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Chapter 168: Wang Wens Innumerable Identities

Time was running out.

Everyone started to move.

Mo Ran and the other two were in a difficult situation.

It was not practical, and they did not want to return to the First Consortium.

However, they could not betray the group by assisting Wang Wen in some strange activities.

As a result, they volunteered to oversee He Jiongs execution.

They had to get separated.

Chen Hansheng returned to the Boai Group with his men to prepare an enormous treasure.

The leader of the Boai Group, knowing that Wang Wen was confident that his group would not be implicated and let them hide behind the scenes to watch the show, was also a brave man who dared to fight valiantly.

He would not mind the trouble; he would definitely be able to prepare a big treasure.

It would be more than double the value of the treasure from the First Consortium!

As for Wang Wen, he was eating lobster in the hotel kitchen.

He did not want to waste it.

Not long after that, Mo Ran broke the news.

He Jiongs action was unexpectedly smooth.

The Tiansheng Group was in a mess.

Their leader, Young Master Qin Wuzheng, fell into deep thought after listening to the compensation list.

He did not kill He Jiong immediately.

Instead, he politely dismissed him.

After hearing about the situation, Wang Wen put down the lobster and washed his hands and face with water.

He recalled Chen Hanshengs words, “Qin Wuzheng declared that if the murderer did not die, he would tear down the world wall.”

He frowned slightly.

He felt a little worried.

He had seen the Tiansheng Groups young master.

It was a fool who would keep him in the World Tower for more than half a year to think about a problem!

Qin Dongbeis fate was unknown since he entered the World Tower.

That fool was the only one who could make the decision.

If that happened, he would have to go all in and agree to the entire compensation package, right

That would be a colossal blunder.

Wang Wen wiped his mouth with a tissue and said, “You guys continue to carry out the original plan.

Im going to the Tiansheng Group.

Zhu Xingguo asked worriedly, “Master, will you be safe”

Wang Wen comforted him, saying, “Dont worry; Im safer than you.”

Zhu Xingguo watched with his mouth agape as Wang Wen left the hotel kitchen and slowly disappeared out of the corridor.

Half an hour later.

The most dangerous place was also said to be the safest.

Wang Wen was not sure if it was safe.

However, the Tiansheng Group Groups headquarters were currently in disarray.

The employees were in disarray, and the outsiders were in a mess.

Many forces had planned for people to flock to the Tiansheng Group to appease the madness.

They feared that the matter would get too severe if the young master wanted to tear down the world wall.

They preferred to settle any internal matters and did not want to trouble their friends in the west.

In that atmosphere, Wang Wen slowly entered the Tiansheng Group office building.

He went back to his old place.

He could not help but sigh.

People around him were mostly attempting to appease various forces.

There were men and women, both young and old.

Few people knew who he was.

Nobody would guess that the person responsible for everything was standing right next to them.

Wang Wen had no desire to show off in front of them.

Even if he told them, no one would believe him.

The target that the Tiansheng Group had sworn to kill was among them

He did not even dare to do so!

He took his time approaching the reception desk.

Others might not recognize him, but the lady working at the reception desk would.

She not only recognized him, but she could probably see his face in her dreams.

The lady was so surprised that she wanted to scream.

Wang Wen silently motioned and smiled as he asked, “Is Eldest Young Master Qin Wuzheng on the 19th floor”

The pretty woman nodded, almost in tears, and reminded him, saying, “Mr.

Qin is having a meeting with the heads of visiting consortia.

Im afraid its not convenient for him to see you…”

“Its okay.

Im an old friend.

Ill go up and find him myself.” Wang Wen walked through the blockade line and climbed the stairs.

The staff near the reception desk pointed at his back and shouted, “How could he go first Hes cutting the line! ”

The woman thought for a long time.

There was nothing to say.

She could only tell them honestly, “That man was the robber.

He was the one who robbed the Tiansheng Groups relics warehouse.

The staff was stunned.

After a moment of silence, an even louder noise was heard.


“Dont try to fool us!”

“Liar! Why was the robber talking to you with such a smile Why didnt you scream”

“Thats right!”

