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Chapter 164: The Sky Is Falling

Zhang Wei was anxious at that time.

It was 300 floors!

He did not expect that after the two of them left the tower, the others would climb up to the 300 floors in one go!

How could there be such an immortal plot Even a movie would not dare to shoot like that!

Others might not know what the 300 floors meant, but his feelings were the most profound.

He was already seated next to a big shot from the 300th floor.

Zhang Wei knew very well how difficult that person was to deal with.

Usually, they would have to kneel and suck up to him to get him to speak to them.

If it were awesome for someone to reach the 200th floor, then it would be extraordinary if they could get to the 300th floor.

That person would be such a superstar that Zhang Wei would have to wait in line to kneel and lick his boots!

However, he had just learned that he had missed the opportunity to go to the 300th floor the previous week.

Zhang Wei could not say that he regretted it.

It was simply heartbreaking!

He looked at Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo, who had been at a lower level than him.

They had become big shots on the 300th floor.

His face was filled with envy and bitterness.

Zhang Lanlans breathing was uneven.

She mumbled, “The 300th floor! If I hadnt left the tower, would I have reached the 300th floor too”

Wang Wen saw their dazed expressions and consoled them.

“Dont think too much.

Fate is always kind.

If you miss it, you miss it.

We will go to higher floors in the future, but we might not be able to bring you as the team is full.

Those points are very likely your only savings.

You have to save them and not waste them.

What if you cant earn more money again Right”

Zhang Wei and Zhang Lanlan were dumbfounded.

Ren Ruoruo gently tugged on the captains sleeve and said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “Were on the same side.

Captain, theyre not the enemy; theyre on the same side as us.

Quick, stop talking.”

“Oh, is that so” Wang Wen seemed to have woken up from a dream.

He said apologetically to Zhang Wei, “Im sorry.

I was trying to comfort you.

I accidentally told the truth.”

“Captain Wang, its better if you dont comfort me.” Zhang Wei was so comfortable that he might have a mental breakdown.

“The more you comfort me, the more I want to die.

Youre almost comforting me to death.”

The other big shot from the 300th floor across could no longer take it.

He tried to calm himself down.

He wiped his mouth and said to his subordinates beside him, “Lets go.

These people are flattering each other.

Its really uncomfortable for me.

No matter how good the food is, I dont have much appetite.”

When the subordinate on the right heard that, he looked at the delicacies far from the table that had barely touched his chopsticks with some pity.

However, he still put down the chopsticks decisively.

The subordinate on the left rolled his eyes.

He said softly to the captain, “Actually, I heard Xiao Zhang say to Captain Wang that its all thanks to him that he could earn so much money.

He even said he should eat a meal worth 300,000 points.”

“What 300,000 points” Captain He remembered that Zhang Wei had become bolder after leaving the tower last week.

That kind of behavior was indeed a little strange.

They could not fake the points they earned.

He must have had a fortuitous encounter since he dared to treat them to a meal there.

Did those rookies tell the truth

Captain Hes eyes immediately lit up.

He pretended to wipe his hands.

He did not mention the word leave and tried his best to perk up his ears to listen to the conversation on the other side.

He learned that Wang Wen had finally had his fill.

He picked up a tissue to wipe his mouth and said, “Actually, today—”

Just as he started, his phone rang.

Wang Wen looked at the caller ID and answered, “Chen Hansheng Youve gathered enough people Okay then, Ill go and look for you.

Hmm Is there anything else Uh… wait a moment, I have another call coming in.”

He did not know what kind of tacit understanding it was.

Every time Chen Hansheng called, he would run into Mo Ran.

Seeing the caller ID, Wang Wen was also amazed by the coincidence, so he answered the call.

Mo Rans unique cold tone came through.

“Youre still alive I now understand why you came to me in the middle of the night to find out about Broken Might.

Where are you Ill come to you now.

Wang Wen was a little puzzled.

“What are you talking about Im having dinner with my friend at the Season Hotel.”

“Three minutes.” Mo Ran hung up the phone after he finished speaking.

Once the call ended, Chen Hanshengs voice immediately came through.

He said anxiously, “No matter what, the Boai Group will not back down! Its inconvenient to be constantly interrupted by people on the phone.


Wang, where are you now Ill come to you immediately.

Thats the least I can do.”

“What are you all talking about” Ah, okay, okay, okay!” Wang Wen said impatiently, “Im at the Season Hotel in District 2.

Come over then, all of you.

Well have some porridge together.

“Porridge Humph.” Chen Hansheng inexplicably became a little proud of himself.

“Its not that easy to satisfy our love for porridge! Well be there in three minutes!”

The call ended.

Wang Wen was a little confused.

He did not know what had happened, but he vaguely guessed it might be related to the Tiansheng Group.

So he turned to Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo and said, “Mo Ran and Chen Hansheng will come over in a while.

They want to talk to us about something.

If you two have something else to do, you may leave.”

Zhu Xingguo repeatedly dismantled a mini-mechanism in his hand, shaking his head indifferently.

To him, nothing was more important than staying by his masters side.

Furthermore, there was nothing much to do.

Ren Ruoruo was more direct.

She stretched her body, revealing her flat and smooth abdomen.

She said, “I have nothing to do.

Lets see if I can help you with anything.”

Wang Wen nodded and finally turned to Zhang Wei and Zhang Lanlan.

When they first met Zhang Wei, there were only three of them.

They assumed it was just a gathering of teammates to eat and talk, so they did not summon anyone else.

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