help of some high-level experts.

How did she do it in that new life

How old was she

She was about to become a Broken Might master

After Wang Wen recovered from the shock, he made up his mind.

He could not let her meet Mo Ran.

That would be too exciting.

“Its alright.” Cheng Qiaoyi seemed modest but was proud of herself.

She chuckled.

“I just discovered a little trick.

It came in pretty handy.”

As she spoke, she suddenly took a step forward and approached Wang Wen.

Her eyes were bright as she looked at him.

“Senior, I remember that you are also a mechanism master.

Do you want to learn from me, Senior”

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