“You didnt even scream, and you want to lie to us! No way! ”

“As expected of the Tiansheng Group, even the receptionist is so arrogant! They treat us like monkeys! ”

The young lady wanted to cry.

She found it difficult to explain herself for the first time in her life.

It was noisy downstairs.

However, the corridor remained silent.

Wang Wen climbed all the way to the 19th floor without encountering any difficulties.

His stronger physique gave him a lot of energy, and despite not being slow, he did get tired after climbing so many stairs.

He slowed down at the top of the stairs and took a deep breath.

He took out another Daluo Creation Pill and ate it.

He tried his spiritual power.

During that period of rest, he had almost recovered 30 to 40 percent.

Not much.

But it should be enough.

After the two items were broken, he used them as mental strength toxins, with very light consumption.

It was far superior to the rude, disorganized, and ineffective mental assaults.

The most important aspect was that it was quiet and well-concealed.

He would not alert the large troops outside if he wanted to kill someone.

Wang Wen walked into the corridor with satisfaction after opening the staircase door.

The offices of various high-level leaders could be found on both sides of the corridor.

A large conference room that took up at least three rooms was located in the middle of the corridor.

It was teeming with people at the time.

They were all excited as if they were arguing about something, as seen through the glass door.

Wang Wen did not knock on the door.

He simply opened the door and walked in.

A boom and a chaotic sound wave rushed toward him as soon as the door was opened.

It was as if he had been subjected to a lions roar, and he would not have escaped from that place of wailing and howling if it had not been for his incredible willpower.

He dug into his ears and massaged them to relax his eardrums and protect them from damage.

He approached the most familiar face in the meeting room as if no one was there.

As he walked through the crowd, the subordinates of some unknown consortium looked on, perplexed.

When he got close to Qin Wuzheng, someone stopped him and asked, “Who are you

People on the other side of the meeting room were still yelling, “Why do we have to clean up the mess the Tiansheng Group made”

“Its not good for anyone to tear down the world wall.

We cant be impulsive.

Who is Wang Wen Why should the world fight because of him” And so on.

Qin Wuzheng did not care about what others said.

He only said, “If the murderer doesnt die, Ill tear down the world wall.”

Wang Wen was stopped a few meters away from Qin Wuzheng.

Unable to approach him, he waved and said, “Hi!

The person who stopped him was frowning.

He tried to push him away.

Qin Wuzheng noticed chaos out of the corner of his eye.

So, he turned to look.

With one look, he saw a familiar face.

He seemed to have seen it somewhere before.

It left a deep impression on him.

He would never have associated that face with the murderer who murdered his father in the surveillance footage.

So he tried his best to think.

With that in mind, he could not help but ask, “Do we know each other”

The person who pushed Wang Wen already had spiritual toxins in his body.

He was almost dead.

When he heard Qin Wuzhengs voice, he narrowly escaped death as he stopped moving.

Wang Wen looked at him regretfully and decided to get down to business.

He waved at Qin Wuzheng and said, “Have you forgotten I gave you the Certificate of Evil in the tower.

Qin Wuzheng suddenly realized who he was.

“Oh, its you! I dont have time for you now.

Go out and wait for me.

Well talk later.

Wang Wen said, “Youve misunderstood.

Im not here to get money from you.

In fact, Im Shen Rushuangs subordinate.

He told me that there are three senior executives who can save your father.

Theres no need to worry.”

Qin Wuzheng shrugged nonchalantly and said, “It doesnt matter.

I only want the murderers life now.

Wang Wen said helplessly, “Then have you ever thought that when your father comes out of the tower and finds out that youve sold the company, hell die from anger

With that, Qin Wuzheng became hesitant, looking suspiciously at Wang Wen and asking, “Are you sure my father will return safely”

Wang Wen stood confidently.

He held his head high and puffed out his chest.

“Im sure! Its just a headshot.

A werewolfs fatal point isnt its head! We can still save him.”

Qin Wuzheng was aware of it.

His eyes widened instantly.

“How do you know so much I have never told anyone about the contents of the surveillance!”

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