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At the very least, it demonstrated that he was talented and hardworking enough.

It was not a bad thing to get to know that kind of young man.

Therefore, he put on a friendly attitude and took the initiative to offer to help the other party analyze and give pointers.

Of course, he could not give any advice about the gas chamber.

He had to use all his strength for eight minutes to get through it.

He took the initiative to bring it up because that Captain Wang was far too young.

He appeared to be only 18 or 19 years old.

The young man was too shy to approach and greet him, so he decided to speak first.

The boss on the 300th floor was eager to help a newcomer from the 100th floor.

Did he want something from the rookie

Did the other party have to accept that gratefully

That was the experience Captain He had been reminiscing about all that time.

It always worked.

What did the other party say

Two minutes in the gas chamber

That was just him boasting!

Captain Hes first thought was to laugh.

Then he remembered that Wang Wen did not say that.

It was Zhang Wei who had said that.

Did Zhang Wei spend 100,000 points to brag about that young man Or was it about someone else

How interesting!

Should he cheer for him in the Season Hotels private room

He felt conflicted in his role as a captain.

His two lackeys widened their eyes and turned to stare at him, dazed.

“Big Brother, two minutes—” they said as they gasped.

“Shh!” Captain He quickly made a silent gesture.

After all, the other party had spent over 100,000 points on them.

It was not good to slap their faces.

If they were bragging, so be it.

They should not expose them.

It was as expected of a rookie who had only reached the hundredth floor.

They had so many tricks up their sleeves.

He thought he had seen right through those rookies.

He smiled calmly and said, “As Xiao Zhang said, you are an extraordinary person, indeed, Captain Wang.

Two minutes in the gas chamber is excellent.

Theres no need for me to guide you.

Everyone, lets eat.

Xiao Zhang, get them to serve the food.”

Zhang Wei was taken aback.

“Dont you see it, Captain It is unusual for us to be fated to—”

“Theres no need.” Before he could finish, Captain He interrupted him with a wave of his hand.

He did not have much patience to listen any longer.

After all, he was there to eat, not to watch a newcomer perform and brag.

It was sufficient not to expose him and instead to praise him.

Any more would be revolting.

Zhang Wei could only order the waiter to serve the dishes.

Simultaneously, he winked at Wang Wen and said, “Big Brothers time is limited.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

You must take the first step!”

It was unusual for the 300th-floor big boss to take the initiative and offer assistance.

Wang Wen should take the initiative to seek advice from Captain He.

What a shame!

Wang Wen patted Zhang Weis back as he looked at his regretful face.

“Sit down and eat,” he said with a smile.

There was a reason for the hotels high price.

That private room not only had handsome men and beautiful women, but the quality of the dishes was also very high.

There were a few large fish dishes.

There were even lobsters, abalone, and other items.

Everyone present was actually quite poor.

Even Wang Wen, who had hundreds of millions in savings, was a poor apprentice who could not afford to eat such luxurious food.

He had been to many social events in his past life.

However, he had only seen those dishes in books.

It had only been a few months since he had reincarnated.

He acted swiftly.

He quickly picked up four to five pieces of lobster meat, outpacing both his disciple and Ren Ruoruo.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo, who were a step slower, snatched the remaining four to five pieces of tail meat.

He did not have a choice.

Why did the big shot choose to sit in the front row when the three sat nearer to the serving area

All dishes had to pass through their chopsticks before entering the entrance.

Captain Hes face darkened when he saw that scene.

He also wanted to eat lobster!

If it were not for those celestial dishes, who would be willing to come all the way there to meet a rookie

To listen to a rookie brag

Immediately, Captain He set his chopsticks down.

Pretending to pick up the soup bowl and take a sip, he said to Zhang Wei, who was staring at Wang Wen and the other two in a daze, “Xiao Zhang, it seems like your friends are quite hungry.

Why dont you ask for a few more portions of lobster”

He looked at Zhang Wei and said, “I can pay for the extra portions.

It is entirely up to you!”

Zhang Wei, as expected, could not stand such words.

“Add two more portions,” he immediately told the waiter.

“Add three more portions of lobster, and Ill pay for the set meal later.”

The waiter smiled and turned to leave to prepare the dishes.

Captain He nodded and patiently drank the chicken soup.

Wang Wen nodded at Zhang Wei.

“Boss Zhang, you are too kind!”

Zhang Wei rubbed his nose incongruously.

He said, with a bitter smile, “Dont make fun of me.

How could we have earned that money if you hadnt led the two of us up the tower Our combined earnings were nearly 300,000 points.

This is your treat, Captain.

You should eat as much as possible.”

His voice was not particularly loud.

However, Captain Hes subordinate heard him.

The subordinate was preoccupied with his meal.

He abruptly raised his head and looked around, suspicious of his own ears.

“There is no need to discuss that.” Wang Wen politely waved his hand as he chewed on the lobster meat and said, “Your funds will be deposited into your account.

Save your cash.

We climbed the tower in record time.

We might not be able to form a team in the future.

Take good care of yourself.”

After hearing that, Zhang Wei and Zhang Lanlan were taken aback.

After they exchanged glances, Zhang Lanlan took Ren Ruoruos arm and asked, “How many floors did you ascend I noticed that no one had left the tower for a few days.

I was extremely concerned.”

“Captain, can I tell them” Ren Ruoruo asked, turning to face Wang Wen.

Wang Wen was preoccupied with eating lobster.

“It is up to you,” he said as he shrugged indifferently.

Ren Ruanrou said, “We exited the tower on the 300th floor.

Later on, we met a lot of people.


Those words were spoken at a normal volume and could be heard clearly in the quiet room.

Captain He, who was drinking chicken soup, spat a mouthful of it, nearly soaking a third of the table in front of him.

He coughed until he dropped the bowl.

Zhang Wei did not care about him at the time.

Based on his experience, he believed that they told the truth!

He could not care less about the 300th floors big shot.

He asked anxiously of Wang Wen, “Captain Wang Have you all reached the 300th floor Isnt that too risky What a shame! Could we have done the same Can you bring Lanlan Shes a good woman and wont mess around.”

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