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Chapter 124: The Weight Of The Front Line

Ma Changsi did not request compensation from Wang Wen for the loss of the training ground.

He did not even mention it.

Instead, he gave him a Grade C reward for helping to prepare the front lines.

Interestingly, other people did not object.

That included not paying for the loss and giving the reward in advance.

No one even pursued the whereabouts of the person who suddenly disappeared.

Someone carried away the top apprentice.

He could not stop laughing due to the double blow to his body and spirit.

He could not stop himself from playing with his urine.

Wang Wen saw how pitiful he was and purposefully left the Grade D reward for him.

In that case, Ma Changsi solemnly stated that the Grade D reward would be kept indefinitely until the top apprentice recovered and accepted it.

It was also a blessing from the association.

Therefore, when Wang Wen walked out of the Mage Association with ten gold coins, he could not help but sigh, “There are still so many good people in this world!”

It was already afternoon.

The two jobs were located in the downstream area of the river outside the city, according to Ma Changsis directions.

The flooded villages were a little closer, but the mine was farther away.

Traveling by horse carriage would take more than an hour one way, and the round trip would most likely not arrive in time for dinner.

If they wanted to be fast, they could only use the airship.

Wang Wen approached the airships ride point to inquire about the cost.

It would cost two gold coins to travel to the flooded village but only ten silver coins to travel to the mine.

He could not figure out why it was cheaper to travel far away and more expensive to travel nearby.

The person in charge of the airship pointed at the Mage Association badge pinned on Wang Wens chest and said with a smile, “The mages who go to the flooded village must be doing bounties.

The reward for a Grade B job was naturally more expensive.”

Wang Wen was shocked.

“Boss, you really know how to do business!”

“Of course.” The person in charge of the airship said proudly, “Are you coming or not”

Wang Wen thought for a moment, took off the Mage Association badge, and asked again, “If Im not a mage, how much do I have to pay

The person in charge of the airship glanced at him, indicating that the number would double.

Wang Wen was shocked again.

“Why is that”

The man said with certainty that there was a chance for a mage to escape alive.

If ordinary people went there, they would die.

It would be a waste not to get more money.

The word eye-opening was the most vivid feeling in Wang Wens heart at that moment.

He had climbed the tower for many years, but that was the first time he had met such a conscientious businessman.

He called the drone to check the progress point of the person-in-charge of the airship and found that it was only 0.0001.

His heart lingered on that.

In the end, he nodded and praised the man.

“Youre lucky today!”

“Of course!” The man did not care whether he understood it or not.

As long as it was a compliment, he would answer it proudly.

Then, he asked, “Are you coming or not”

Wang Wen was a little hesitant.

He only had ten gold coins at the moment.

It would be best if both rewards could be completed.

However, if the Grade B job was too dangerous and there was no hope, the Grade C job would only command 20 gold coins.

Once he paid for the airship, it would not be enough for him to undertake the mission.

He thought for a moment and had an idea.

He took out the military enlistment certificate the head of the city guards issued and showed it to the person in charge of the airship.

“Other than being a mage and an ordinary person, I am also a soldier about to go to the front line.

Is there any special treatment”

That time, the expression of the person in charge of the airship finally changed.

He took the military enlistment certificate and double-checked it.

When he handed it back, he bowed deeply.

His tone was slightly solemn as he said, “Your courage is admirable.

Please follow me, respected warrior.

You have complete freedom to travel anywhere on the mainland.

Wang Wen raised his eyebrows in surprise.

He touched the military enlistment certificate and asked, “Then I will go to the flooded villages and mines.

How much is it”

The man reached out to the airship and said, “No charge.”

Wang Wen took a deep breath and looked around.

The other man bowed and respectfully guided the people who were waiting.

The people behind him nodded with a smile.

That land, that small city, was showing him the weight of the word front line in a unique way.

When he touched his military enlistment certificate, he suddenly understood why the cat lady in the tavern had treated him to a drink.

Perhaps every additional person at the front line was a glimmer of hope.

The prospect of the enemy fleeing.

Just as Wang Wen was feeling emotional and preparing to board the boat, a voice came from behind.

“Why are you still here” The female mage who had been following Ma Changsi in the association had been a little timid ever since she saw Wang Wens spiritual attack had destroyed both the human and the wall.

She asked cautiously from a few meters away, “Arent you in a hurry to make the bounty”

Wang Wen was still slightly stunned when he saw the woman as if he was recalling who the person who was talking to him was.

Then, he was delighted and said to her happily, “Just in time! What have you been busy with recently Where were you planning to go”

The woman was dumbfounded.

She could not understand the logic behind that sentence.

Their relationship did not seem to have reached the point of talking about those topics.

However, for the sake of the spiritual impact, the woman reluctantly replied, “Im planning to go—”

“Okay, okay, about that.” Wang Wen just asked casually and did not intend to wait for an answer.

He said, “Do you have any money in your pocket Ill return it to you after I borrow some money to collect the reward.”

It was said that the easiest way to destroy a friendship was to ask for money.


There was no friendship between Wang Wen and the female mage.

Therefore, he did not feel any psychological burden when he asked for money.

The woman felt a psychological burden when she heard it.

She was worried that if she refused, she would be blasted into powder.

The female mage tried her hardest to avoid repeating the unfortunate situation of the unlucky mage in the martial arts practice field.

“Didnt the chief just give you ten gold coins not long ago” she asked weakly.

“Dont get me wrong; I am not opposed to lending it to you.

I am just curious.”

Wang Wen patted the pocket containing the gold coins carelessly.

He said, “Dont mind those details! I need two gold coins to go to the flooded village by airship and ten silver coins to go to the mine.

You might as well lend me three gold coins to make it whole.”

The woman seemed to be a rich person.

She did not even blink when she took out three gold coins.

She asked carefully, “Can I go and take a look when you do the bounty Dont get me wrong.

Im not worried that you wont pay me back; Im just a little curious.”

Wang Wen looked at her legs suspiciously, thinking that it was not like he was stopping her from doing that.

However, for the sake of the three gold coins, he generously waved his hand and agreed.

“Lets Go!”

He turned around.

Wang Wen placed the gold coins in the hands of the person in charge of the airship and said with a smile, “I know its free for the soldiers on the front line.

That was a very kind gesture.

Please keep it.

However, I cant let you go on this trip for nothing.

Im paying as much as I can.”

The man had planned to fly there without making money, but he did not expect things to change.

He was a little caught off guard as he held the gold coins and smiled awkwardly.

Wang Wen patiently instructed him, “See that female mage at the back Shes coming with me to watch me do the job.”

“Understood! Understood!” The man looked at the female mage and nodded as if he had understood something.

He said, “Once is enough.

That beautiful lady is with you.

I wont take her money.”

Wang Wen lectured him in a bad mood.

“Understand, my *ss.

Im reminding you not to forget to take her money!”


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