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Chapter 129: The Death Of The Person In Charge Of The Airship

Ma Changsi settled the bounty in a relatively quiet and enclosed room.

The room was furnished with tables and chairs.

Everyone took their seats.

Half a minute later.

Ma Changsi invited Wang Wen to the restroom to wash his hands.

After Wang Wen left, the staff member came in to open the door for ventilation and removed the chairs, cushions, and other items to replace them with brand new ones.

Mo Ran curiously went out to see how the staff planned to clean the cushions.

In the end, he saw a few mages in the hall spewing fire at the cushions of the chairs, instantly burning the items into a pile of ashes.

Mo Ran was dumbstruck.

He slowly returned to the room and sat down quietly.

Ten minutes later, Wang Wen changed into a clean set of clothes and returned refreshed.

Only then did everyone begin to discuss business.

The reward for the fire lizard in the mine was very simple.

There were countless fire lizards that drowned in the water.

Any one of them could be given to Ma Changsi.

Wang Wen did not carry one.

In any case, it was only ten gold coins.

However, when Ma Changsi discovered that the fire lizards in the entire mine were wiped out, he stared blankly for a long time.

After he came back to his senses, he quickly called for the staff outside the door and arranged for people to go to the field to check.

As the chief of the association in the city, the old man naturally knew how difficult it was to deal with that famous mine.

The Mage Associations headquarters had long despised that mine.

Unfortunately, they lacked sufficient manpower and left it unattended.

If they wiped out that massive disaster, there was a good chance they would report their accomplishments to the headquarters and be rewarded!

That was an excellent opportunity!

Ma Changsis face reddened with excitement as he thought about that.

He felt that his decision to accept Wang Wen into the association was a wise one.

He looked at Wang Wen with love and satisfaction.

He quickly took out ten gold coins and settled the bounty for the fire lizard in the mine with Wang Wen.

Behind him, Mo Ran saw ten gold coins stacked on the table.

His eyes were a little dazed.

He had spent the whole afternoon, and he knew very well how difficult it was to get the gold coins there.

He had traded his precious World Tower prop, Body Health Water, for seven gold coins, which was already a considerable sum of money.

In the end, that guy next to him casually threw out a stinky salted fish, and he was able to exchange it for a whole ten gold coins

Was the old man brainless or blind

Mo Ran shakily picked up the gold coins in front of Wang Wen and compared them with his own gold coins, trying hard to verify whether they were real.

Wang Wen saw his rude behavior and smiled apologetically at Ma Changsi.

He turned his head and scolded Mo Ran, “Do you have to be so excessive How can the gold coins given by the Mage Associations chief be fake Young Man, dont be blinded by jealousy.”

“Jealous” Mo Rans eyes were red.

He snorted.

“Its just two gold coins and 83 silver coins more than me.

Whats the big deal Ill just sell a few more bottles of water, and Ill be back.”

“Sell water” Wang Wen knew he had to deal with the leader of the intelligence department that day.

He took out a document and handed it to Ma Changsi.

He smiled at Mo Ran and said, “Sell your kidneys!”

The job of eliminating the flood was completed.

Ma Changsi did not have that much money with him.

He signaled the staff outside the door to bring out a money bag, which he handed to Wang Wen.

Wang Wen was very patient.

He instructed his disciple, Zhu Xingguo, to pour the gold coins into the money bag and keep them in ten units.

As a result, a hundred small, cute gold coins that sparkled all over appeared in ten piles in front of Mo Ran.

Mo Ran stared at the gold coins for a long time and felt slightly dizzy.

He accidentally knelt.

All the tower climbers were shocked.

Even Wang Wen hurriedly stood up and comforted him.

“Thats not necessary.

Giving such a big gift before the New Year is not appropriate.

After all, I dont have any red packets on hand.

Next time, okay”

At that point.

The reward was all paid and done.

Ma Changsi did not participate in the fun.

He took out a glass of water and poured some crystal-clear, thick liquid into it.

He did not care about the others.

He handed a glass to Wang Wen and drank some himself.

He asked casually, “Wheres Di Lu”

Wang Wen was stunned.


Ma Changsi said helplessly, “The female mage who has been following me today.

I heard that she went to do the bounty with you.

Why didnt I see her come back with you”

“Oh, her!” Wang Wen picked up the cup and carefully looked at the liquid.

Then he looked at Ma Changsi, who was gulping down the seemingly delicious liquid.

He replied, “She must have gotten married to someone else.”


Ma Changsi immediately spat the liquid out.

The liquid in his mouth sprayed onto his cup and hand, as well as half of the table and Wang Wens forehead.

At first glance, it was as if a grenade had exploded in his mouth.

Mo Ran, who was sitting in the back seat with the three of them, was studying the bounty Wang Wen had received.

He was trying his best to verify whether it was genuine gold.

He curiously stuck his head out to look at Wang Wen and Ma Changsis faces and asked excitedly, “Whats wrong What happened”

Wang Wen asked him expressionlessly, “Is it real gold Do I have more than you”

Mo Ran choked, and then he snorted in exasperation and turned his head away from him.

After Ma Changsis soul returned to his body, he put down the cup and grabbed Wang Wens hand.

He asked anxiously, “What happened Who married her”

Wang Wen looked at his wet hand and honestly explained the incident at the mine.

He emphasized that he had warned her about the danger before entering the mine.

The first thing he heard when he saved the other party from the water after coming out of the mine was to let her die.

However, Ma Changsi did not care about that.

After listening to the explanation, he let out a long sigh of relief.

He mumbled, “Fortunately, only one person in charge of the airship died.”

That sentence made Wang Wen frown.


Ma Changsi leaned against the back of the chair and slowly wiped the table with a linen cloth.

He said slowly, “Now that things have come to this, we cant hide it anymore.

Miss Di Lu is the daughter of the top mage in the front line.

The mage went to the front line to take charge and left his precious daughter behind to ease his mind.

If a villain defiles his daughter, not only will that mage start a massacre, but His Majesty will not let the villain go.”

Wang Wen wiped his forehead expressionlessly.

He got up and ran out of the door.

Mo Ran and the others did not understand.

They hurriedly packed their things and chased after him.

Everyone followed Wang Wen all the way to the airship.

When they saw another staff member, Wang Wen gasped and asked, “Wheres the person in charge”

The staff member seemed to know Wang Wen.

He smiled and replied, “Oh, youre looking for Old Yuehan, right He told everyone hes getting married today and wants us to go to the banquet later.

Will you be going too”

“F*ck.” Wang Wen covered his forehead.

Seeing the puzzled expression of the staff member, he hurriedly said, “I mean, I was just about to go over, but I forgot his home address.

Do you know that”

The staff members knew Wang Wen as expected.

He knew that Wang Wen was a warrior who had signed up to join the army and was about to go to the front line.

He patiently pointed out the address of the person in charge of the airship.

Wang Wen thanked him and told Mo Ran and the others to split up.

He told them to take the gold coins to the auction house to buy magic crystals.

He had to settle some personal matters.

Then, they would gather at the Mage Association.

Then, he ran forth without looking back.

His speed was even faster than when he was in the speed mechanism.

Wang Wen followed the route that the staff had instructed him to find the person in charge of the airship.

The man was on the verge of death.


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