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Chapter 167: Make Things Worse

No one stepped forward to claim the captain.

Even Chen Hansheng, who might remember him, was unmoved.

He just frowned and pondered.

His two subordinates were too far away from Zhang Wei and Zhang Lanlan.

Even if they were nearby, it would be pointless.

The crowd in the arena would not care about their voices.

Mo Ran raised his fist and was ready to punch his head, and Captain Hes body went limp.

He could not muster the slightest bit of resistance that belonged to a tower climber.

Wang Wens voice could be heard from behind the crowd.

He said, “Old Mo, the Season Hotel is the First Consortiums property.

Everyone knows that no one dares fire a missile at the First Consortium.

Even the Tiansheng Group, who wants to kill me, wouldnt dare to do that.

Who do you think fired that missile ”

Mo Rans face turned ashen.

He gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice, “Who else could it be!”

Everyone turned around and looked back.

Wang Wen poured something that looked like candy into his mouth and chewed on it.

He also threw one to Mi Lailai beside him.

Mi Lailai looked at the dirty and small wooden box and put it into the drone storage with a look of disgust.

Then, she took out a porcelain bottle that was obviously of much better quality and opened it.

She poured a small, soybean-sized ball, crushed it, and threw it into her mouth.

She looked at Wang Wen proudly.

When he saw the familiar outer package, Wang Wen immediately became anxious.

“Why didnt you take out that good thing earlier” He reached out to grab the porcelain bottle, but it was empty.

Mi Lailai made a funny face and could not stop laughing.

Wang Wen frowned.

He returned the porcelain bottle helplessly and said, “Im just not as rich as you.

Wait until the day I rise again.

Ill anger you to death! ”

“Alright, alright!” Mi Lailai Lai pointed and said, “Watch them.

You should get back to business first.

Wang Wen turned his head and saw everyones gaze.

He coughed lightly and slowly stood up.

He calmly looked at Mo Ran and asked, “The First Consortium treated you like this.

Do you still plan to continue working for them ”

Mo Ran shook his head and answered without hesitation, “Chief Gu had done me a great favor.

No matter what the group does to me, I wont leave him.”

“Wait!” Wang Wen frowned and analyzed, “You mean Chief Gu had done you a favor You only stayed in the First Consortium because he was there”

Mo Ran looked at him like he was an idiot.

“Did I not make myself clear”

Wang Wen asked, “Then if Chief Gu leaves the group, you will also leave, right”

“Of course! I will follow Chief Gu wherever he goes.” Mo Ran looked at Wang Wen as if he was looking at an idiot.

“But dont think about it.

The group is like Chief Gus family.

He wouldnt leave.”

“Are you sure” Wang Wen stared at him suspiciously.

Mo Ran turned his head, disdaining to answer such a stupid question.

“Okay, lets not talk about that for now.” Wang Wen walked in front of Captain He and asked, “Are you really willing to work tirelessly to follow me”

Hearing those words, Captain He was so happy that he cried.

He nodded and shouted, “As long as you agree, I will be your servant from now on!”

“Okay.” Wang Wen nodded and said, “I have a task for you to do now!”

He looked at Mo Ran, who was filled with murderous intent.

He told the confused captain, “Tell everyone that the Tiansheng Group launched a missile to bombard the First Consortiums valuable assets.

I am here to seek compensation.”

Mo Ran was puzzled.

“What are you doing The Tiansheng Group did not launch the missile!”

Wang Wen nodded.

“They will say the same thing.”

Captain He, who was on the ground, looked even more confused.

“Are you asking me to pretend to be a member of the First Consortium to talk to the Tiansheng Group No one will believe me!”

Wang Wen said, “You dont have to care whether they were struggling with the missile or whether you were real or fake.

Just continue to read the compensation list.

Take a note and read the compensation list like that.

He paused and waited for Captain He to take out his phone and start recording.

Then, he spoke again, “The Tiansheng Group will hand over every hotel, restaurant, entertainment, accommodation, real estate, cultural transportation, square shops, public and private facilities, and every World Tower prop belonging to the group to the First Consortium within this week.

If there is any delay, the First Consortium will reserve the right to recover the compensation by force.”

Everyone who heard that was petrified.

Captain He stared at the content he had memorized and said in a hoarse voice, “Is this ridiculous list meant to kill the Tiansheng Group”

Mo Ran, who was next to him, was the first to recover.

He sneered at him and said, “I dont know if the Tiansheng Group will die or not.

You will definitely die.

They will hack you up and feed you to the dogs.”

“What” The Captain almost dropped his phone.

He looked at Wang Wen with a pleading look.

Wang Wen comforted him.

“Dont worry.

If the two countries went to war, they wouldnt kill the envoys.

For the sake of the First Consortium, they will not dare to touch you.”

Captain He almost cried, “Then what if they go crazy after hearing it and must kill me”

Wang Wen thought for a moment and gave him a perfect idea.

“Then you run.”

Captain He was not stupid.

He shook his head repeatedly after hearing that.

No matter what, he was not willing to accept that life-threatening task.

Wang Wen could only give up.

“Since youre not willing, I cant force you.”

He turned to Mo Ran and said, “Its better to kill him.”

“Wait, wait!”

Captain He was scared out of his wits.

He raised his phone and said, “Im willing to do it.

Im willing to scare the Tiansheng Group.

I think they will definitely be scared to death of me.”

Wang Wen looked at him with satisfaction.

“Very good.

Whats your name”

Captain He said bitterly, “My name is He Jiong.”

“Okay, He Jiong.

If you get out of Tiansheng Group, then go to the First Consortium and tell them about it,” Wang Wen said.

“Dont just stand there.

Take your phone and remember.

If you told them the wrong thing, I wouldnt be able to save you.

Tell the First Consortium that the shameless thief fired a missile at their own building and even blackmailed the Tiansheng Group, who will never yield.

They will fight!”

He looked at the words recorded on his phone and felt that no matter what he said, he would die.

Besides him, Mo Ran looked at Wang Wen thoughtfully.

“You want to make things worse”

Wang Wen said modestly, “How can I make things worse with this”

Mo Ran nodded.

“I think that kind of trick is too childish.”

“So, we still need the big guys help.” Wang Wens gaze mysteriously turned to Chen Hansheng.

Rubbing his hands, he asked curiously, “Old Chen, your group must have something like a missile, right”

Chen Hansheng felt an inexplicable chill on his back and asked cautiously, “What do you want to do”

“Other people already fired a missile at you, and you dont plan to fire one back” Wang Wens tone was like a little devil that had escaped from hell.

“Dont worry.

Ill pay for it.

Is ten million enough”

“Its not a matter of money.” Chen Hansheng shook his head.

“You want me to shoot them back Shoot who The First Consortium I might be able to hold on if I fight with the Tiansheng Group, but if I fight with the First Consortium, the Boai Group wont have enough to defeat them.”

“We dont need the Boai Group to do that.” Wang Wen smiled and said, “The Tiansheng Group is too miserable.

As bystanders, we cant bear to see that.

We can still support them with some materials.”

Everyones minds began to boil.

It was a mess.

Mi Lailai rubbed her forehead and said, “I dont understand.

Please speak a little slower.

Are you saying that the Tiansheng Group will shoot at the First Consortium with the Boai Groups missiles Wow, thats really chaotic.

Are we at war now”

Mo Ran shook his head and said, “Its impossible.

The Tiansheng Group will not attack the First Consortium.

Even if they wanted to do that, they would not use the Boai Groups missiles.

This is killing me.”

“I dont need their consent.” Wang Wen raised his chin at Chen Hansheng.

“As long as the Boai Group prepares the missiles, I can get the Tiansheng Group to launch them.

It will have nothing to do with the Boai Group.”

“Letting the Tiansheng Group launch a missile will have nothing to do with the Boai Group” Chen Hansheng was suspicious.

“You have helpers in the Tiansheng Group”

Wang Wen smiled and said, “Who doesnt have a few friends these days”

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